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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fun Things To Do In Lagos.

No, unfortunately I'm not telling, I'm asking. 

I'm going out with a friend this evening but I'm just weak. I really want to go out but I'm hella tired of the lounge-drinks-food thingy. Are there any fun things to do in Lagos besides going for drinks or going to the movies? 

If you know please let me know. 

What fun things can I do on a date, with a group of friends or on my own in Lagos state?

Ideas please! 


  1. Lol, I got nothing,nada,zilch.
    A Girl

  2. You can join a hiking team. I went hiking last weekend and it was fun. I'm sure there's lots of them in Lagos.

    1. Where can you hike in lagos please, sounds interesting.

  3. as I no de stay for Lag ... lemme just keep looking at this picture you used and see if I can unearth the mysterious hidden message in it��

    kene francis

  4. There are hiking clubs, running clubs, cycling clubs, there is a new tennis club place that just opened in Lekki, you can go swimming, have a house hang out complete with potluck and games etc. Go see a play (check afri tickets and co). Your are essentially as limited as your imagination. Go to tarkwa bay and co

    1. Hmmmmmmm,sounds nice... maybel.

  5. Hey Laurie, I actually stay in Abuja, so the hike was in Abuja.
    But people kept talking about how there are lots of them in Lagos. I'm sure you will see a lot if you search hard enough.


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