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Throwback Thursday. Your First...

Hey guys. In the spirit of social media Thursday tradition; #throwbackthursday, I'm going to ask a #TBT question. 

What was the first paycheck/paying job you had, and how much was it. Basically what's the first time you were ever paid for something you did or sold?

My first pay was N15,000. I was 17 years old and I ushered at a corporate event somewhere in VI. It was a 3 day job that came with breakfast, tea break and lunch and I felt like I'd been paid a million bucks. LOL 😂. (Coming to think about it, my second paying job a year or two later was also as an usher at a British American Tobacco event. The money, as I remember was also very good, I don't think ushers get paid half as well these days, but then the economy was a lot better and there weren't many girls looking for work, so nobody paid you as though they were doing you a favour by giving you the job. I remember I was also given tons and tons of BAT souvenirs and even a healthy bonus!). 

Hey, do you remember yours? Let's chat. 


  1. I was 17, Industrial Training. I was paid 18k per month.
    My office was on Adeola Odeku and was a stone throw from Galleria! Plus there was staff bus so I had just lunch to spend money on. I could take food from the house too, that was not a problem. I shaaa shaaa enjoyed myself 😁

  2. #ThrowBackThursday

    1) Fuel was N87
    2) Dollar was N197

  3. lol. Tee that year I did BAT jobs too ooh. choi! those uncles would not just see yellow sisI and look left. how can🤔.

    ushering jobs was my first too, my next big hit was senatorial submits jobs, 10k per day × 5days. plus extra-curriculum activities. ended up with huge bucks even after paying loyalty fees. my loyalty earned me subsequent SS jobs for the next 3years.

    next was a billboard advert for ozone range of cosmetics. Then subsequent calendar jobs for a good number of companies.

    it haff tey I start the hustle. 90% of the jobs I did my folks where oblivious of. 🎶she haff join badt gang🎶

    side hustle, sold cloths, wrist watch, hand bands, human hair, keke napep hire purchase biz, car hire service. 🎶if i start to talk🎶

    Next my NYSC allowee plus oil sector PPA allowance = 80k monthly + extra curriculum activities. I was balling that year.

    Next official job = few inches from 300k

    Next cookie crumbled. all thanks for Sai Baba

    Next present job... Not there yet but not so badt.

    No proof reading, if i dare scroll up, I just might clear this epistle. nuff said.

    1. Seems like you'd always land well on your feet, Sai Baba or not. Good on you 😊

  4. I was 17, and I'd done a full day's job and waited for what felt like ages for the funds to hit my account. I didn't even know how to use an ATM, and my dear brother had to teach me how to use the machine and key in my pin and everything. I was expecting about N6,000, and was pleasantly surprised to see I was paid like double of that. It felt so liberating to know this was money from my own sweat. That encouraged me to work really hard over the holidays and save enough money to pay for feeding, rent and upkeep for most of my first semester of Uni.

    1. Yeah that feeling can be very sweet. Someone could dash you 100k, but you'd work and get 10k. And that 10k feeling from your sweat could make you so giddy in a way the 100k never could.

      But these days I'd rather be dashed that 100k biko 🙈

  5. As a corper in a bank, my pay was N25,000.

    And I was a big boy in my mind but broke in real life.


    1. Really?

      My banker corper job paid 15k and till today iSwear NYSC was like one of my most liquid years.... Broke as a Corper? Hell no

      There was just something about bank customers/staff always giving cash gifts to corpers back then....dunno if that is still the case.

      And yeah NYSC also helped me brush up on the little Hausa I learnt in camp

  6. Pre-NYSC, I was 23,Grad was June ,NYSC was supposed to be Nov so I had like 3-4months to kill and I was hell bent on getting a job.Oh I did get a job(Pay was either 15k or 30k not sure again sef) but that job reiterated that I didn't wanna work/live in Lagos.. Cuz I would leave home 5am everyday(getting to work 8am) and get back home 8pm-ish daily(closing time was 5pm), and I had 'amazing' bosses who wouldn't let you eat in the office(I always took home cooked meals to work that I couldn't eat until the bosses left @4pm) and I didn't care much for eating out back then....

    I was just glad that NYSC wasn't Lagos when the list came out,within the 3months I worked that job,I lost so much weight I was looking emaciated,barely eating and stress would do that to you.

  7. first paying job -> networking. I can't shout

    1. Lolz, Ponzi toh badt.

      The first job I got paid for was a face cream advert, den INEC, followed by a series of medical missions by different NGOs, etc
      Really, d moni dat u earn from ur sweat holds more value.

  8. One month as Customer Service Representative aka receptionist at my uncle's firm back then. 20 thousand. I was 15. It was the holidays, I used to sit with their proper CSR who was pregnant. She had some complications and was on bed rest for a month or so and I got to be paid for smiling at the door and answering the phone (that was the extent of my usefulness), and I was everyone's favorite smallie. I think I made almost another 20k from tips I would get to 'oya go and eat' and 'take for your transportation'
    Best holiday ever!

  9. As a teacher in a primary school,was barely 16,I had just finished secondary school at 15 and the thought of staying home was killing me,so I had to take up the job,it felt like millions to me though,the next was 12k,at 17 few months later,I went for my Ond. the hustle yaff tey shaaa. LOL . Maybel

  10. 100 level summer-7k at an investment firm. 200 level summer. 20k at a different investment firm. IT 5k at daily trust newspaper which was 300 level summer. NYSc was serious balling for me. Got paid 35k at Zenith bank then 9800 allowee

  11. My first Job was at 17, 100lvl holiday. I worked as a cashier in one pharmacy in my area, I was paid 10 or 15k, can't remember now. My "office" was a two minute walk from my house but I was so proud of the job and I didn't need the money but I loved it and squandered it on Mr. Biggs and My parents didn't care what I did with it but they made me pay first fruit and stopped giving me offering (as per big girl tinzz).

    My next paid job was the one year I spent at home before NYSC, I worked in the legal unit of an Audit firm in Ikeja as a clerk or something, I spent half my time on Linda Ikeji and watching movies. They paid me 20k a month...

    NYSC came and allawee was 19,800, Delta state paid 5k, my ministry paid 2k and my HOD used to give us "chop money" every weekend.. I never touched my 19,800. I balled gan that year..

    Then after NYSC, my first Job was as a front desk person in this school in 'Lere, chai! I suffered o, they paid me 37k and I had to resume at 7am everyday and close at 5pm(sometimes later) and my house was basically 1 hour away without traffic but there was always traffic. I managed to always make it to work on time tho and do my work as efficiently as possible. When I got my bank job, my madam was now vexed that I was leaving after 4 months, I was like, hian! Am I supposed to stay at your front desk forever? A graduate fa!

    Anyway, story don change now, thank God.


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