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Thursday, 2 March 2017

#ThrowbackThursday. Your Favourite Childhood Cartoon!

Hey guys, in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday I'd like to reminisce about those favourite shows we loved on TV. I remember back then, shows didn't start airing until about 4pm, before then the TV just showed those coloured stripes on the screen. 

My siblings and I would sit crosslegged on the floor, our eyes transfixed on the screen, waiting for those colours to give way to some cartoon magic. 

I remember some of our favourite cartoons would soon play, Voltron (defenders of the universe), Tom & Jerry, Danger Mouse, Ovide Video, Pinky and the Brain, Scooby Doo ... Etc. 

My fav cartoon was Tom & Jerry. I was very reassured that (Tom's) bad intentions and actions were punished. LOL. 

What's your favourite cartoon from your childhood?


  1. Cow and chicken...Power rangers....johnny bravo..TNHW

    1. Hmm. Didnt think you were that young?


    2. Am not that old oh...TNHW 😀😀😀

  2. I always felt bad for Tom. Yes he was sinister but there were times Jerry actually bullied him and he still suffered for it.

    I loved SuperTed,Voltron,Xmen(I literally followed the story),Saturday breakfast Telly cartoons.
    I still watch cartoons. Boondocks, Family guy, Avatar. Never got around watching the on that had "Saucekay" anime..

  3. Voltron, Transformers, X-men, Tom and Jerry, Mighty Mouse, Super Ted, WB's "crew" (Daffy duck, Bugs Bunny...), Captain planet, Godzilla, Pinky and the brain, Justice League, Batman and Beyond, Superman,

  4. Tom and jerry,pinky and the brain,xmen,johnny bravo and then,cow and chicken... maybel

  5. The Lady and the tramp 😍😍😍
    Aristocats 😍😍😍😍
    Powerpuff girls, Flinstones, tom and jerry, scobby doo, courage the cowardly dog 😂, johnny bravo, dexter's lab,

  6. Power rangers wasn't a cartoon but it was my favourite show cos I was the yellow ranger...haha

    I loved Scooby Doo, Power Puff Girls, Care Bears, Justice League, Ghost Busters, Godzilla, Magic School Bus, that cartoon about a Blue girl like this, Casper the friendly Ghost, Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and of course, Tom and Jerry (the Fred Quimby ones) and MITV's Saturday morning line up made my weekend every week!

  7. voltron, super Ted, and globe troppers, fragorock.

    I hated Tera Hulk abi na Terra horse.

    who remebershould rent-a-ghost (not a caroon though).

  8. So we are all in same age bracket. Except Kabuoy that mentioned Courage the cowardly dog. lol.

    Before these cartoons, what was available?


    1. You wanna use this question to see who's above our age bracket? Hehehe...

  9. Willie willie don die na who kill am? 😂😂😂

    Sorry I just had to.

  10. SuperTed all day everyday. I loved spotty and teddy
    Tom and Jerry (the original ones, not the ones they have today)
    Care bears
    Little Lulu

  11. almost everything on cartoon network, samurai jack, dexter's lab,ed edd n eddy, Tom n jerry,power puff girls, bugs bunny, my gym partner, Johnny bravo, Juniper Lee, cool cats ... endless.
    And I still enjoy animations - zootopia, et al.

  12. I remember teletubbie
    Ed Ed Eddie
    Scuby scuby doo where are you
    Super rangers
    And of course tom and Jerry
    There are many but my brother surpasses me in watching cartoons mbok

    Of recent my nieces likes to watch ...ouch they are not with me now. But I know that they like that princess cartoon character etc

  13. Everything Walt Disney ever produced since Winne the Pooh, Tom and Jerry, Scooby, the Famous Five series (not a cartoon but they had me so...), Pinky n The Brain, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Super Ted, Flintstones, Magic School Bus, Looney Tunes, Johnny Bravo, Cow n Chicken, Sheep in the Big City, Time Squad. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Planet, Captain Caveman,


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