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Monday, 6 March 2017

1K Never Meant So Much!

Can I just share my testimony, like I'm super stoked right now!

So on Saturday a lady with her boyfriend had a party in a section of Chidoz. They paid for the space which was great, we were also going to handle their food and of course, drinks. So yay! Good business, right? Last minute, I thought why not throw in some free decor, just something to spruce it up and fuel the birthday vibe. She seemed really pleased with the offer, quickly told me that her colours are pink and white. 

On Friday afternoon I rushed to Iponri market to buy some balloons, ribbons etc. Early Saturday I drove down to Chidoz to clean up as most of my staff wouldn't come until later, besides kitchen staff. I inflated balloons, hung some drapery and rearranged the tables in their section, for the party people. Surprisingly customers started to come early (Chidoz is more of a night place, but by God's grace this will change soon) and it wasn't really great handling them and doing the party thing, but it was aii. 

At about 5pm birthday girl breezed in with a friend before her party to check the place out. Beyond what they had expected, I heard her friend say the place looked really pretty. Birthday girl on the other hand walked up to me and said dismissively; "I don see your handwork ooo!"  

I smiled even though I was quite hurt that that's all the thanks I would get for work I didn't really have to do. 

Anyways, hours later her people came and the party was in full swing. It wasn't my job to attend to them but I chose to because they were a fun crown, and well, nobody will handle your business like you so.... A while later an old man in his seventies perhaps, her landlord apparently, came and took me aside. He told me that he had been watching me all night and was very impressed by my diligence and courteousness. He said he loved the way I handled the job and did it with joy. As if I have a choice... LOL. He said he will be sure to return from time to time, because I had impressed him. 

I was touched and that spurred me. 

And now tonight, a customer finished eating and handed me a 1k tip. I was confused at first. I looked at the money and back at him. He looked a bit hurt. "Is it too small?" He asked me hesitantly. 

"No sir, it's just that... nobody *sob* nobody *sob sob* has ever given me.... given me anything here *sob*" LOL, I exaggerate 😆. 

"Go to the mirror and look at yourself. Somebody of timber and caliber. Most of these people don't think that anything they can give you will be good enough. Even me, that's why I was scared. But I just had to give you something, because I really appreciate your courtesy". 

I smiled, accepted my wonderful 1k that will fetch me two bottles of fresh juice at the stadium tomorrow morning. Niiiiiiiice ☺️☺️

So at this point I just have to ask. Can somebody please send uncle Aliko (Dangote to be specific 😚) to Chidoz so that I can be extra courteous to him and get me a tip in landed property in Ikoyi, business class flight tickets or an all expense paid business course in Stratford University, Nairobi...?

A girl is allowed to dream, right? What's your dream?


  1. Hehehe. I want our own crib, and 3 cars. Is it a dream? I want it realzed oh. It's a neccesity sha, n has been a prayer. God answers.

  2. There's nothing as wonderful as having your work appreciated esp when you don't expect any form of appreciation.
    I'm glad your business is going on fine.
    You never send us the address o, or don't u want more customers?

  3. Give me address since, you wee nor give. My own tip for pass that one....

  4. I want all expense paid luxury trip to 4 exotic locations in the world for a month. J

  5. Aunty Thelma,

    Send the address.

    @Maybel: Lets go have a drink.


  6. If you will not give us this address, stop gisting us na.. I've been dreaming of catfish and peppered goat meat siiiiince but you don't want to epp someborri

  7. hard work pays off my dear.

    Welldone and keep maintaiNing such high standards things will turn around .

    my dreams plenty o.


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