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Monday, 1 May 2017

Hello May! May We Meet Up Once a Month?

Heyyyy hunnays!

Happy new month. I hope April was good to you. I liked April, I really liked it, not quite sure why but, it was a cheerful-pleasant-happy month. 

So welcome to the month of May people! God has already gone ahead of us to put things in place for us. I believe that pleasant surprises await me in this beautiful month of May and it will end in loud shouts of praise. Amen. 

I've been meaning to ask you guys if you'd be interested in a monthly meet-up? I love that some good friendships have been formed on this blog and I want even more of that. I'd like us to meet up monthly, network, share ideas, share issues, have a laugh, talk, discuss, eat, drink, and just relax. 

I have a vision for these meets and some ideas, but nothing that's been finalized yet. I'm sure of a few things however. For instance, at some of our meetings/hangouts there'd be table topics, games, topical conversations, Q&A sessions. No set rules really, just basically to connect and have a fun and relaxing time. 

We can also plan to do things to help the community once in a while. Sometime last year, blog reader Sunshine and some friends of hers hired a bus, hired a cook in Unilag to cook and package food and drove to a couple of places in Lagos to feed the less privileged. I really want us to do things like this. We can plan such projects and do our own to touch lives and create impact. 

Once in a while we'd also have persons come talk with us, either from the blog or outside. We'd discuss business, relationships, entrepreneurship and such other topics that could help improve our lives. 

We can attend some shows and conferences together, especially the free ones. Or even plan random hook-ups or dates among ourselves. After all, one of the ideas is to foster relationships so anyone can make their own plans to do things together. 

There's really no limit to what we can do, I'm just particular about creating and building relationships. By relationships I mean business relationships, romantic relationships (I don't mean sexual though, I'm more interested in lasting and meaningful ones, but we're all adults so...) and friendships. I would also like all of us to have that one place that we can come to and be ourselves and go back feeling replenished; and a support system for those who need one.

These meetings will hold either on Saturdays or Sundays. Sometimes it might hold at my parents house in Surulere, sometimes it may hold at my house in Lekki, sometimes a blog reader may decide to host us either at home or wherever they choose, we could all just meet up somewhere, we could visit some places together, and at some point, maybe travel together to interesting locations. 

For the meetings held in people's homes/compounds especially, it'll be nice if as many of us as possible bring something along; cake, food, small chops, drinks etc, or sometimes we could just contribute some money and buy the refreshments. If we're hanging out somewhere then no need for food or contributions, everyone can pay their own way. Bear in mind that whether you bring anything or make any contributions at these meetings, you can still be a part of it. We'll all be alright. 

But first I need to know how many of us would like to be a part of this. I believe that with time the numbers will grow, but I'd still like us to start up with a good number. I also need male blog readers to be a part of this. Uyi left a few months ago for New York, for us to deal with the president that he so passionately voted into power 😝 and so far it's only Kon that shows up. While I absolutely love it when Kon shows up, we'll all agree that it would be nice to have a more balanced outing. 

You can bring friends along.

And your ideas are always very welcome. 

So who's game? 😉


  1. Happy new month Y'all...As for the meet up🙄🙄🙄🙄..You guys have fun..TNHW

  2. 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  3. yippee...happy new month peeps, May the month of May yield her increase to us..nice concept Thelma...I'm totally in nd I anticipate

  4. 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
    Happy new month people.

  5. When she's planned it all.....Nice suggestion Thelma!

    I'm absolutely in support. Perhaps each meeting should have its theme so everything and anything pertaining to the theme can be exhausted in a light atmosphere as compared to other formal hangouts.

    Also, perhaps the frequency should be bi-monthly or once every quarter. This should make it less stress for attendees and organizers, create enough time for tweaking events, and make it a prized meeting since it doesn't occur frequently.

    Oya, Memphis, Mr. Wale, Adeola, Alfarsi, Kene Francis, Frankly Speaking (who I reckon is a guy), husbands of our married female blog readers and boos of our attached female blog readers etc.....where art thou? Chrisyinks

    1. Thanks a lot for the great ideas, as usual. But I want to clarify that it's not a club o! There is no "taking attendance", and you may come once and not show up for the next few months. I know I wouldn't always be there either. As per stress, even though I envisage something very informal and fun, I do see your point. So yeah, maybe every other month for starters. .

  6. 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋. I'm game

  7. Nigeria will be great again... I believe it!

    This is a good one... I've always wanted to do something myself but money.
    I wish I could be a part of this movement

  8. I'm definitely in. Y'all come and vote o.

  9. Happy New month BVs... Maybelline

  10. I'm in... Yippee..

  11. I support the motion, will be fun to attend if life struggles allow me and I can press pause while passing through Lagos.

    All the best, it is still a great year!

    1. *comment agreed upon word for word and signed by me*

  12. Yaay! Am so game!

  13. Abuja pple abeg we shall meet up oh!

  14. Am so in... Thanks Thelma for replying my mail... Ireti

  15. It's a good idea Tee but some of us don't reside in Lagos.
    Anyway I have a request, I hope to make it to this year's NBA scheduled to hold in August. it would be nice if the Hangout for August be slated during the NBA week so that I can join too.

  16. Sounds good at least some of us that dont go anywhere will have places to go.


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