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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Goodbye Eric Arubayi.

Your death has been the most shocking and painful thing I've heard all year, yet I did not know you personally. I notice I'm not alone in my pain, I'm seeing several others, who either were personal friends of yours, or like me, knew and admired you from a distance. The one thing we share in common this Sunday morning is our shock. 

When I saw your pictures on my instagram feed this morning, without reading the captions I'd simply believed that today must be your birthday and i muttered a birthday wish as I scrolled passed. Yet one caption caught my eyes; you will be missed. And I rushed back to the top of my feed, surely you were leaving the country that's why you'd be missed, surely you could not be dead. 

But it turns out that you are. The tears came. Because it simply makes no sense. The death of such a young, vibrant, handsome, talented, God-loving, God-serving, God-fearing young man makes no sense whatsoever, especially when they say the cause of death is malaria, or taking expired drugs for malaria or something senseless like that. 

How cold death is!

I used to watch you lead worship sessions at House on The Rock, crossed paths with you a few times and each time I'd think "What a man. What a complete man!". Your presence, talent and person could never be ignored, you were a rare one! Really, your death makes absolutely no sense. 

I pray that God consoles the young family that you left behind. Your beautiful young wife and that cute little son of yours. I pray that God consoles your loved ones. I pray and know that He will welcome you with opens arms. Surely He must have really needed a good one like you up there, that's why He let you go. 

Rest in peace sir. You will be remembered, your memory will never fade, you will be greatly missed. 


  1. I don't understand, He is dead? how,why,when? Ahhhhh

    I never knew him personally but DCC and thier WWW programs kinda made me know him...

    Why are people just dying... Oohhhh...that's how one of my ex went and died weeks back and that still feels surreal

    May Eric soul rest in the bossom of the Lord,on one hand its sad,on the other hand his life is one worth celebrating as he didn't just drift through life,He made an impact.

    May God comfort his family,friends and the HOTR family


  2. Any death is always sad, didn't know much about the young man but I recalled his name from the news back then during the mtn program.
    I pray that God strengthens his family to live through the grief.

  3. I was just left speechless when I read the news about his death.As in I can still remember reading about his wedding and my heart immediately went out to the wife.

    I just dontbknow what to say......

    RIP well.


  4. Saw a tweet about his death as early as 3am today and I wished it was another rumor.
    Never knew him personally but he touched my soul with his singing during service.
    I will miss you. I surely will..

  5. I felt pained and still feel pained when I read of his death,he has always touched my heart with his singing right from the days of Nigerian idol with Timi Dakolo and co. It's just painful really. I can what his pretty wife and kid are currently going through,sure God knows best...... May he find rest in heaven. amen maybel


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