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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Saying "I Do" & Things...

It's been a very frenetic past few days and I wish I'd been able to take more pictures because these few do not even remotely capture the essence of the conference and how much work and effort was put into it. But, thankfully I managed to take a few. 

The above were taken on Friday, of me and my awesome team of decorators (@folashecrowneventsandmore) during set up. We worked late into the night as we wanted to be done before Saturday, seeing as the conference was to start at 8.45am. 

We kept the decor simple and light as opposed to lavish, because conferences tend to require a much more subtle and quiet theme. 

On Saturday we had loads of vendors (only able to take a few pics 😔) 

Someone gifted us with this cake. In fact the gifts we got were many. Someone also gave us 100 yummy red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. We got free books, free media coverage, cash gifts, food, small chops etc. May God bless and replenish all the givers. 

My registration team. MJ, Rozay and Blessing. OMG! During down time I had a great time with these ladies. Women, we can talk sha. Lord have mercy 😂😂. 

Mrs Charles O'tudoh and a guest. Her husband gave a fantastic talk. It's the first time I'm hearing him talk publicly and I was very impressed. 

Me with the Oludinmus, the brains behind this movement. And my ushers (in white). Guys! These ushers were amazing. They were very dedicated and served with so much joy. There's really nothing as beautiful as working with people who share your vision and are as passionate as you are. It's my dream (and testimony) to work with staff who are not just hardworking, but are also as passionate about my businesses as I am. Dedication is not something that can be bought or paid for, so I pray for it. 

Yours Truly, CEO Uzuri Events. Events Planner/Coordinator/Manager extrodinaire. Thank you Lord 😉☺️

In all, it was a very successful outing. My only regret is that I couldn't get very much out of it because work is at its peak during an event. I would hear the intermittent bursts of applause, laughter, screams, gasps of Ahhhhs and Awwwws, and excited shouts but I'd have no idea what was going on. I know people were very excitable when Charles O'tudoh was talking. And when Praise Fowowe had the floor, people; male and female, couldn't control their excitement. In fact the lectures were so damn real and revealing that a point most of the ushers and workers were like, please I need to be part of this, me too I want to learn and positioned themselves closer to the guests. 

As in, at a point even the vendors who paid for stands, left their stands and went to sit with the attendees. One who brought her daughter along to help, told her to go and join the conference, that she would manage alone. In her words, "Those of us who are married have already entered one chance so there is nothing we can do (not necessarily true), but you are still single and you have the opportunity to learn a lot from what these people are saying". 

When I knew that things had gotten real was when one of the security personnel I hired came and took permission from me to call one of his boys to come and take his place, he explained that he really needed to join the conference. I gave him a big nod. Before then I'd noticed that the conference had held him in rapt attention and he was struggling to divide his attention between work and the lectures. 

There was a booth for private counselling and you should see the way people struggled for this counsel session. It was akin to getting a visa at the American embassy. So many marriages are in serious need of healing. 😰

Oh, have I told you that some blog readers attended? All these silent blog readers, wehdone you hear? I met about four blog readers and each of them began by saying "Are you Thelma? I'm a big fan of your blog, I have been reading it for 3 years now but I've never commented". LOL. 

I love you all the same!

I came back home extremely exhausted and had to take painkillers before I could sleep. I wish I could just stay in bed today and be pampered, but Chidoz beckons. I've got two clubs hosting their meeting there today and you know what that means, it's about to be another hectic day. But I'm freaking grateful! One year ago I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life or if it was going anywhere.

But after months (or maybe even years) of confusion, occasional tears, "trials and errors" and most especially; persistent prayers, I'm finally somewhere that's pretty close to the light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be how I'd imagined it, but its obvious that I'm finally getting to where I need to be and I loveeeeeeeet! 💃💃💃.

For this, I'm grateful. I pray that everyone who's presently in that blurry place receives the direction, guidance and grace required to move to the next dimension of their life. 


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  1. Amen. Thelma thanks for this. And congratulations on the success of the event . And a happy belated birthday Lohla.

  2. Amen o! I really need direction in my career right now. God help me.

    1. Everything is going to be alright, or even better. Amen.

  3. This shows that your efforts were not in vain. Well done on the success of this one, wishing you greater successes in future events to come.
    By the way, someone is loosing weight o. yeah it's been a longtime I saw a full picture if you.

    1. Ha! Cindy I wish o! I'm even confused by this picture 😂. But it's ok, I'm getting there. LOL

  4. Wonderful speakers!!!, had a great time.

  5. congrats Thelma. I wish I attended. but nursing my baby who has kept me indoors for several weeks.

    ChidOz will have greater successes.I pray

    1. Honestly when I saw "nursing my baby" I thought you meant breastfeeding and I started to wonder when you were pregnant. LOL.

      I'm wishing the little one speediest recovery. She's completely healed by God's grace. Amen.

    2. Quick and complete recovery for your baby Clare.

  6. so I typed long comment and it disappeared..One of the reasons I don't comment and the major one being that I'm Lazy.
    I'm one of those that met you at the conference..Thanks for inviting me..nd to think I have been following ur blog for about four years now.
    You did a great job with the event and I pray like you, sometimes soon I'd find clarity in purpose nd career..salute to chief commenters like Kon, Memphis, Chrisyinks, Clare Henshaw among guys rock, I even feel like I know you already..when I grow up I want to be like you..btw where is Alfarsi..times when dear Thelma ain't posting, I come back to go through the comments.
    keep up the good work Tee nd pls invite us for more conferences..Ciao

    1. Special salutations to you too Ife, and I'm thrilled you consider me as a "special commenter". Lol. Please don't be lazy expressing yourself, we need more special commenters here.

      By the way Tee, just keep rising. It really warms my heart to see you doing great. Plenty raw grease on your elbows NNE.

    2. My high regards for you ifeoluwa. I believe Memphis has said it all.....we really welcome your comments and views. It gives life to the blog.

      Congratulations Thelma! Wishing you many more successes.

  7. Wow...This is really great, you are really pretty and hardworking. May God continue to lift you high.

  8. Congrats Thelma, it can only get better. God be with you always

  9. Reading this made me so happy. Congratulations Thelma, it's going to get better and better..

  10. Great! Well done Thelma. Ji sie ike.


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