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5 Reasons Nigerians Are Loving Prof Osinbajo As President!

Osinbajo became acting president after President Muhammadu Buhari proceeded on annual vacation/medical check up in the UK on Thursday, January 19, 2017.
Buhari sent a letter to the National Assembly informing it of his intention and transferred power to Osinbajo pending his return.
Buhari has also been hailed for transferring power to Osinbajo while he’s away and also for picking a Vice President who can handle the affairs of thr nation smoothly and progressively if he’s not available.
Here are some things the Acting President has done that have left Nigerians happy:
1. Food Programme
On Friday, January 24, he promised that the Federal Government was planning urgent relief to poultry farmers in the country to save the industry from collapse. He also presided over the Federal Executive Council(FEC) meeting on February 1, during which the Presidential Task Force on food security was mandated to reduce prices of food items in the country.
2. Road Contracts
On February 8, he chaired the FEC and approved the N21 billion bill for the construction of the Ilorin-Omu Aran-Kabba Road, Section I.
February 15, he approved the award of N126 billion road projects spread across Kano, Bauchi, Adamawa, Kwara, Gombe, Enugu and Kaduna states.
3. Visiting The Niger Delta
Between February 10 and 13, Osinbajo visited Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital in continuation of his interactive engagements with oil-producing communities in the Niger Delta region.
He proceeded to Port Harcourt, Rivers state, to meet stakeholders of the oil producing communities there. During the meeting, he rolled out the framework for the clean-up exercise of the Ogoni land.
4. CBN and the Foreign Exchange Policies
February 16, he presided over the first National Economic Council meeting of the year and directed the CBN to review the foreign exchange policy. In the meeting, it was resolved that fresh $250 million be injected into the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). The CBN subsequently released about $500 million through the interbank market, where 23 banks bought $371m.
5. Signed 7 Bills Into Law
February 17, Professor Osinbajo signed seven bills into law. These bills included the Oaths (Amendment) Act 2017; Defence Space Administration Act 2017; Veterinary Surgeons (Amendment) Act 2017; and others.
Source: Bella Naija
Nigerians are excited, for many, this is the very first feel of CHANGE promised to us some two years ago. Some opine that PMB take just as long, much longer preferably, as he wants on vacation. Some say Osinbajo may be the Messiah we've prayed for for so long. Others ask them to shush claiming that everything Osibanjo is doing has been in the works long before President Buhari went on vacation, and/or like his PA (social media), Lauretta Onochie said some days ago, both men are a team and the "somewhat" goodness Nigerains are experiencing these days are a product of teamwork, not solely Osinbajo's doing. 
Me, I don't know. I just want the dollar to get back to N200 or less. #dasall. 



  1. Hmm. The things we celebrate tho.

    What exactly is Osinbajo doing under 1month that the Buhari cldnt do in over 1yr? Did we have to be in a recession to know that prevention is better than cure?

    When $$ was rising,they called it "hard reset", blamed oil price crash and GEJ not saving. So Osinbajo isn't following the same hard reset? Or am I missing something?

    How buhari was allowed to be president in this 21st century wld remain a topic for generations to come.

    Whenever APC implements policies of the last admin, the economy benefits but whenever they implement their own policies, the economy worsens (and turn around to blame GEJ)

    Suddenly Osinbajo is resetting the policies of Buhari. I'm naturally expecting buhari supporters to condemn the strides Osinbajo is taking (afterall, everything Buhari did is right and the path way of anti corruption fight).

    You can't hide or airbrush incompetence. Nig is bigger than that man resting in London.

    1. Hopefully he wld launch the real Ogoni cleanup as the other one done before was just to make sycophants "scream" with excitement

    2. I appreciate you for this comment. I was thinking the long epistle I had to write to drive my point before I read you comment. Tu as tout dit mami.

  2. Good to be back, bush life is killing during recession. Congrats MZ Adah and Kene on your graduation, and to Thelma on her Isiewu joint opening. Nne broadcast Addy soonest.

    To the Post: Honestly I told myself I wouldn't engage in too much political discussion this year but I was really smh and smiling at the so-called reasons "Nigerians are Loving" PYO. The person should've just tagged it "Wailers TV" and instead of "Nigerians", gone with "Wailers".

    Femi Fani "Illuminati" Kayode:
    "Osinbajo betrayed the church by joining APC Islamic party" - 2015.

    "Osinbajo is GOD sent to APC" - 2017 (after latest FX rates)

    Ben Bruce:
    "Buhari is a failure. How can you appoint a lawyer to head economic team and expect a healthy economy?" - 2016

    "Osibanjo should teach his boss Buhari" - 2017 (after latest FX rates).

    This is a minute example of the kind of confused people who have been roaming the streets of Facebook and Twitter. They remember to abuse PMB who appointed PYO as head of econs team, abuse PMB when policies from this team go south, abuse him even when he disputes the policies of the team he set up. Now that this very same team is responsible for the recent FX rates improvement, it is "all hail Osinbajo". Lol. Common sense is actually not common finally.

    Anyway I don't see any cause for celebration, just heaving a sigh of relief that the rates have improved from 516 to 425-$ after the initial shock of seeing it tanking from 470 to 516-$ within 2 weeks. Thank GOD for improved FX reserves, improved oil production, and slight increase in oil prices. And for those who actually think that PYO has a different agenda to that of PMB, lol. Lol again, too funny. Both men communicate almost daily; same team, same presidency, same agenda. I don't blame them wailers tho...their hero was all alone in his agenda. Who could blame him? When you have a VP competing with Ghost workers why will anyone be having time to debate your agenda within the presidency? What's that his name again? Something Sambo...

  3. Lol, I see you're on the same page as ur twitter people cos uve clearly mirrored their thoughts.

    PYO is the economic head meaning ur trying to push the buck of the decline and contraction of the economy to Osinbajo? So we have a figure head president all along and no one told us? Choi

    Either ur the PA or the SSA or PSAA to PYO to know he communicates daily with London but if I'm not mistaken,they were both is Asorock for the past 20months. Is the person he has a long distance relationship with from London different from they 16m voted in?

    Oil has been on a slight increase but it's been easier to use oil crash and GEJ as a cheap excuse and cover up. Did the oil price just increase last week? We don't know how much is produced daily, sold daily and remitted into the federal accounts. Even the NASS recently revealed there's been no records from oil people since June 2015 bu ur trying to celebrate what?.

    "They have the same agenda" lol. Atleast you didn't hurt us by adding "the same body language"

    Empty barrels make the most noise but propaganda can't last forever. In ur bid to shade Sambo, you also shaded Buhari. You voted for someone ur scared to admit wrecked the economy under 20months but are giddy to call out Sambo? *chuckles*

    1. Like I said earlier, petty political debate is not gonna take my time this year. Why wailing for GEJ in 2017 is now a priority for you and your ilk isn't surprising, I always wonder why you always misconstrue people's opinions just so you can sound "right".

      - nobody is trying to push any buck to PYO, Buhari takes the blame and should also take the kudos. If y'all can comfortably abuse him for appointing PYO as head of his economic team, y'all shouldn't hesitate to give him kudos when said team does well.

      -you keep talking about 15 million who voted Buhari. Ironic, seeing as you were unwilling to stain your thumb for uncle Lucky in 2011 and 2015 but would rather sit on the fence and throw bants. I won't be surprised if you didn't protest with EiE few weeks ago.

      -there's nothing like "cheap excuse" when it comes to GEJ. Apart from squandering over N48 trillion, depleting our reserves from $60 billion to $28 billion, borrowing to pay salaries, decreased FDIs, devaluing our currency twice in 2 months, dishonoring infrastructure contracts in the SE and SS, lack of security (while claiming a vibrant economy), etc, poor guy was too clueless to even detect the enormous heist under him. Check out the recent discoveries... even ordinary ministers are forfeiting over $200 million in worth. So please, spare me of GEJ.

      "...empty barrels make the most noise..."

      Exactly, that's why we call them "wailers". I have always voiced out my displeasure for Buhari's policies and the idea that I'm "scared" of doing so only boils down to the end product of your sycophancy. I'm not here to sing anyone's praises neither will I condemn someone's intentions when they are sincere.

      So keep on reminding yourself about GEJ and keep going on with the fallacy that PMB and PYO have separate agendas, that's your opinion, no one is ready to change it. And remember that another election comes up in 2019. Prepare your voters card (not even sure you have one), so that you can exercise your civic responsibility and not watch E! when other wailers are trying to "Change the Change". Vote and vote wisely, and protest when EiE calls out again. And oh, before I forget, please vote for people you can actually remember their names and what they look like. At least I can absolve you for giving us a mannequin as VP since you didn't vote even though I take part of the blame for that...I voted that clueless team in 2011.

    2. Sasha Bone and Memphis part... what?

      I've missed you guys so

    3. Tra la la la

      PYO was appointed head of economic team yet for 20months,the $$ was high on its own supply but under 38days,the same $$ is falling? The only constant here is the presence and absence of Buhari. Take a trip to Uk and argue with him.

      Suddenly you wanna give kudos to PMB over the strides of PYO but you all were always quick to blame GEJ for "squandering the reserves"? (at least he remained some they are using to chill in London,hallelujah).

      When the last admin was "squandering the reserves",they called it corruption or "no political will to save",yet we see CBN under PYO pumping the same reserves into the economy to push the $$ down. It's suddenly cool to squander reserves now abi?

      You tired of roping in GEJ that you had to rope in Sambo too? Wonder who next? Lol.

      NB: whether you vote or not,as a citizen, I have the constitutional rights to criticize the govt that wins. Blind sycophancy is for only those directly being paid by the govt to sing it's praises. Hope ur among them...

  4. I pray that the Naira keeps appreciating against the dollar anything or anybody that will be a hindrance to this, may God destroy it/ the person. If Buhari needs to stay in London for the rest of his term for this to happen, God keep him and anything keeping him there put.

  5. I think the entire point of this post has been lost on you both.


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