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"Spiritual Prostitution"...

"On Wednesday, Brother Jonathan goes to MFM’s Midweek Service. (Because) After two days during the week, at work, at home, he might have been exposed to demons, standing in his way of his development. On Thursday, he goes to the Abundant Life Fellowship. He will sing hymns. He will sway from side to side. He will whisper praise and thanksgiving for the projects he is working on. On Friday, he will go to night vigil and an all-night prayer session. On Sunday, John takes it down a notch. He will go to the church that takes elements of the world, to attract the young to the church. There will be a dance session during praise and worship, where attendees can strain their flesh against skinny jeans, and off-shoulder tops. There will be a motivational speech-sermon. Afterwards, John will catch up with fellow churchgoers for brunch or maybe a movie. The blessing that is secured by being in fellowship with God’s children is assured". 

Excerpts of a post written by Do Better With Douglas for Bella Naija. The post was tongue-in-cheek. The writer was being sarcastic about his friend Jonathan who gallivants from church to church. However, it so happens that most of the commenters for whose reading pleasure he wrote this piece, are more like Jonathan. 

"I do that with Dunamis, Winners, MFM, Christ Embassy, House on the Rock. Online; Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes and Paula White. Afterall scripture says work out your own salvation….. After all some top men of God submit to so many prophets, bishops, pastors very quietly but they only mention a few on the altar…. Is it not same God? Anyone arguing with me, where is it in the scripture that you siddon one place?….", said one. 

Another said "I wonder if this guy was joking or made it up but this is actually my real life.

Sunday-My funky *hip hop hurray* church
Monday-“rest” day
Tue-Praying church
Sat-“rest” day"

When I attend House on The Rock one Sunday and Salvation Ministries another, I feel guilty because I still carry the guilt of that "Spiritual Prostitute" notion that I heard so much about when I was young. Basically, they said if you attend more than one church, worse yet, you attend many, it's spiritual prostitution and God hates that. I always wondered what part of the Bible said this but never found. Yet I thought that they were older, wiser and holier so they must know better.  

On most Tuesdays I attend the interdinominational women's prayer meeting at This Present House and I really love it, but it also makes me feel even more guilty. Hmm, there was a guest pastor at the last meeting; Busola Jegede. I fell so in love with her sermon, personality and spirit that I started courting the idea of visiting her church but quickly chastised myself! 

A few weeks back, I woke up missing HOTR one Sunday morning so I decided to worship there but a friend of mine seemed rather upset. He called me disorganized and said I'm feeling like a liberal and free thinker who can just attend whatsoever church she wishes abi? He said if I want to attend HOTR I should attend HOTR and stick to it. If I want to attend Salvation Ministries I should go there and stick to it. Basically I should pick a side and stay there!

He argued that this would help me live a more organized and functional life, and I can actually see sense in what he was saying. 

But sometimes, one church is serving amala and ewedu, but your spirit hungers for cornmeal and oha soup. Or that's just how it feels... 

For instance, Paul Adefarasin is a great teacher but David Ibeyeomie is a deep thinker and both impart me greatly. Online, I'm an avid consumer of Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and David Oyedepo (his leadership and business sermons are fantastic). Each of these awesome spiritual leaders just brings so much to the table. So much so that it feels like attending a lavish banquet, visiting the food laden buffet table and walking away with only a serving of white rice. 

(Jeez, I read through this post and saw all the food analogies. No wonder I'm a fatty bumbum πŸ™ˆ). 

People who attend different churches say they have their reasons. Those who don't have theirs too. 

What church or churches do you attend? Where do you stand? Are you a loyal devoted member of one church, or do you have a few that you attend for different reasons. 

And why? Why have you chosen devotion to that one church? What are your reasons? Why do you think there's something not quite right about attending others... And for those who attend a few, tell us why too.

Lastly, and I don't ask this rhetorically or sarcastically, does the bible say anything about this? If yes, please share with us so that we can be better guided. 



  1. I personally believe that if you feed from different ministries ensure they have similar doctrines not necessarily same. E.g don't go to a don't wear trouser church today, nd you go to a wear trouser church tomorrow. In my opinion at the end of the day one might not even know what to believe again. In essence go where you feel family with and their word and prayer content is satisfactory to you.
    Also, staying committed to a local church helps one to grow because of the time and energy invested there one tends to maximise the blessings from there.

  2. So my comment disappeared. That's just great. I'm tired...lemme just go on (medical) vacation. Bye...

    1. Bye to where? Take a deep breath. Breathe out. Another deep breath. Type again. Your opinion would be interesting to read on this one. Thanks.

  3. Yup! My mum and sister used to make me feel like a church prostitute everytime! Especially my sister but I see nothing wrong with it.

    I was brought up in MFM and was taught the importance of prayer and how to pray by myself, for myself. I learnt that I don't have to see any prophet or seer before I can get blessed by God or delivered from whatever. All this is great but I always wanted to hear more and see more. I wanted to understand what they taught in other churches so when I entered the university, I passed by RCF on my first Sunday in school and I entered, that was it. I joined RCF(best decision I ever made).

    RCF became home. Bible study every week was explosive! It was like I had never read my Bible before. I never attended my church's fellowship till I left school. I became a worker in my first year and served till I graduated. I still attended MFM during the holidays with my family, MFM was still home.

    I am of the opinion that we are all members of the body of christ and just like the hand cannot do the work of the head, and the head cannot do the work of the legs, RCCG has its own function in the body of Christ, so do MFM, HOTR, DAYSTAR, Winners and co and they cannot replace each other.

    It would be silly for any one pastor to think he knows everything there is to know about the bible. So, I will go to any church as far as I know that it's the word of God they preach there. I avoid white garment churches tho because of all the controversies surrounding them, same with T. B. Joshua's church.

    When I was in school, even though I was a devoted member of RCF, I attended Rhema Chapel and COZA many times cos their pastors were very good and they had lots of fantastic programms with wonderful speakers in attendance.

    Right now, Daystar is my "side boo" church. I attend almost as much as I attend my home church and I'm loving every minute of it. Like you said Thelma, I don't understand why I should make do with Jollof rice and chicken when I can have Jollof and fried rice, barbecued chicken, amala, ewedu, gbegiri, shaki, ponmo, turkey, bokoto, abodi, ogufe, etc first the same price!

    I attended the just concluded WAFBEC organised by Covenant Christian Centre and amazing doesn't begins to describe it.

    So, church prostitute or not, I'm team #bodyofchrist.

    Forgive any typos biko, fast typing..

    1. Whew* Long comment*

      But dont you think there is something wrong with attending Churches with different doctrines. Daystar and MFM have major differences in their doctrines. One encourages you to kill your enemies with thunder and fire, while the other is more chilled. Thats just one example, Im sure there are many other differences.

      Its okay to Church hop, but hop around Churches that are alike in doctrine. If you do MFM and CAC - We can understand. But MFM and Daystar? Naaa. These Churches might be serving different Gods. Research deeper.


    2. So... you were at WAFBEC, *smiles*. I used to attend RCCG, moved to CCC..I've been there for a year now and its been great so far... I wanted better word and music... Pastor Poju and C4 - great combo

    3. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ *judging you*

    4. Doctrines are what they are, a belief or set of beliefs taught by a church or group. However my beliefs are mine and no one can take them from me. I have gotten to the point where I know to a certain extent what matters to God as pertains to my life and spiritual growth and what doesn't, so I hold on to those beliefs. That's why, I can walk into Daystar with my natural hair, makeup and jewellery free and be perfectly comfortable because my beliefs are mine and I know why I'm in Daystar.

      Some times pastor Sam throws shade at my church or churches like mine, it doesn't bother me. I know what I'm about and my relationship with God. I take what I need from the sermon and apply it to my life the way I see fit and move on.

      We are the ones who let doctrines hold us back. The doctrine of the New Testament is Love, it's us that make up all those other stuff so why let them dictate or hamper your spiritual growth in anyway?

      I do understand the need to be planted and serving in the house of God though. The importance of service to God cannot be overemphasized.

    5. Lmao @kill your enemies with thunder and fire. Issokay. Maybel

    6. Spot on!!!!!!!! @ your second comment Sunshine 😁

    7. Sunshine, you never know wetin dey do you

  4. So I attend HOTR but ever since Ambode transformed the Oando roundabout and widened it beyond me,crossing to the other side became something else so ayaf decided to start doing church-in-the-home till I can either get me a car or get me a car...

    1. Listen to 92.3fm Sunday morning. I think between 8am and 11am. Good messages every Sunday from TD Jakes, Myles Munroe and that preacher from Ghana.


    2. Myles Monroe? He's dead yh?

      Thanks tho. I'll tune in...

  5. Don't worry Thelma, we are plenty, I just feel each Pastor has something great to impart in my life, I attend mid week service at David's Christian centre and Sunday at HICC/RCCG, I occasionally attend special programs in other churches too

  6. Family is Catholic. Catholic is home and yea the power of 3 o'clock divine mercy and blessed sacrament visits is bae.

    Not like I really wanted to test waters, I moved to my city and 1 in 3 cars had Dunamis stickers on it, as a JJC I asked in curiosity what it was, for the first time I was told twas a church. Church you said?

    Ngwanu I was almost done with youth service and was trying to get retained at my PPA, which would take a miracle or serious connect, one faithful public holiday I decided to see what was pushing the big car and the rickety car alike to the church, somthing must be happening there I muttered.

    No be small thing ooh, I screamed after service, the fire was too much. Pastor and wife in the same frequency. Salvation ministries I know( I love Papa like kilode in my PH days), MFM I vist to pray my way out with them prayer rain booklets but Dunamis served me Undiluted word and raw palpable presence of God. I was taught that all I need was to seek God's face and he would stretch forward his hand (salvation ministries and MFM style combined) full option.

    All I am trying to say is be rooted and planted in a particular Church, it helps you grow. please liken it to building a good foundation rather than testing different meals.


  7. Achieving spiritual satisfaction, for those who desire it, is most times a complex process. The desire isn't a flaw, it's our nature. The problem is when you get confused about what you want spiritually. Some get satisfied going to only one Christian denomination while others get satisfied from two or more different denominations. The "prostitution" arises when you get confused either sticking to one Denomination or changing Denominations every week.

    For instance Mr A and Mr B attend HOTR. Mr A attends because he's motivated by Adefarasin's sermons everytime he goes there, while Mr B actually allows the sermons register and build a unique understanding of his purpose. Big difference. If pastor decides to relocate his HQ to say Canada, the possibility of Mr A leaving HOTR will be higher than that of Mr B. And even if Mr B leaves, he'll come back whether Adefarasin returns or not because he isn't confused about what he wants for his spiritual growth.

    I feel why people discourage others from going to more than one Denomination in a week is to reduce the confusion associated with what you need spiritually. John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Holy Bible yet 1001 pastors will likely give 1001 translations; some real, some senseless, some crazy. Imagine someone who's confused about his spiritual needs, attending 1001 services and getting 1001 versions of "JESUS wept".

    While Jollof rice and chicken is gbamest, fried rice, cocoanut rice, white rice and stew, or tuwo shinkafa are quite amazing also. But you can eat them and look real sexy or you can eat them and be a fatty bombom (Thelma ya sexy, bone this analogy). So before you start remaining in one denomination or changing denomination per week, ask yourself some serious questions so you don't get lost and confused along the line.

    Stay blessed.

  8. I don't have reasons for sticking to one church,I guess I just followed in.the footsteps of my mum,she never liked the idea of church gallivanting,so we.just followed her to her,she was a deaconess in redeem before she left for reasons best known to her and I had to.switch toMFM ,I don't regret a bit of it,to me it felt like the best decision I ever made but when I moved out of my former environment,coming down to Egbeda,I just couldn't find an MFm like the one I used to attend,every one I went to had an issue with the way they prayed( very cold,which is not the usual mfm style am used to) so I started attending redeem again last year pending when I can find an.mfm that would give me what I think.I.have been.missing. BTW,I attend daystar once in.a while though and listen to HOTR's preachings/ teachings online,they just have a way of impacting me. Plss ignore the errors,typed in a hurry and my phone too is not helping matters. Maybel

  9. I believe in attending one church and growing there spiritually, I could honour an invite to another church and still catch up with a service in mine. The church hopping isn't my thing, I read and listen to messages from other men of God sometimes.
    A Girl

  10. I attend Winners Chapel and i just wish there was "Kingdom Word Ministries in my state to the extent that i always ask God to put it in Pastor Bankie's heart to open a branch here, even if it's a satelite branch.
    What i do however, is to download his messages and great teachings that have impacted my entire life from the net.
    Every Sunday, i wish i were in Enugu!!!!

  11. I'm catholic by birth, infact I'm so catholic that whenever I attend another denominational church I feel weird and guilty about it.
    However I have found that I love listening to Joyce Meyer and T D Jake's messages on TV. I also enjoy reading up Cornelius and Heather Lindsey's messages online and a few others too.
    At the end of the day, the one true message is Christ.

  12. What is most important is having a relationship with God and growing spiritually!


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