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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

And On Tonto Dike's Crashing Marriage...

Guys, it's been unfolding before our very eyes. I still feel awkward being made privy to the intimate details and dirty laundry in people's marriages, but thanks to social media, some marriages have become our daily entertainment. 

When these celebrities share so much, display so much on social media, often times tell blatant boldfaced lies, I wonder why. Why do they bother? Do they not know that people don't care? That no matter how colourful or scandalous it is, it will and can only be a source of entertainment to us? Do they not know that people are dealing with their own shit and will never care enough to think about it beyond what it is; entertainment... 

I'm still reeling from the Rob and Rose (or whatever) saga and how desperately thirsty an individual can be to steal photos of somebody else's dogs, claim them to be hers and even christen them! Like just why? Who was Oge Okoye trying to impress? Why does she think we care that much that she would foolishly stoop to the lowest of lows and indulge in something so pathetic and shameless?

Like, Nigerian celebrities are the worst! No paparazzi is following you around, nobody is bugging your homes or hotel rooms, no psycho is stalking you and rummaging through your dustbin outside your house trying to know what you ate for breakfast... You have the freedom to live your lives in peace and quiet that most sane celebrities the world over would die for, yet you choose to be your own paparazzi, but worse still, you insult us and feed us lies! 

Fear God. 

This isn't about Oge but it's the same questions I asked about Tonto when she started to reveal to the world that all the cars, the gifts and the perfect pictures she had sold us were mere figments of an unimaginative imagination... Like, WHY? Oh, and let's not forget the people that saw those pictures and had sleepless nights wishing they could have Tonto Dike's perfect life, garnished with the wealthy, handsome, doting, loving, extremely generous husband. 


I wonder what people did before social media...

And last night I watched clips of her interview with Azuka Ogujiuba and she talks about domestic violence, infidelity, neglect and abandonment, emotional abuse, and what not. And I feel bad for Tonto, I really do. However some part of me is struggling to empathize. 

That said, the 3 Ts (Tiwa, Toke, Tonto) have given us enough entertainment to last the rest of 2017, and it's sad that their marriage is the fodder. However, domestic violence is not something anybody should stay quiet about. For this, I'm glad Tonto finally found the strength to leave while she's still alive. I'm happy she's speaking up about what happened. We need to name and shame these men that think it's okay to dehumanize the women they married. 

I also wonder why the devil attacks marriages with so much ferocity...



  1. Before I begin to empathize with anybody, this domestic violence could also be a lie who knows?

  2. She said she doesn't blame those mistresses, as she doesn't have a problem with that. Apparently she 'was single' at a point...she said. So she's done her own fair share of 'mistressing'. (What goes around still comes around)
    The one that bothers her is the fact 'mr chairman' is in love with the current mistress. Lol

    And I'm also only bothered about the violence. which just shows the level of intelligence of an average Nigerian husband. Selfentitlement and shit. *smh.

  3. I am tired of all these celebrities and their marriages biko.. I hope Tonto can recover from whatever happened to her. maybel

  4. Tiwa's own is still understandable...she spilled the dirty details to save her reputation after he r husband blabbed.
    Toke is just an attention seeker...till now,I don't see the essence of the so called book.
    Tonto. .o Tonto...did she have a mental affliction when she was posting all the gifts from King Kong on social media and praising him while he was beating her black and blue?

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