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Saturday, 1 April 2017

So Glad It's "Marched" Away... Hello April!

Damn! Guys, please tell me that a new month is really a new start. Kai, I had the weirdest month ever. Jesus.

March, my birth month. 


Where do I ever begin? That month was the weirdest month ever. I cried enough tears to last the whole of 2017. 

It had its good parts, but mostly, it was just a very confusing, weird, torturous month for me. 

Last night I was chatting with one of my favourite bloggers who blogs anonymously and weighing the pros and cons of blogging anonymously vs with your identity. I told her one of the reasons I regret having my identity in the open is that it doesn't afford me the freedom to blog about what I want anymore. 

For instance, if none of you could put a face to the name I would gladly tell you in details how March was for me. But for now, let's just say it's a month I want to never come back. 

I think if I were to let you in I'd say, among other things, I kinda, sorta got proposed to in March... And then the proposal kinda, sorta, was retracted. 


So I've cried and I've thought and I've reflected...

I also got to the really confusing place where I couldn't exactly figure out if I wanted the proposal simply because, well, 32. Or because I love and genuinely want to spend the rest of my life with this someone. 

Anyways, eventually I didn't have to think too hard about it. 

But on a brighter note, Hello April! 

I can see many of you people have marched away. I don't blame y'all at all o! I slacked big time. Dealing with the demands of business and a weird month, I couldn't do much on Thelma Thinks (thanks to everyone who contributed in March, #FranklySpeaking especially), so I don't blame you guys at all.  But biko, March your asses back. Kilode!? You should know by now that I cannot do without you I need youuuuuuuuuu. 😭😭😭

And on that note, I pray that the month of April will be kinder to me and everyone else who had a rough March. 


Above all, I'm so thankful to God for the beautiful gift of life, good health, a loving family, my best friend; *Bishop and great blog readers. I'm very grateful for making it through the first three months. 

Let's talk about your March. Should it march away or march right back???



  1. Yaaay it is my birthday month o
    I am super excited

    24th loading 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. May you have the good things of life overshadow the challenges you might face, Thelma da bebe.

  3. Awww... Bear hugs darling... Happens to the best of us
    I started ma exams on the 6th of March and it also ended the same month... And for the first tym ever, since I entered this school, I can't categorically explain or understand how the exams went... I'm scared!!! And the worst part, its ma final year exams... I need a miracle in ma life cause I can't afford to have an extra year... God forbid

  4. March was just there, welcome April

  5. Life is about memories (both the good and the bad).

    Wasn't it in March I got to meet fellow amazing blog visitors? Or was that January or February? Oh well...

  6. From February till end of march has been eye opening. In all I give thanks


  7. Oh March! I just realised it has actually come to an end. Nawa O! I just hope i'm not missing out on my own life O!
    This month will definitely be a better one for you Thelma.

  8. It is well Thelma.. *hugs and kisses*😘😅
    Last month was.... my parents were ill at the same time... so many people were let go at the office... 2 of my guys were Amongst them... work pressure.... soo many things left undone... I was just overwhelmed. March away please!!!!

  9. March was march
    hoping April will be better.

    Thelma it may tarry but good things will locate you soon.

  10. Thelma, please decide before the next proposal, forget about the age biko, and focus on the meat. It is well.

    March was great, April is going to be all work and fun somehow.

  11. Darling Tee, everything is God given just like the air you breath, your God given partner will show up someday and even you will be amazed. You will have a happy marriage someday and you both will love each other the way it's described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.... Of course i will show up in my gele and beautiful make up.

  12. Hugs hugs Thelma. What will be will be. If it didn't work out, then it wasn't for you.
    I'm hoping April brings many blessings for us all. Amen.


  13. I know it's hard to believe right now but you will be fine. Whichever way life goes for you, accept with faith that it had already been destined to be so by God. Don't beat yourself up, be the best at what you do now. Be happy now. that's all that matters.

  14. We are still alive for a reason, that's the hope we have and we work for that reason to be good. I wish you a much better April T.
    I had a rough month and travelled much more than I have my entire life, but the belief and vivid conviction about a better april that I have is a constant source of contentment to me.
    Happy New Month everyone

  15. Awww, it is well. LINES wud fall for us in pleasant places. Amen

  16. Birthday month. You gon be aight T.
    A Girl.

  17. So uncle proposed? This is supposed to make me happy but I am not. Maybe because I sensed all is or was not well at some point.

    Everything good will come Tee.

  18. March,please don't March away. March was filled with great experiences and happy times too. For April, it already started on a good not and I hope it's goodnews all the way.
    God has a plan tee. I want you to know that nothing just happens, there's a plan behind whatever that is going on now.


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