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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Photos. Dear BVs & Thelma... (TTB Help Centre needed ASAP; New Mum)

Dearest thelma, it is with a heavy
heart I write to you this morning. I have lost every hope
but there is dat little voice that still tells me that there
may be light at the end of the tunnel. Hmmmm. Dear nwando I
just got delivered of a bouncing baby boy and am still at
the hospital for 7days now. After delivery, my baby was
admitted for severe jaundice and he has been on phototeraphy
for a week now. 

Dear thelma the reason I am writing to you
is because I am so hopeless on how to pay the remaining
bill. I have been able to pay 20,000 but still have a
outstanding of 35,500.  Please
dear thelma I need your help and that of fellow bvs to help me out. I never knew delivery would be this expensive. It is
a teaching hospital yet things are so high. Dearest bvs pls
help a fellow blog visitor out and the almighty God I
serve will never keep u stranded. 

Also to help with food and
other things, I want to sell my phone( a bb bold5). It is
still in a very good and nice condition and my tv set(a
15inch samsung ). Both are in very good conditions. Attached
below are pictures of I am my baby at phototeraphy. 

I can be reached on 08036367591. I reside in

Guys, I like that she put up her pictures and her phone number, just in case you'd like to be sure and/or verify. Please people, I know times are not fantastic for some of us, but I would like to implore you good people to please reach out to this lady, and do what you can. I beg of you. 

I wanted to ask if there's a husband, or baby's father in the picture, but it seems as though there isn't. Nonetheless...

You can call or text her to get her account details and send her some money, or other forms of assistance. 

I just left port harcourt yesterday, I wish I'd gotten this sooner as I would have gone to the hospital to drop off some food stuff and pay them a visit, but I will still do what I can. 

Please can I get some assurance that you too will do what you can? 

Thank you! 


  1. Please post her account details.

    I'll try to help in my little way.

    I trust her case is genuine so I do not need to call her.

  2. Thelma, I'm in Ghana, but will like to help. Please is it possible to reach the lady personally?

  3. Thelma please just get her account details and post here. Some people want to send small Tokens annonymously.

  4. Sorry Thelma, ignore earlier comment. I have able to reach the Poster on phone. Thanks.

  5. Your son will be healed by the Grace of the Almighty God.
    We will do our bit. Be strong and be of good courage.

  6. yes pls post her account details here


  7. Ur son ll surely recover mama, dnt lose hope on ur cute little son.


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