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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Debie-Rise, TBoss, Marvis & Bally Nominated for Eviction. Who do You think will Leave on Sunday?

As the end comes closer I'm getting really curious to see what happens in the Big Brother house. At the end of the this week’s nomination rounds, Debie-Rise, TBoss, Marvis, and Efe were up for eviction but Bisola been head of house, switched Bally with Efe, setting him up for eviction and letting she and Efe remain the top finalist for this year’s Big Brother Naija Show (lots of people feel this was an extremely foolish move as Efe is her biggest competition in the house). 

So people, who do you think will leave the #BBNaija house on Sunday? Make your predictions below! 😉



  1. If Tboss is saved today,Debbie-rise is going home on Sunday

    If Tboss isn't saved today, Debbie-rise is still going home on Sunday

  2. I thot u said u ain't watching the show... u seem to knw Wats up...
    Tboss will leave on Sunday!!

  3. eeerm Debbie rise leaves...nuff of her pettiness

  4. Tboss is going home.


  5. Tboss is Going home except big brother decides to save his girlfriend. There are too many double standards on the show lately.

    1. Lol. Thought it wasn't obvious..

  6. Tboss and Debbie rise ain't going no where, you can take that to the bank.


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