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Monday, 29 May 2017

Get Me An Adulter Adult!

That's what I need; an adulter adult, because I'm not sure about this grown up lifestyle, it's WORK!

I knew I had to pull my head up from under the sand when suddenly today I started getting calls and mails from the blog, as if y'all held a meeting last night. Up until now I hadn't heard from anyone and I was like, it's just as well, after all they aren't finding me. LOL. 

Yes, I've been fine, thank God. But things can get crazy, especially when you're trying to make it on your own as a single woman with dreams as big as Texas!

Big dreams don't come cheap, as I'm coming to realize. 

Last week and most of the weekend I was at this class at The Oriental Hotel and my tutor/mentor is insane! Most days we're there from 9am till 10pm, with just two hours break in between. During the break my class bff would have to go for school runs in Ikoyi and drop her kids back home at Banana Island. By the time we get back to VI there's barely enough time to even eat an apple (yet I stay getting fat 😒). 

Well, now most of it is over but just when I thought I could catch my breath on Sunday, I remembered that I'd agreed to be part of a mentorship program and I'm meant to give a talk to some teenagers, accompanied with a power point presentation. I was frazzled honestly. Especially because I'm terrified of teenagers! And don't get me started on their short attention span; the most horrifying part about talking to them. I just keep imagining hundred pairs of eyes glazed over with boredom, wishing me a thousand deaths. 

This is at Ikoyi around noon, I have a meeting with my mentor at 5 in Ikeja and my mother demands my presence tomorrow evening. 

I don't mind at all. I just need all this "busyness" to reflect in my bank accounts dasall. ☺️$☺️$☺️

It's all well and good. In all of this I've been given an assignment to read The Richest Man in Babylon and Secret of The Millionaire Mind and be done by Saturday with notes and lessons, yet he said to me "Study each word, chew them and reflect. Don't read it like you're reading a Bible". Yeah, KMT!

So, you see. I missed this blog, but I asked myself if I come here now and say "Guys, I need 1M naira by tomorrow, here's my account number..." would I get it? Probably not. I therefore decided to invest more time in ventures that are certain to bring those millions in. 

As time goes on I may need some volunteer workers to help me at events (and/or other jobs). Thereare no definite dates right now as I have enough hands at the moment, but if you're interested send me an email simply titled I Volunteer. I will take down your numbers against when I need them. 

Also please if you do popcorn and/or cotton candy for children's parties please give me a call ASAP (08173600406). Thank you. 

I truly apologize if I'm all over the place, my thoughts aren't getting in formation with me right now. Honestly, I've missed this blog, but for an instagram addict like me to be off IG for weeks, or not even remember that Bella Naija exists, nor know that Dbanj had a baby (which I just learnt of) or anything else for that matter, it shows the extent to which I've been out of the loop. No vex, we need to make this money. LOL. 

What have I missed? What is new with you? Talk to me please, I'm all ears. 

Ps. Pls pardon typos, if any. I've proofread but I feel like there are a bunch of typos in there. Lol


  1. Welcome back Thelma! Chrisyinks

  2. What have you missed?

    Not much. Kon is still the same 'Ol G.
    We really have to make that money. Thelma, what can we collaborate on? Im a creative thinker, but Im lazy. Thats the problem. And I procrastinate.


  3. While you were away, I started on this morning diet of parsely, celery, pineapple and cucumber! Next best thing after bread and butter.
    So we cannot fit drop 1 million Naira by tomorrow or this evening sef? We fit oh as long as it is not money to slay or pepper dem gang.
    Keep working t=at it jare, God bless your hustle.

    1. "I started on this morning diet of parsely, celery, pineapple and cucumber!" Mama Kabuoy's family, una doh o, vegetable chopping people. I can't even stand the smell of that celery..

  4. Even this writeup has busy written all over it. The money will surely come, if not today then tomorrow

    1. Amen to that. Big money in hard currency. Thank God Thelma is my friend she will dash me 10percent .

  5. Thelma you don't know how much I am looking up to you. Keep doing what you do best some of us are following hour footsteps. As a serial entrepreneur that you is... .biko continue.

    Can't wait to tell you about my journey. For now though I have to keep pushing it.



  6. You were at oriental and you didn't shalaat to your girl! You know we run the building 😉😁
    What I mean is I work in oriental 😁
    Next time please hola at your girl

  7. I'm expecting my millions to start rolling in as soon as possible.


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