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Rueben Abati, This Is Absolutely Wrong!

This article by Rueben Abati brought me out of my blogging-slumber. It's the meanest, most insulting, most demeaning tripe I've read in recent times. Up until now, I've considered this man one of the most brilliant writers of his time. I devour his articles hungrily because I almost always learn from his wealth of knowledge. But on this article below, I say Shame on you sir. You have absolutely not right to write the things written below.  None whatsoever. 

Lesson three: humility pays. At the end of the day, in the last week of the programme, the decision by the viewing public was a moral, sentimental one. The biggest star of the programme was, I don’t know what you think, TBOSS (real name: Tokunbo Idowu), half Nigerian, half-Romanian. She dominated the space with her Jezebelic antics, even got some of the male participants ousted by entrapping and outsmarting them with her sexual wiles. She projected herself as a sex object, the ultimate manipulator, the champion Delilah of the Big Brother Africa series. She even made a joke of the entire Big Brother concept by saying she didn’t need the money and if she won, she would spend it in two weeks to pay off debts, and in any case, she had men hitting on her, offering to take her on a ride in their private jets. She played the role of a female barracuda.

Given her looks and talents, she would have been a perfect winner. She would have looked good on the billboards. But she lost because of her arrogance. Attitude is everything: this is the lesson of TBOSS’s disgrace and humiliation. When she was sent out of the House as the second runner up, the viewing centre in Ikeja, Lagos, including Kemen whose nemesis she was, danced in joy. “They are taunting me?” she asked Ebuka, the anchor. No, sweetheart, they were making a far more serious statement about you. TBOSS is the main star who lost. I hope she was taken out of South Africa with a private jet or maybe a submarine! Beauty is not everything, baby.

TBOSS and the other girls kissed and got groped by the boys on live television putting their upbringing to shame. TBOSS, who claimed she didn’t need the money even exposed her breasts on live television more than once. I have seen better breasts TBOSS. I am not too sure those private jet owners will be excited by your fluffy, South-looking, slightly bigger than mangoes breasts. If the same men see bigger assets, I mean, those interesting Ojiakor-like ones that look like papayas, pineapples and watermelons, they will not send private jets, they will deploy submarines and fighter jets! 


Now, I know Tboss wasn't most people's favourite in the house. But this? Really? 

Anyhoo, how are y'all doing? It's been a minute...



  1. A minute abi, no problem!!!!
    KwantinuπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜¬πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜•

  2. I've always thought this Reuben Abati had sense but turns out I was wrong. This article didn't make any meaning to me. I was happy when Tboss left though but not because of the attitude but it was the double standards the show was obviously having towards the end.

  3. As a woman, I take offence to this filth. I couldn't even finish reading it.
    What I sha know is that our generation of women will owe it to our sons to raise men with better manners and morals.

  4. Ok, I stilled myself to finish it. Does this man have daughters? How do Nigerian men get away with talking like this? And on such an open platform too?!

  5. Look at me thinking these politicians can never shock me anymore......I was so wrong! J

  6. He didnt think it through.


  7. Tboss is slowly becoming the show''s real star....that's the only correct thing Mr Abati said in his article. The girl's name is on everybody's lips. She's the Kim kardashian of Nigeria. She should better take advantage of the popularity and make herself far more than the 25 million.

    Shame on Mr Abati!!! Not one single criticism towards Kemen the molester or TTT a married man frolicking with Bisola on the show.

    So it's all the woman's fault. Bisola flirted with herself and Tboss seduced Kemen into defiling her. What a n*****. Sadly, this is the mentality of majority of Nigerian men.


    1. Dude was outrightly appalling with that write up, no excuses but you had to drag majority of Nigerian men into it somehow.😒😒😒

    2. I agree with this 100%. I believe TBoss is smart. She should milk this publicity, negative or no, for all it's worth.

  8. I have spat out even word I have for this man since the article emerged. So let me save myself the stress and just be looking at my dear country.

  9. For a man that beats his wife not surprised. Shame on him

  10. Nigerian women what is the moral impact of BBN. Why all this noise about a soft porn program titled Big Brother. Tboss herself has been using her look and breast as asset to take advantage of men. That's why she was bold enough exposing them in live television. Mr. Abati is correct in her assessment, if you are not happy with it, then try and talk to Tboss, okay.


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