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Saturday, 1 April 2017

She's a Beast In Bed. (Tigernut Juice Thingz)

She swears it's the reason he's hooked on her. 

She swears it's the reason he has eyes for only her. 

This makes her giggle like she's drunk, because she says he used to be a dog but her juice has turned him into a loyal doe-eyed lamb. 

She swears it's partly the reason he proposed. She says otherwise he for dey take her dey play, but now he cannot afford to lose her. The thought of another man eating from her pot is too much for him to bear. 

She says she used to be pretty ordinary in the sack, just average. She was rarely ever in the mood for sex and it always took a lot of work to get her body in the mood, you know, that mood. Mood enough to get the juices flowing. But now (in her words) she just dey drip like tap *covers face*. 

She swears she owes it all to Kayanmata. 

Actually it's not really Kayanmata as some people call it, it's simply tigernut juice. 

I'm sure many of you have heard about it and me, I'm curious af!

I've read so many testimonies on some women's-only facebook groups I'm on and many women are swearing by it. Even frigid women say it makes them sooooo horny that they cannot keep their legs closed. 

Many say their husbands even testified when they made loved to them after they drank it. 

Tigernut juice is simply a mixture of tigernuts (ofio), dates and coconut. I hear you soak the tigernuts and dates overnight. The next day you blend it all together, sieve, refrigerate, drink and get ready for some mindblowing sex sessions. 

Please can anyone here confirm this?

I wanted to buy dates a few weeks ago, for my eating pleasure o! And the trader, thinking I wanted it for some sess offered me this pack of tea. He said this is kayanmata, that yes, the tigernut juice is good when a woman is going to "meet" her man, but that this tea... "Ah! Madam if you drink am Oga go open shop for you. In fact e get one of my customer for Chevron, she say her oga buy am new car because of this tea. We get the one wey we dey bring from Kano, the one wey we dey bring from Dubai and India dey too, but I no get that one now. Madam if you drink am you no go forget me lai lai". 



Sensing my liverlessness he urged me to buy the tigernuts, dates and coconut, saying that that one sef go still sweet oga. 

Well... Who else has tried this tigernuts thingy? Some of the ladies said it wasn't just them, that it made their men frisky too. 

Issorai. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Has even one heard of or tried this? 

What's your take?



  1. Thelma this post is stale na. I can testify to tigernut. It works very well. Sometimes if I drink it I feel the effect for days. And le boo even notices the difference when I drink it.

    1. I make and drink this thing, I haven't noticed anything special it does to me.
      A Girl

  2. Now this is interesting.....
    First time I am hearing this.


  3. Thelma confess you know it, you drink it well. Na we we *wink*.

  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ one small bottle of the tiger nut juice is 300 in my officeπŸ˜‚
    My Oga swears by it. And some guys. I drink it sometimes and it doesn't make me feel anyhow or different.
    Maybe I should drink it consistently this week. πŸ˜‚ And see if I feel different.😁

    1. Make it yourself and you will know the difference. Most times they don't make it well when it's for sale, I think they add milk and sugar. It works for me but its quite stressful for me to make so I don't make it often, but it works sha lol.

  5. Hello Thelma. Read about the drink on Facebook as well. Many women confirmed that it works o.
    In other news,fnlp how now? Still hoping or you already hired someone else? April's gonna be great to us all.

  6. I'll try it soon. Thanks and I'm hopeful

  7. I'm going to assume this is a female-only post...

    I'm out

    1. I am also going to assume its not for the singles!!!

      However, I have archived the knowledge and will retrieve it at the right time...

  8. Kunu Aya as it is called by the northerners is just an aphrodisiac. We all know how these things works right? whilst some do not move an inche after overdosing on kunu Aya, on the other end some are as horny/driping wet as hell. Our human body react differently.

    I can confidently tell you that 80% of kayanmata is laced with special effects. They all do not come ordinary hence the triple effect on men.

    Abeg let me leave matter, the vain and eye opening things I see and hear in this town eeeh. God help us.

    Personally I find kunu Aya too sweet for my taste bud, the only reason I don't take it. I make mine when I have female friends over and Yes they testify. However some of us have natural juice.

  9. Coincidentally I took tiger nuts yesterday and I didn't notice anything o.
    I happened to be with a group of people a few weeks back and this was the subject of discussion.
    They were discussing the natural aphrodisiacs that the northerners use to get down.
    Apparently the tiger nut works wonders, I also found out that the stick you see these Hausa men chewing is actually not chewing stick (yes you read right). The stick is one of the things that supposedly makes it possible for them to get down with their many wives and concubines. There's also a kind of leaf which the men chew that also works wonders (according to the gist the leaf is badddd)
    As for the women, there's this stuff that they sit on that helps tighten the umm and makes the umm sweeter.
    Ofcourse i was looking like a mumu when the gist was going on cos i don't know shit. Apparently this our northern people wey dey cover know pass you. lol

  10. Hmm I'm going to try this. Thelma I'm mailing you now for the recipe

  11. Omo! When my colleague was getting married in December, the things I heard about this thing ehn.. But they said you had to mix the three(tiger nuts, dates and coconut milk) to get the "dripping" effect.. My colleague was going to take it on the wedding day so the night can be "extraordinary"

  12. I drink kunu aya every day and I feel nothing.

    Some people swear by it though. Different strokes.

    Ruby Diamond.

  13. Nice oh. I pray it works for me. God give me grace to blend this 3. Amen

  14. How come am just hearing this now, mehn come this weekend am making this drink....I shall testify if it works.

  15. How do I order online? I'm not in Nigeria.

  16. Damn! I have never heard of these things.

    *Picking phone to call wife*


  17. It has NO effect on women, people just believing what they set their mind to believe

  18. In other news, while y'all were busy raving about the efficacy or otherwise of kunu aya O was busy drooling over the legs on the girl in the photo. Serious timber and calibre goals.

  19. That's just the beginning and after sometime, she will graduate from a lovely wife to a "Sugar Mummy". Look at Nigeria today, if you're a young guy, well endowed with 9 inches, guaranteed you will never lack again, because of the growing number of sugar mummies all over Lagos and most Nigerian cities.


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