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Big Brother House Is Not An Achievement!

They kept majority of Nigerians entertained for several days and now it's over. I sincerely like that it's a potential platform for starting or solidifying the housemate's careers, everyone needs and deserves that.

But I would be lying if I say I'm not confused about certain things. Like, why were the house mates awarded plots of land in Abuja? Why are they being thrown homecoming ceremonies and given stately welcome? Why are they being honoured?

If you're a fan you may call me jealous, and that's alright. I on the other hand would refer to myself as confused.

To the best of my knowledge, some capitalists called for an audition, picked some people at random, threw them into a house filled with cameras, gave them some controversial tasks to get people talking and days later after days of eating, dancing, quareling, drinking and getting drunk, making out, talking, sleeping etc etc etc these people came out. 

And now they get to be honoured.

Why exactly? 

I saw the image of Marvis' homecoming ceremony and someone who didn't know would think she just returned victorious from a war and her clan is honouring her...

And while we're on the topic, can we address the issue of the kinds of things we celebrate and don't celebrate in Nigeria. Academic excellence for instance. In March just last month, at the 30th convocation in University of Calabar, the over all best graduating student was awarded N10,000. Before you start to wonder at the disparity between 25M naira won for, well, I really don't know and 10k given to an overall best graduant, remember also that the best graduating student in pediatrics (2015) from another Nigerian University, was in March 2017 awarded N250, and after a two year delay. Yes, two hundred and fifty Naira, the 000 aren't missing.  

It was after this that many others started to speak up. A young man shared with us how he was the best graduating student in his class and had been told during their convocation that he had a prize to collect from the school. He was put through several formalities and protocol just to get this prize. It took him weeks until he signed the last form and was given the nod. On the D-day he wore his "Sunday best" and marched to the faculty, his friends and well wishers were already drinking some brew, waiting for him to join the celebration with his loot. On getting there, he was surprised to be handed an unusually light envelope, but he immediately realized it was be a cheque and not cash as he'd thought. You can then imagine his shock and utter devastation when he tore open the envelope to find a dirtied N1000 note!

He said he wasn't sure whether to break into tears or scream. But quietly he trudged back home and switched his phone off, leaving the merrymakers at the bar to wonder. 

This is the reality we find in Nigeria.

I guess that's partly why I ponder on this #BBN issue. let's talk about it. Do you think the house mates deserve to be honoured and celebrated? Whether Yes or No, tell us why? 



  1. Thelma I absolutely share your sentiments
    . I am appalled and highly disappointed with the way we celebrate mediocrity in this country.

    I don't understand the unnecessary display of waste . Can this be referred to as branding?

    I organize free healthcare programs in very very poor communities that have never had access to a real doctor in over five years with 500,000 naira, you won't find donors .

    They would rather spend on frivolities.

    This is not to say these persons do not deserve a little help or support , we just over do things.

    A best graduating student collects #250 naira. You won't find lecturers or Vice chancellors doing anything about it , when it's time to go on strike they take the lead.

    this country fraustrates its brightest and sadly no one cares.

    1. Couldn't have expressed my thoughts any better. This is really a big shame on our collective values as a society.

    2. Couldn't have said it better if I tried..

    3. Your last sentence is apt.

    4. People get scholarship for just being black in America... For college.

      Nigeria my Fatherland.

  2. As in ehn! I'm a big fan of BBnaija but when i saw read about the Plots of Land stuff ehn, i just weak! The bigchurch foundation must have an ulterior motive. #raisingeyebrows.

  3. It's not only in Nigeria these sort of things happen. Once upon a time a man transformed into a woman and in less than a year, was awarded Woman of the Year (or something like that) and was called a hero. I can try my best understanding the "hero" award (from his fans' point of view obviously), but that "Woman of the Year" award? Really? Lol. Well, no use complaining because this Big Brother (and similar platforms) will excel in the coming years, and graduating students will be lucky to get stipends for exhausting the glucose in their intelligent brains. The world don cast pata pata, and we have no choice but to accept that depressing fact.

    1. Well said Memphis! I just feel that the American society is multi-faceted and you tend to see Americans pushing the boundaries in not just transgender issues, but vital issues like technological innovations, revolutionary medical discoveries, economic development etc. It's very much unlike Nigeria where we tend to celebrate solely frivolities. Essentially, we've imported the consumption mentality of the western folks and not the production mentality, that in the first place affords them the luxury to engage in pastimes.

  4. Thelms if you're confused, I don't know what I should be. The way they are being celebrated and talked about, one is tempted to wonder if there was more to it that met the eye. Like maybe in the process they found the cure to cancer or they found the solution for world peace. Abeg I tire.

  5. Celebrate with them . I'm sure if I and you were the one of them we won't get confused if they give us land . We'd probably say thank you Jesus. 😂. Entertainment is like that . A friend doesn't understand why 22 people will run round chasing a ball and they'd become billionaires. The Kardashians are billionaires by just being in their house and getting recorded , then look at the story of their transgender father . What about lovers of art and paintings? You'd just see a splatter of paint on canvas and people are bargaining in auctions for it . It's all about what tickles people's fancy. So when Mother Nature finds something to place success upon, celebrate the success that has been placed upon the 'thing' and forget about what they did to .

    1. I like this comment.


    2. Why did Churchfoundation give them plots of land? Ofcourse the guy has an agenda.

      Why did all the brands jump on that bread seller thing. Ofcourse they have their own interests.

      Do their motives make sense to you? maybe not. Because you are not in their shoes and cant see the opportunity they see. Does the idea of bigbrother even makes sense? No! But some genius played with it and the company is making millions.
      Basically..we dont know the agreement between the people for the delivery of the plot of land. Everybody has an agenda.


    3. I also like ur comment @anon 3:18. Makes sense!

  6. I also share the same sentiments, like what did they do except eat and have fun, wonders shall never end.

  7. Nne, this article is the truth. The world is such a crazy place but if you're not careful you're bound to be sucked into ideologies you do not believe or support. Genuity is now been overlooked and mediocrity applauded. Therefore never let go of your beliefs.

    1. Love!

      Couldn't have said better


  8. Are people really trying to compare the Kardashians reality show where they document the different careers they have going for them and Caitlyn who was an Olympic decathlon gold medalist with BBNaija housemates? Really? There's a difference between celebrating and rewarding someone!

    We love to reward Mediocrity. After the land gift,been waiting to see who wld top that since everyone loves to jonze in this

  9. It doesn't even look like Nigeria has a plan for the future generation... Its just 'business' as usual...
    Man is born
    Man lives in Nigeria
    Man dies...

    Earth is still revolving round the sun...
    Being a Nigerian doesn't make you better or worse, being a human is the only pride one gets in living in a land space called Nigeria, despite all the prospects.

  10. I'll never understand the essence of that TV show. While it is a money making machine for the sponsors, I'll never understand the craze around the participants.

    Tried to, got stonewalled each time.


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