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Saturday, 25 March 2017

BoDI: My Story; I Was Lied To.

For BoDI's previous post read HERE. To continue, read below. 

Nothing hurts more than being lied to. Personally I hate lying and I find it very difficult to lie like seriously. Before you yinmu, I am not saying I don’t lie sometimes but even when I do it doesn’t sit well with my mind at all! I just wanted to clear that first sha. Now back to the matter, like I said earlier, I don’t like lies. 

I am one who comes across as being very knowledgeable odifferent matters of life. Before getting married I read up on sex. Yes, it’s a very important part of marriage I have discovered not just because I heard people say so but now I know! I have not really being busy in that area and I didn’t want to disappoint my “oga”. Different styles and positions, lingerie,  keeping the man interested etc. for my mind, I was prepared to show my husband that he is in for the enjoyment of a lifetime! I was even contributing in conversations with the guys in my office sometimes on the matter “for my mind” I don jack and I am pumped and ready to go

One of the things I have learnt from life is that no matter how anxious we are about a certain event or gift or somebody, when it eventually happens it will give us that feeling like “is this why I have been anxious?”I am not saying it in a bad way but it’s just that God should help us to just do what the bible says “be anxious for nothing” cos eventually the emotions we thought we would have when it happens might just not be exactly as we imagined.

We got married!!! Yippee! I was happy nau did I say I wasn’t happy ni? Today na today! Where we live night time is really not the best time to make love…I will tell you the reason later. In the movies you see they take a nice shower bla bla bla and we did all that. My husband was more anxious than I was cos we agreed to wait till marriage before we “consummate” our love. My husband was really not being patient with the foreplay honestly cos I read it should take time before we can easily “penetrate’ and all that. As oga tried to enter like this…you know that sound you get when you make a call and the person doesn’t pick up? You know that kowole sound? That was what happened! E no enter and the pain that went through me….heeeeeeeeythat’s when I knew I had being lied to by the internet! 

I was a virgin. On the internet it said that with enough lubrication on the man and all that you feel like they say “a sharp pain’ and then you begin to enjoy…it was a lie! Here I was living it! Hubby was aware of my virginity and he had never taken anyone’s virginity so it was new to both of us. He spread my legs and tried again but I pushed him away! Kilode! “do you want to kill me?” wedding night day 1 didn’t go well. Like I said, making love at night where I live is not ideal as the bed here is annoying too… its spring bed! So you can imagine the sound of the bed during the “wrestling session” was heard by the neighbors! First night as a married couple, lights, camera BUT no action!

At this point I knew that the solution was not on the internet but on my phone…I had to start asking close people I could open up to. I spoke to a male and a female. All my education on sex was a fluke! My dear virgin sisters. The internet wont really tell you how to handle this matter. I will tell you what happened after hmmm…

To be continued-



  1. Enter your comment...hmmm. story of my life.i feel u sis

  2. Oya be fast, I want to hear ds gist

  3. No matter what you hear and read, experience will still school you the hard way I'm sure, especially for things like this.
    A Girl

  4. Bodi why do you keep doing this to me 😩
    Don't wait another one week ooo😏😒

  5. Why did you just leave us hanging like that?
    Abeg come and complete what you started. lol.


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