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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MUST READ: My Daughter with Cerebral Palsy Was Battered by the Therapist I Trusted

Cerebral Palsy is a parent’s worst nightmare. I had my period of living in denial; wishing the problem would go away, like it was all a dream, but the reality stared me in the face.

My husband and I decided to face the challenge before us squarely.

We engaged different specialist; Neurologist, Paediatrician, Physiotherapist, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, Special Needs Care Givers. At one point we were scouting for a very good physiotherapist.

A parent of a special needs child recommended a young lady to me. I mentioned her name to one of my daughter’s therapist who confirmed that the lady was very good at her job. However, she also confirmed that the lady could be arrogant. I spoke with another therapist on the field who also confirmed that the recommended Physiotherapist was good at what she does but she could be rude.

Well, at that point of my life, I didn’t mind if she was going to be rude to me or arrogant as far as she was as good as everyone had said, I was fine with that. All I wanted was to see was my child’s improvement, I could take any sh*t in between.

She came on board as my daughter’s physiotherapist. She was very professional and dedicated, but she didn’t come cheap. She didn’t come cheap at all.
My daughter attended a mainstream school that allowed her to use the sickbay as her pullout room for her physiotherapy session.

In June 2016, my daughter’s school proprietress requested that my husband and I should make out time to see her. When we eventually did a week later, she told us that the physiotherapist had manhandled our daughter and she was going to show us a CCTV recording to prove it.

At the back of my mind I felt the woman was exaggerating because therapy could be demanding at times. My child may cry, if she didn’t like the exercise or if the exercise was tasking.
However, when I watched the video, I was shocked beyond words that someone I trusted with my daughter could treat her worse than an animal. I believe that even an animal shouldn’t be treated that way.

I mean, she came highly recommended; she is a Masters degree holder. She is not an illiterate.
Apparently she didn’t remember that there was a CCTV in the room or she felt nobody would be checking the TV at that particular time.

It was heartbreaking to see my daughter treated by a health worker in such barbaric act.
I watched my daughter as she fell down several times hitting her head on the tiles. There were times she hit her head on the edge of the wooden bed before falling to the ground.

Her Physiotherapist slapped her three times; the third time with her cell phone. She left her head hanging upside for 5 minutes. She twisted my daughter’s hands several times; at a point she sat on her hands, at another point she tied her hands behind her head. I watched as my daughter fell from her chair while her neck was stuck in between the space at the vertical back rest and the flat wood used for sitting down. I watched on as this lady typed on her phone 90% of the time only taking some time off to torture my daughter. Did I mention that she took out time to take her selfie? Up to five times.

After we watched the recording, my husband could not control his tears. My heart bled.
My daughter’s Neurologist said we cannot ascertain the level of damage to her brain because we did not bring her immediately it happened. He said an MRI would have been done to ascertain any damage.
I got her arrested.
She said she was sorry
She claimed depression and ill health
I didn’t believe her then, I don’t believe her now.

I had to make a decision, to leave my daughter in the hands of her nannies at home (which maybe another source of abuse) and follow through to ensure the physiotherapist was duly punished. (Bearing in mind the justice system in Nigeria) or drop the charges lodged at the police station and allow Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board at Yaba to handle the matter.

I dropped the police charges. I decided to stay with my traumatized daughter.
I handed the Physiotherapist over to the Registrar at Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board at Yaba.

Her punishment:
• Three months withdrawal of her practicing license.
• Three months work in a general hospital under supervision without pay
• She was to undergo a psychiatric test
Like seriously? Are you kidding me?
She had been practicing for a year without renewing her license and all you could do was to withdraw her license officially for a mere three months?

She went back to the Registrar at Medical Rehabilitation Therapists to ask for permission to travel to USA to get treatment.

I called to check on the case, and I was told she had travelled for treatment
I was told not to worry as she cannot practice anywhere else in the world without a letter from the board.
Some months later, I was told by a reliable source that she was not taking any major treatments but attending a masters programme in US.

So she got away with child abuse, assault, battery, in fact attempted murder.
This is only possible in Nigeria right?

I went back to Medical Rehabilitation Center, I was shocked to find out that the case had gone cold.
What stops her from coming back into the country and working with other children?
How many Nigerians ask for practicing license before employing a professional?

I strongly believe that the least the board should have done was to declare her unfit to work with children.
In respect to my daughter, the signs were there: She had been withdrawn for a while in fact she had stop smiling, interacting with anybody in the house or attempting to answer questions in school. I kept asking the care giver that followed her to school about the sudden change. The caregiver said she had no idea. I came up with my own theory and I brushed it aside.

How would I have known that a health worker, someone I trusted with my child could be so cruel? The Physiotherapist had been with us for over two years. I can only imagine….

Well, I pulled my daughter out of school and started her own mini school at home. I let go of my current caregivers for good reasons and got new ones. With care and love, she added weight, came out of her shell and got better. Right now she attends a school three times a week and we are making progress.

Child abuse is real…from the people you least expect. Protect your children.

Watch the CCTV footage here:


I'm am enraged. Please watch this video if you can. Mrs Bukola why haven't you written the full names of this supposed doctor and all the information you have about her? She deserves to be brought to book, this right here is both a civil and criminal offense. Why do we take things so lightly? I know that I can never feel even one-tenth of the mother's pain but I'm pained. I'm pained because this spawn of satan has been allowed to run off to the U.S. to start a new life as though nothing happened whatsoever. People would see her and think that she is a human being. People will entrust the lives of their children in her hands and only God knows what would happen. It doesn't matter that she is in the US or Jupiter. It is unlikely that she changed her name. Please this should not simply be used as a warning to mothers. This is cold hard evidence and this woman ought to be locked up.  



  1. Sadly, she will be married to an innocent man that doesn't know about her sick mind! And the cycle continues..

    A woman without empathy is as dangerous as Lucifer!

  2. Evil! How? Why? Why are people so evil?


  3. How can you be a care giver and do this? To a helpless child?! Like you were forced to offer your services or what?! How do people like this sleep at night really? And the person too in charge of the CCTV allowed it to go on for sooooooo long, why? My heart broke while watching this. I really hope that child is okay. May God judge that heartless woman.

  4. Couldn't continue after she sat on the girl's hands. If I were the husband, I'll have arrange to have her beaten. You can't treat even an animal like that

  5. Noooooooooooooooooooo, This lady here is evil, she needs to be brought to book.
    This lady will do this again and again, cos that's who she is.
    Im so hurt. so pained. This woman deserves total expulsion from practice.


  6. Hi please tell the parents of the child to release her name on social media and follow it up from there. Shebi she is in the USA? Find out the state and forward the video to whatever organization handles their licensing .

  7. licence should've been revoked and an actual prosecution by the court but what do we hav? It's sad

  8. This lady is obviously not a human.I just don't want to believe she's human.

  9. A petition is currently being signed for the US embassy to rescind her Mandela fellowship award and visa.

    1. Fantastic! Please where can we sign?

    2. Great pls i want to sign....

      please send tye link. We should never enable people like this at all. Evil. haba. ans she was paid o. Big money.
      Haba.....what's her name . We need to know.

    3. See link below:


    5. Please post a link to the petition here so I and anyone else interested can sign. Providing her name would also go a long way in bringing her to book. The world is quite small now, thanks to technology and the Internet. With the right information, even the bowels of Hades isn't a good enough hiding place.


  10. Oh God! This woman is wicked ! To think that she will then collect a monthly salary after abusing this child .I'm speechless

  11. Couldn't watch the video but with what was described up there, I can't even begin to imagine what the girl must have gone through. As if having cereal palsy isn't enough.

    No way!



  13. Link below (Hope it'll be active)




  17. Inhuman is the word, can you imagine?? I would have returned the slaps she gave my daughter first before anything. Biko this case shouldn't go to sleep like this, she needs to be brought to book. Maybel

    Please sign the petition here



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