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Friday, 10 February 2017

He Must Really Love Me...


That beautiful irrational giddy feeling. Nothing else feels quite like it. Not closing the business deal of the year, not acing your exams, not making your first millionsssss, not arriving victorious after a long winded legal battle...

All these are truly great feelings but they're very different from the feeling of being in love and loved in return. 

I've been lied to, cheated on, deceived, disappointed... But I've been loved. Lord, I've been loved!

I've dated more guys than I care to remember, I've been told "I love you" by many of them, but I (think) I've been loved by only two men. 

So I'm here with this goofy grin thinking of the times that I said to myself, this guy must really love me.

I'm thinking of so many "he must really love me moments" in my life that I don't even know where to begin. So let's start with you. 

At what points in your relationship/marriage has Bae made you say "he must really love me..." Or "she must really love me"?

Was it when he proposed? Was it when she said yes? Was it when he cut off all his side chics for you? Was it when she let you be her first 🙈? Or perform some sexual act that she has never ever ever ever ever done or could do with another? Was it when he defended you to his family? Was it when she ignored her friends' and family's advice that she deserved someone better and still stood by you? Was it when he/she gave you their ATM password or even their phone password? Was it when he drove all the way from Lagos to Accra just to see your face? Was it when he made you breakfast in bed? Was it when she dropped her "feminist" ways just for you? Was it the times he's been extremely generous with you even when he is naturally stingy (LOL)? Was it when you noticed that he keeps talking about you to all his friends? Was it when she made that big sacrifice for you? Was it when she saw something in you that other ladies didn't, and nurtured you from that scruffy boy to that suave man you've become today? Was it when he invested in your future and paid for that expensive course for you? Was it when you woke up to find that you'd wet the bed 🙈 and he/she just kissed you and helped you clean up?

It could be anything really. So what was that moment for you?

I pray for you, that you'd find someone that loves you so much that these moments in your relationship will be just too many, you wouldn't even know where to start from to talk about it. Amen. 

But, let's talk! 


  1. They want one thing or another

    They all leave
    They all leave
    They all leave

    It is only my brother that loves me genuinely.
    He has sacrificed more than enough for me.

    1. e-hugs cutie. someday someone would come into your life and make you realise why they all had to leave. Your Own will come and he would love you for you... withholding nothing.

  2. I think it was when she fought her family when they decided I wasn't from their side of the country. And I guess when she believed in me when even members of my family didn't and I will never stop loving her for that. Hi Thelma, been a while. I went underground, now I am back. I guess you don't remember who this is. I hope you do remember me though.

  3. Amen amen and amen to your prayers T,the long comment I typed disappeared. Isokay. Mabel

  4. Amen.


  5. Best thing a girl has ever done for me was buy me singlet and perfume.
    I knew she loved me at that point. Sigh.

    She cried because of me in front of me. ... No other has done anything close. You see why I don't fuck with love, Thelma? Not my best part of existence.

  6. Nope.. never had that love epiphany moment..

  7. when I was in the operating room and he was by my side with tears in his eyes when I woke up..he practically slept by my side till I left the hospital till I begged him to go attend to business.. when he (who would usually prefer to work from home till traffic eases up) would come out early every single morning to take me to work..
    when in spite of him being naturally stingy would always "slip me something " when he notices I'm not too buoyant..
    he''s always up and about and hardly ever home (before he met me) but Sunday is "us time" and after all the initial "you don't have time for me"'s he'said laid his Sundays on the
    all the tiny little things he does to make sure I'm safe and comfortable at all times...
    he even attempted head once (he's never tried it before...) he sucks at it too,but it's the thought that counts,right? he's my brother my lover and best friend and I hope I'd have the honour of doing life with such a selfless loving man...
    I always wondered why I seemed to only have bad relationships and situationships..but im grateful for them.. they gave me the ability to recognise true love and the wisdom not to take it/him for granted...
    he's totally amazing...
    now I'm gushing..okbye


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