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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Your Seed Must Make You Bleed!

I tuned into 99.3 Naija Info one morning some days ago just in time to hear the gist. A caller had written in to complain that his wife of two years had done the unthinkable, she had taken his car and sown as a seed to their pastor. He said something similar happened when they were still dating, she also carried his valuable property to pastor and used it to sow a seed in church. 

The first time she did that, when she was just his girlfriend, he made it clear that that was totally unacceptable and must not repeat itself. But now, baby girl has caried his car, the only one they have at home, and handed it with the keys over to the pastor. 

The man said he had had it with her and has moved out of their home. He said he no longer feels safe with her, and doesn't think he can trust her anymore...

I think seed-sowing is something we need to address. I have sown seeds when I felt led to. But I remember how furious and cheated I felt when I gave someone cash, the most amount of cash I'd ever given anyone in my entire life, only for this person to carry all that cash and go and sow seed. 

One major tactic, if I may call it that, that these pastors use to "maximize profit" is telling you that your seed must bleed or something, basically it must create a dent, that for it to be acceptable to God you must feel the hit. That you must give God money or valuables that its absence would be a huge loss in your life. They back it up with accurate scriptures and stories of people who sowed their entire lives savings, who came and dropped the keys to their brand new jeep at the altar and went home in molue, who packed their entire annual salary and sowed it in the church, and they follow these stories with staggering accounts of how in 2 weeks or less God multiplied what they sowed. 

I wonder about it. Do you sow seeds? How do you know you're sowing on fertile ground or do you just  do it and hope for "dividends"? Where do we draw that lines in sowing seeds; what do you consider too much to sow?

And to the guy above. What would you do in his shoes? Some people suggest going to the pastor to demand for his car and in the face of resistance, have him arrested... Some suggested he have his wife arrested, as the car is not hers to give. Some callers even said a woman has no right to make such a decision on her own whether the car is hers or not; such decisions should be made by the husband or her father, and not a woman... But that's topic for another day.




  1. I sow seeds in people's lives or in specific projects I believe in/support. A month's earnings to a family that needs aid, yeah. The same to the church just because I want to sow a seed, heck no! I will feel better eating sharwama everyday with the money and getting fat

  2. I'm getting my car back. I will go to the pastor with my proof of ownership and I must collect my car. If it gets strong police go enter the matter. It's simple and short. J

  3. If you give God or God's work money and you are expecting profit then I think you are doing it for the wrong reasons and I doubt you will really get anything in return.
    If you want to contribute to Gods work then just do it. Dont do it selfishly hoping to make a profit.

    As for the guy and his wife. Accept your fate. She has given your car away, thats the wife you married. So you gotta live with her decision.


    1. Thumbs up to paragraphs 1 and 2 but I'll take J's approach to the car issue. You can't "sow" what isn't yours to give, that doesn't make any sense..

      As for sowing seeds, I do what I can to help who I can and I pay my tithe. I won't give my salary to my pastor tho... I almost did it one time cos someone I respect advised me to but I felt so uncomfortable the whole time and I knew that's was not what God wanted. I repurchased the draft and gave it to the church not the pastor. So if he uses it for personal gain he has God to answer to cos na God money he tiff..

    2. Kon,so in other words,if your wife did the same,you Will live with it?? Cos I don't get u

    3. Yes. If my wife gives out my car Ill accept my fate. Thats what I signed up for.


    4. Yes. If my wife gives out my car Ill accept my fate. Thats what I signed up for.


  4. Last time it was Tithe, today it's Seed, (gullible) people ready to bleed for both causes. No amount of enlightenment will stop people "bleeding" for the cause.

    I pray GOD helps me find a spouse who's not going to be responsible for bleeding my family to death. Amen.

  5. Lol. Never sow when ur told to sow. Sow when ur led by the Spirit to sow. Ur pastor is not a money doubler..


  6. Hehe,@live withher decision

  7. Hmn, that's just weird, she shouldn't have done that. It's very wrong and she did it without his consent, she didn't sow a seed, she stole from him. Not every offering or seed is acceptable to God. She has blundered greatly.
    A Girl

  8. One way or the other I'm definitely getting my car back, in the man's shoes. I should love my wife so no cause for arrest and probably the pastor does not know that the car belongs to some other person so still, no cause for arrest. There is definitely a right and peaceful way to go about it.
    I only give(apart from tithes) to churches whose pastors are so invested in helping the poor. The more you preach about sowing seed into your life as a pastor, the less I'm inclined to do so.


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