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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

@NaijaSingleGirl Goes To Zanzibar And Its The Best Thing Ever!

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Ok, just in case you didn't know, Naija Single Girl is a Nigerian blogger who blogs at (@naijasinglegirl) and she's one of my favourites. She's anonymous and I don't know who she is although we chat occasionally. She's one of those people I've never met but I just like naturally, and root for. Especially because I think she's a very talented lady, has been blogging for some years and I felt it's about time great things started to happen for her. So you can imagine how I went into a frenzy when I saw the post below on Sunday 💃💃


"So I received an email from ‘a silent reader’ saying he’ll like to sponsor my first vacation outside the country now that I have a passport. I was in shock, but I never believed because people often mail to promise one or two things then go incommunicado. He asked that I pick a date & we agreed on a destination.

Two, three mails later, I sent my passport details & next thing that followed was a ticket confirmation for a 5-day stay in Zanzibar in my mailbox.

My head was spinning. My chest was heavy & I was literally gasping for breath. I called my friend, S, and screamed. I said this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I got my Bsc.

My brain which is used to processing information like “To save cost in a journey from Oshodi to IMAX in Lekki, should you take 2 danfos & one okada at Lekki Phase 1 Gate or 2 danfos and an uber at Lekki Phase 1 Gate “

was now struggling to process,

“Since your ticket says there’s a 12 hour stopover at Addis Ababa, does this mean you can brag about visiting Tanzania and Ethiopia when you return, after all you have never been to Ogun State but you tell people you have because your night vehicle to Lagos once had a 5 hour stopover at Sagamu”

The information was too much for my brain and I. 😭

One minute you are picking beans at home for Sunday breakfast and the next minute your digestive system is getting ready to process Zanzibar’s jollof rice. I went to wash my face with cold water.

 I was still unable to calm down. I called my sister and cried “YOUR SISTER IS TRAVELLING ABROAD OHHHH!”. Then she started asking, “How manage? Have you blown? Who got it for you? What did you do? What for?” She does not know I am behind naijasinglegirl so I promised to call back to explain when I have a better lie. Lol.

So ladies and gentlemen, #NSGTakesZanzibar on the 15th of June.


Me on the 16th of June in Zanzibar

To Mr Gbenga, I lack the words to say thank you. He wouldn’t even let me have his phone number to stammer thank you. Maybe he is Angel Gabriel. 😀

He said I can call when I return and I can’t wait to say thank you in my Zanzibar accent.

Y’all have not heard the last of this trip. I Will Not Keep Calm."

LOL. Awesome stuff right? And don't you like how she writes, she's funny without even trying. I just wish... 😭

In any case, I'd like us to draw inspiration from this. Not just bloggers but anyone who feels demotivated and tired. You may be in your corner, doing your thing, working hard and putting in your best effort. You may be starting to feel like you're wasting your time, like no one even notices or cares. You may be wondering why people are getting big breaks and recognition and you continue to go unnoticed. You know what, remain focused, dedicated and just keep putting in your best. Continue to stay positive too. Good things are bound to happen!

And do check out her blog. She's really good. 😉


  1. Why can't one Good Samaritan send me on a trip like this ehn, I've been wanting to go to Zanzibar since I read about Ms Pynk's wedding.

    Anywaiz, amma save up and go.. Kabuoy, maybe this would be our second vacation.

    Good for NSG tho, I've heard really good things about her.

  2. Good stuff! She should enjoy!

  3. Enjoy it girl!
    A Girl

  4. The push from NSG came at a perfect time for me where I feel like I should give up fashion blogging, in a corner where it feels I'm wasting my time and my support team ain't helping at all, but NSG gave me a hope and light at the end of the tunnel. It made me realize that diligence, hardwork and consistency pays a lot. NSG is good no doubt and I'm going to keep at it as well knowing that one day I will get my pay off.

    1. Amen, very soon, it'd pay off.

      Also a big fan of NSG....although I haven't been frequenting the blog in recent times. Her approach to comedy is just divine. Glad her effort is yielding unexpected fruits. Chrisyinks

  5. I love NSG so much, and I'm happy for her. Just sitting here pretty and waiting for my own "Mr Gbenga" hahabaha.

    NSG is very talented. She makes one laugh with her funny stories. She sure deserves the best.

  6. Have a nice Vacay NSG!


  7. Awwww....Thelma, I just realized you haven't posted on IG in a while and I thought to check your blog and see if all is well and look what I found. I LOVE YOU. You've made me feel so special. Thank you so much in sharing in my happiness. God bless you immensely

  8. And thank you everyone for the nice comments. THIS IS OUR TRIP. Lol. I wish you all a miracle better than this.

  9. I have been binge reading this lady's blog and I came here to see you post this. lol
    That was the exact same thing I did once I found your blog. I already lover her.
    May our blessings never depart from us. Amen


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