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Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

And at this beautiful moment I wish you love. 

I wish you love in your heart. 

I wish you love in your home. 

I wish you love all around you. 

I pray that you also show love. 

What have you awesome people planned for today? 

Are you spending it alone? It's alright, tell me. Are you okay? Are you feeling particularly lonely right now? Are you in a hurry for it to be all over? Are you wondering "when will it be my turn?"? "Is everything around you red yet you feel blue?  

I know only too well how you feel, I've been there many times. It's why I'd like us to talk about it. 

On the other hand, where are the lovers in the house? Oya give us gist, what have you planned for bae today? Come and nack us tory, and we want details too! 

TTB readers, I'm waiting for the day one of you would surprise me, just one! Yes I'm unabashedly vexing. Everytime my blog line rings (since yesterday) I think oh, maybe someone wants to surprise me, but it turns out to be the same "I need someone to talk to, I have a problem...." kinda call. 
      Oh, I love being there for you to talk to. I love that I can help out when you're in need even if it's simply by listening. I love that you think I'm good enough for you to share your problems with. I love that sometimes you call just to check up on me and know if I'm okay, that makes me feel special. And my number is still there so you know I'm still here for you...

But in the spirit of Valentine I'd hoped for a surprise 😡.

More importantly guys, I know the economy is not great but if you've got good stuff you don't use and you think someone else might appreciate, then please mail me and let's have a giveaway on the blog. Oh, just incase you're feeling rather generous this Valentine's Day, money and airtime are very welcome. You can be the one to make someone smile. 

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  1. Happy Valentine's Day...The hubs and I already celebrating Valentine's Day.Okay am outta here..😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Happy val Tee. I am still seeing white colour here...praying to see red join.

    Happy Valentine's day to you all.

    1. You are looking for ur Johnny? Don't worry, aunt Florence wld visit soon.

      Red is for love not blood!

      Appy vals

  3. Happy Valentine's day everyone.. current situation,lounging on my bed and valing myself.. lol

  4. think i didn't even remember till i got here.
    Happy Vals day every1.

  5. will be preoccupied with school clearance. valentine is too much luxury😩 at least for now.

  6. Happy Valentine's day Tee. I'm feeling some typa way, but it's allright. I guess my problem is that i except people to go all out for me like i would for them. Love and kisses to everyone.

  7. Happy Valentine's day everyone. The day feels like any other day to me. I would try to catch some fun though. Work and no play makes Ibukun a dull girl.

  8. Happy Valentine to all the loved ones I know here and those anonymous can get their Val greeting from their anonymous friends.

  9. Happy Val wonderful Tee. Its Valentine.. Don't need anyone to celebrate Val with.. Taking myslef out for a celebration this evening.

  10. I have always been single on vals day, it doesn't bother me, I just look forward to eating my colleagues' cakes and stuff that their significant others send to them but this year, even though I am single to stupor, I got a cake from this guy that has been on my case for a few months now, I even fought with him two weeks ago sef and he hasn't called me since, that's how the receptionist called to tell me I had a delivery, I thought it was a prank cos all my colleagues that have significant others were forming "we celebrate valentine everyday" so, no cake for

    I asked the babe like 3 times if she was sure it was me, I didn't even know who sent it at the time. So na my cake we chop for office today..

    Anywaiz, BVs, Praaaaaise the lord! My first eventful valentine's and I never hesperredeet!

    1. Please my share ooo! Don't forget 😁

    2. Once the gifts start coming it does not stop. Now we have to wait and see what you get next Val.....maybe a car (Did I hear a resounding AMEN lol).J

    3. AMENNNNNN!!! lol...

      Funny, J, I was just thinking about you and F earlier today. How have you been?

    4. Sunshine do not finish the cake biko.. send my ASAP... maybel


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