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Monday, 27 March 2017

An Adulter Adult!

Hey guys. I hope your week is starting out with a bang. 

So I'm currently at The Lagoon School Lekki, Lagos to pick up my little cousin's entrance examination result. I'm being made to wait so I'm sitting down here taking it all in and it makes me wonder about parenthood. 

I'm certainly old enough to have kids in primary school but watching these kids puts some serious panic in me. Like, they're children but they all have lives and personalities of their own. Some are very calm and collected, some are unruly, some are quiet, some are too talkative, some are observant, some are 'miss smarty pants'. They all have voices of their own and some of them seem not to think that your age entitles you to their respect. It's scary. 

I think about having a child, like a prepubescent child, one like the ones I'm watching right now and my heart is racing. I'm wondering, why do people want this???

It's cute when they're babies and toddlers, but these ones, this isn't cute! Why would someone deliberately put themselves in this odious, tedious position to be in charge of one of these???

Can you even have a life when they become your life? What's so fun about their homework, petty quarels, moodiness, attitude or them in general?

I'm just now watching a few of them, the bubblers; popular kids, no doubt. Walking with their noses in the air and their shoulders raised higher than their heads while their hopeful minions trail nervously behind. 

Makes me wonder again. Why would any right thinking person want this over freedom, flightiness, no responsibility, fun, travel, carefree life... 

I guess I'm wondering about this because I've hungered for motherhood for long but I never really thought about it beyond pregnancy-birth-baby-tot... And suddenly I'm aware that it goes wayyyy beyond that and the thought freaks me out.

I mean, on most days I need an adult to put me through things. And now that I'm thinking about raising children I'm like I know I'm an adult but just I kent do this. I need an adulter adult!


Is there anyone else out there who's afraid of older children and teenagers?

So please redeem my zeal to live again, tell me the fun things about being a parent. I really need to hear this right now!

Ps; Just picked up my cousin's result. She's just passed the second exam and is now among the very few candidates up for scholarship at The Lagoon School. Whoop whoop! Big congratulations to her! 😃😃😃

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  1. Yaay! Lagoon school is my Alma mater! Such a good school....really helped me grow into a lady with wisdom and virtues as the motto implies. I really want my daughters to attend the school when they're old enough.

    That aside, being a parent is a life changing thing. It's hard work but it's also fun. It makes you appreciate God and nature even more. Like from when they're babies...watching them go through each milestone is amazing. Watching each child''s character develop from infancy is thrilling. You'll learn to love doing homework...I've learnt all my daughter's school songs and love singing them with her. I only watch cartoons on TV now...even when my kids are not there...Sofia the first and doc mcstuffins have replaced E!...I still watch my Wendy Williams show
    They grow so fast...and before you know it, it's back to you and your husband. Just like my parents and parents in laws.
    So just relax, when u become a mother, you'll fit right into the role.

  2. The feeling of true love that will overwhelm you at every stage of the child's life is what will keep you going.

    As a baby the cuteness and helplessness will captivate your heard.
    As a toddler the gradual learning and development they go through is precious.
    At age 4 when they have so much energy and start being troublesome and asking 1m questions a day: You start to feel like you living your life again.
    By age 10; You have a man or woman in your house: Now thats a diff ball game. The feeling of being proud of what you raising..
    And it goes on...
    This cant be described until you experience it.
    But its a diff kind of love. True unadulterated love. Its greater than love for self.


  3. Remember this time 2 or 3 yrs ago, you'd spend ages philosophising about relationships and yoyoing from one extreme to the next about the point of it all. But when the time was right, you were ready for a relationship. I'm sure it's the same with having children :)


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