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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

So About That Tuface's Protest...

Tuface's planned peaceful protest slated for 6th February (next Monday) seems to be the topic on everyone's tongues and finger tips. 

I do not know of a single person who can say they're happy with the way things are in the country today, yet, some persons have found a reason to undermine the planned protest. 

First off, Tuface has made it clear that the protest was not his idea. He got the memo just like others did, thought it was a valid and necessary cause and then lent his voice to it. 

So I fail to understand why MI is calling him out on it saying its a bad idea. Blackface says its for selfish interests and politically motivated. I think Blackface should get over this love gone wrong and stop acting like a scorned ex girlfriend already. It's so 1990s 😒. 

It's somewhat disconcerting that the people who have our President's ears are the likes of Femi Adesina who dares say that the Nigerians who want to protest are people who are still pained about the 2015 elections. Helloooo sir, most of today's "wailers" voted Buhari into power! And the likes of Onochie above. I guess every Nigerian should come on TV and each talk about their "beef" with President Buhari. 


What are curious and unprofessional word to use. As though it's personal. 

Oh, and now Fayose is lending his voice to this protest and I'm really not sure that's a good thing. Besides, is he not aware that he is part of the protest people are protesting? Is he under a misguided notion that the protest is political or partisan? 

At least that's not the way this reads. 

So you see, this just seems to not be going quite as planned but I hope that whatever is best for us as a people is what eventually happens. 

Right now I'm sure Tubaba is just sitting somewhere with his head in his hands asking Who send me message?

Do you think this protest should hold?


  1. Firstly, Tuface is my best artist. Local and international. Just wanna put that out..

    Secondly. Because 2baba has added his voice to the protest Im in full support of it.

    Thirdly. Ofcourse the protest is necessary. Nigerians are not happy and we need to show it as one. All the lamentations on social media aint working, we gotta occupy the streets and let this shit be on CNN and BBC that we aint smiling.

    Fourth. Fuck all the people attacking his personal life and mistakes because of this protest. He has a voice, he has the peoples love and so he is an instrument that can be used to support the movement. Fela spoke against the govt. Bob Marley did it. Why the hell cant Tuface?

    My only problem is why the heellllll is it happening on a Monday??? Ill be at work. I want to be on the street singing in solitary as Nigerians express their dissatisfaction. But a nigga has to go to work. I swear I want to apply for 1 day leave just to be at the protest.


    1. Monday tho.... I'm gonna be free on Monday sha. I'll be working on Sunday night so I'll have Monday free. Abeg where is the venue? I hope I'll find strength to make it there! We are tired of Buhari, his one sided corruption war, his shitty economic policies and generally, the hardship his govt has brought to Nigeria.

    2. Top to bottom, I am in line with every word written by you, Kon.

  2. I knew the protest wouldn't achieve the desired aim because it seems to be against everyone and everything connected to the political class - protesting against President, NASS, Judiciary, CBN, the same time? Kent werk that way. If it had just a single target like say Presidency, that would've made a whole lot of sense. It's still a great idea though, no one is smiling.

    What I don't understand is how this protest all of a sudden concerns Tuface's integrity? He's being called all sorts of degrading names and his past is questioned. For what? I'm truly amazed. I mean BBOG, CATBAN, NLC and a few other known civil society groups with well known faces have protested against the government in recent times but how come Tuface comes out and it's now a problem? Is there something going on I'm not aware of?

    1. Tuface is a "big fish", the planned protest gathered steam as soon as he took it up. The basic principle here is to "strike the head and scatter the follower".

  3. Yes yes yes and yes,the protest must hold,we/I/the country are f***ing tired of the way things are. we are living in bondage and nothing else. Maybel

  4. Lol,same folks who said baba shldnt debate now want Tuface "debating" on TV about these problems (and solutions)? #Clowns

    Anyone attacking Tuface is definitely(and actually) being paid by this govt to do so. Like duh! (and anyone defending this govt without being paid for it is the biggest joke (read #Clown)

    Really donno why Fayose is joining in the Protest. He's a part of the govt we are protesting against.

    $1 = N500? No one saw that coming, swear down!

    Em,epp me with the meeting point for Lagos peeps. Is it Ojota or Victoria Island? Tnx..

    NB: if I were President Buhari for 24hrs,I wld resign after 5mins. Gonna take divine intervention to undo the mess this admin has successfully created within just 20months

  5. Indeed 2baba is a "big fish"......all this just because he decided to lend his voice to a worthy course, as if Nigerians have not been having protests.

  6. Plus Black nonsense Face is truly acting like a scorned ex. Kilode!!!😡😡😡😡😡

  7. Black face is just a bitter n lazy arse. I support the protest n will join if i can . The cost of replacing my cracked laptop screen was previously 30k now it's 70k excluding shipping cost.


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