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Saturday, 20 May 2017

I'd Rather Have a Wedding...

Hey guys! This morning when the rain started my first instinct was panic. Yeah, if you're in south-western Nigeria the rains would always be welcome because our weather most times feels like punishment for a grievous offense and PHCN tends to act like a scorned lover. 

So once the clouds start to turn gray there's always this air of joy and relief... Well unless it's a week day morning and you take public transport to work...

This morning however I started to panic, like, Yekpa people are getting married today!. Never mind that I'm not one of "people" nor do I have any wedding ceremony to attend.

I just think it's one of those things I'm most afraid of; heavy rain on my wedding day. 

Trust Nigerians, we'd console ourselves by saying it's "showers of blessings" but errrr, nope!


Speaking of weddings, I'm sure you've seen the tweet above by now. 

I've thought long and hard about it, would I like this or would I resent this? I honestly don't know o! I mean, it kinda makes a lot more sense, but still....

What about you, which would you prefer, the wedding or just a marriage blessing during a general church service and then a much needed gift (car, vacation, apartment etc) with the wedding money?



  1. Huh? No réception? Not even small chops for the guests (assuming there were guests)?

    Na,if I'm his friend(s),i will NEVER EVER invite him and his wife to my own function since we all wanna be wise, frugal and petty...

  2. Wow... I like the car idea o. But I'll beg him to have a party for fifty people... With mY money sef.
    As long as I get the car.

  3. I like the idea as well. We just give ourselves serious high BP over these things.

  4. Lmao@Sasha.

    This is a hard to answer.


  5. Forget the service, *Item 7* is the main thing that attracts the well-wishers and the "well-wishers". This idea is cool only if the invitees are very close family & friends.

  6. If this act from an 11 year old doesn’t teach you forgiveness, I doubt if anything else will…

    It reads:
    “My daughter has not seen her biological dad since she was four. She’s 11 now. When she was two he contacted me and asked if I would allow him to terminate his parental rights so he could stop paying child support and I agreed.. I wanted to spare her the heartache of a revolving door father and the sacrifice of the financial support was well worth him never being able to disappoint her again.

    I never lied to her about where he went or who her dad was.. I have always answered her questions in the most age appropriate way possible.

    When she was four he contacted me and told me he has been diagnosed with cancer and would like to see her. I set aside a day and we met in the park. He had asked for two hours. He stayed 20 minutes and we never heard from him again..

    Over the summer we ran into somebody that knows him and they commented on how she looks like his other children. They elaborated that he has settled down and has a family now. My stomach tied itself in knots thinking of how hurtful that must be to my daughter..

    I cut the conversation short and we got in the car to leave and that’s when I saw her smiling. She said:


  7. I'd rather have the money a car is a depreciating asset. Outside of the preacher joining a couple who really needs to be there? I am a firm believer in small me the carnivals are pointless. I pulled off a 60 guest ceremony and I wanted it to be even smaller.

  8. I doubt if it will ever be my idea. My wedding party that I have been dreaming since tipetipe

  9. First off I'm not into crowds plus I have secretly wished for a small wedding just closest family and friends which I have very few of. So yeah I don't mind the church wedding and a Car as long as our families give their blessings.

  10. Haaaa,nobody will come to my wedding, why now? Car and wedding Abeg.

  11. ermmm.....a general church service(maybe just court sef) and then a much needed gift (car, vacation, apartment etc) with the wedding money



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