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Can We Talk About The Double Standard In Big Brother Nigeria

Thelma please post for discussion on the blog. Kemen was disgraced and disqualified yesterday for sexually touching Tboss when she was asleep. Please how is that different from Debbie-Rise kissing Bassey when he was sleeping some days ago. Why is the latter against the house rules and the former considered cute? I don't think it's right for BBN to have disqualified Kemen and not disqualify D-R.

Besides who watched the scene please? I saw it and while Kemen was wrong to have done that, I didn't see Tboss complain or leave the bed, in fact she seemed like she was repositioning herself to give him good access for doggy style. 

Just my thought. Who else watched BBN, what do you think? 


Ps: please this was sent to me on WhatsApp by a blog reader for debate on the blog. I don't watch Big Brother, and that's why you've never seen me post about it. Sorry I didn't make it clearer that it wasn't written by me. 



  1. Who is this person, and what are u insinuating? Kemen was very wrong to have done what he did. Pls go n watch the video again...
    As for D-R, it was just an innocent good nite kiss... Yes! #okbye#

  2. You have a point. This sexual assault thing has a very thin line.

    Guys do it everytime. A girl is sleeping beside you and you make a move by touching her. If she is not down with it she will stop you, if she is down she will adjust by positioning properly. So....I think BB over reacted due to pressure from social media powers.
    1) Tboss did not complain. She cant even lie that she didnt know he was touching her.
    2) All he did was make a move. He had no intention to force or assault her. Correct me if Im wrong.
    3) Was she intoxicated or under the influence? I doubt.

    Firstly, I dont think Kemen should have been disqualified. Now, if they are gon disqualify him then Debbie too should get disqualified for the sake of fairness.

    They just destroyed Kemen sha. No money, now no endorsement + bad publicity. Messed up.


    1. Thanks for the inspiration fm tip.

    2. Kon abeg forget that thing. If kemen gave Tbossba kiss on her face no one is going to shout sexual harassment. When stuck is hand in intimate areas no one knows except Jon, since it was under the cover. Am sure I'd Debbie Rise grabbed Basseys dick in he's sleep, everyone will shout sexual harassment.

    3. Kemen destroyed himself, besides he had been given a strike before and also warned that he will be disqualified if he continues disregarding the rules.

  3. You don't watch the show can you quantify what Debby did to kemen's..sorry but your sick..#poster

  4. You don't watch the show could you quantify what Debby did to kemen's..sorry but your sick #poster

  5. No comment, i don't watch the show.

  6. "Besides who watched the scene please? I saw it and while Kemen was wrong to have done that, I didn't see Tboss complain or leave the bed, in fact she seemed like she was repositioning herself to give him good access for doggy style"

    Please Thelma, you did not write the above and you did not mean it, If you did, shame on you. Everyone is not a light sleeper.

    1. Hello Anon, I did not write the post. I don't know who Debby Rise is, I only know who Kemen is because I see his pics on SM, I'm not aware of what happened/happens in the house.

  7. I don't understand how we can compare kissing to Fingering a woman's most private body part (vagina).
    This was clearly sexual abuse.
    1) she was sleeping deeply. Obviously not aware of her surroundings
    2) she sleepily turned to the other side...I don't know how you saw it as 'giving access for doggy'

    3) she has told Kemen publicly, loud and clear that she wasn't remotely attracted to him sexual. She told him in front of other housemates that she hated it when he touched her or kissed her. (She likened his touch to 'pressing her body like eba')

    Are these not enough reasons to show that her NO was indeed NO?

    4) if you watch the video, you'll notice that he looked around guiltily before proceeding to assault her.

    Kemen is a horn pervert. He deserved what he got.

    1. Your dead right anon. Nothing can justify sticking your fingers inside a woman s pussy just because she is sleeping next to you . Maybe they should do it to your daughter or wife so you can know it's not right . How on earth can this poster compare a good night kiss to a pure violation? The girl has clearly never liked Kemen and one time during truth or dare she swore that she'd rather get drunk than even place her lips on Kemens. Tboss liked a guy in the house and she moved towards him naturally . She was crying when bb showed her the video and it's applaling to think she knew and turned around for him. Naaaaa. I'm a guy and I've tried stuffs on chicks but we don't start with fingering . 😂

  8. Lol. I watched that video and as long as Tboss didn't resist,object or admonish Kemen when the assult was in action,then there was an unspoken consent for that brief moment.
    She's an adult not a minor nor a child.
    They are both adults and clearly heterosexual.
    He found her attractive, she prolly didn't.
    He made a move. She didn't resist. Judging from the clip I watched, she woke up,readjusted by setting ass and he went closer.
    There was a build up before that moment on her bed. Heard she exposed boobs to him,heard she got a massage from him. Body language speaks louder than words and Kemen is clearly not gay and thus made his interpretation of that body language (sadly to his detriment)

    If there are rules against sexual harassment then Debbie-rice shld be disqualified too and No,Bassey didn't have to report to biggie before they take unbiased disciplinary actions.

    TTT is married but posing as single and deceiving Bisola earning themselves sexual benefits. That right there is rape by deceit if you ask me.

    If Big Brother is just a game,then everyone should play along or live by the same rules and punishment.


    1. Dear Sasha.

      *Hand shake*

      But which one is rape by deceit? lol. Too many men will be guilty of that.


    2. Oh mi God.. U are just right, so on point (my same thoughts)

    3. How are the neutrons in your brain connected if this is the conclusion you come up with. So kemens interpretation was to touch her when she was passed out drunk?... cool cool

    4. You do realize that T boss didn't even know she had been molested until she saw the clip, she didn't know what transpired that night so I wonder how she was supposed to resist. I wonder what gave Kemen the idea that he could touch her like that. He also looked around probably to ensure nobody was awake. On Tboss exposing her boobs the housemates shower together. I'm actually glad Kemen was thrown out. He also said Gifty is the kind of girl who you can have sex with when she is drunk and later claim you were drunk too. Kemen should have exercised self control. Hope he learns his lesson from this what's done is done.

    5. Lol. Typical. The minute your opinion differs from theirs,they prove to the world they don't even have any neutron in their own brain to begin

    6. Oh my bad...I was just wondering how anyone would think feeling up an unconscious chick is ait as she even set nyash for am. There's no "opinion" in right or wrong situations. It's people like you that would say why will you go to a guys house if you don't want to be raped...gerrahia johr

    7. Gosh! Keep it classy pls. What is nyash? Eww..

    8. Who is this anonymous? So you're not confident of your point of view to express them with an identity? You're here insulting someone else's view disrespectfully.

      I don't have a problem with your views but casting aspersions on someone else's to make your point feel more valid is just cowardly. And I'm sure you're a regular commenter. Sigh.
      Now I can't even support your view because of your resolve. Smh

  9. Oh.i luv whatuwrote.

  10. Jesus! Are you people serious????? Do you even watch the show or you just feel like talking so that your voice will be heard? TBoss has never for once encouraged Kemen in any way and he has always been obsessed with her. I mean she won't even kiss him during the games but would rather drink which she hates. It was that bad. And i like how you guys completely forget that Kemen already had 2 strikes against him and had been told several times that one more strike and he was out so all the comparing with Debbie rise makes no sense. I would only agree that Debbie should be given a strike. I'm not even a fan of TBoss but what is wrong is wrong. You guyz didn't see Kemen look around to make sure nobody was nearby and the cameras were not on him before pulling off a clearly sleeping TBoss's duvet to grope her?? Smh. I agree the punishment for his crime was harsh but it also sends a msg. Make sure you get Consent at allllll times. If someone did that to your sister especially someone she doesn't even like in that way you'll scream bloody murder.

    1. Hmm. I go with this. I guess his cup was full.

      C'est la vie..

    2. 1) We are typing. There are no voices here
      2) In my younger days. There were many babes I couldnt kiss publicly but Ill gladly stick my D up them. So that kissing story doesnt carry weight.
      3) Ehh ehh. 2 strikes? Dint know bout that part. Who else heard anything bout BigBorther giving Kemen 2 strikes?


    3. Yh, I know of 1 strike tho. When he was cautioned for having a private "conspiracy" convo over nominations with Marvin or so.

    4. The guy was frolicking with Uriel as well... Lol.
      The gyming wey him dey do too give am confidence that he's fine, sexy and seductive with his big lips. He got what came to him, deservedly.

    5. Go do ur own gyming na, oga dry bones!

  11. I dont think this poster watches BBN, if he/she does he woeld have known that debbie rise and Bassey just ended a conversation, she got up, dropped her glass, kissed him goodnight, picked her glass and left. kemen on the other hand is obsessed with Tboss, as a matter of that she told him few nights before that she wasnt into him, dint notice his advances towards her until week 5, that shes irritated with the way she kisses, and d night she agreed to them cuddling she was disgusted with the way he kept touching her like he was moulding Eba!!! the nigga stayed awake n was calculating his moves, Big brother called him n he denied touching her. need i remind you that he had been called to order before for touching n grinding on Uriel(who obviously wasnt comfortable with it and asked him severely to stop) at one of the saturday party???? only difference is that Tboss admitted to Kemen touching her while Uriel was like " big brother! it was only a joke, we was just playing" lol enough said jare...
    however poster, never you equate indecent touch with an innocent goodnight kiss. i don vex!!!

    1. Na,dont use that "they had a convo before the kiss" line in defending DR.
      Since when did a prior conversation before sexual assault or rape (on someone sleeping) become consent? And I watched that clip and DR spent a good amount of minutes contemplating whether or not to kiss him. If Bassey had kissed Tboss in her sleep too,I wld surely feel sad for her cos everyone knows she can't stand those lips. Permitting him to massage means she can permit his touch so we are back to the beginning of the argument.

      Yh,Kemen's cup was full but don't excuse others who did something similar

    2. Well, disqualified or not... He would still have been evicted anyways! Nigga had d lowest votes, that is to so even we d viewers don't dig him. 😏😏

    3. Sasha bone please shut the f@#k up before I loose more respect for you than I already do.

    4. Dear anonymous,if you've been a victim of sexual molestation,accept my sincere apologies. My opinion wasn't intended to trigger any old memories. Friends?

    5. Lmao! Nice reply Sasha... I think old memories are really playing a factor in her attitude. (I just believe she's a female bv)

  12. This thing has found it's way here? I don't watch it so no comment.
    A Girl

  13. it's a very simple, get consent. All I know is that if i'm in the girl's shoe two people would have been disqualified sha. I will leave a mark on that guy. J


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