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Friday, 19 May 2017

True or False?

Heyyyyyyy. What position are you in your family? 

I'm the last born in mine but this doesn't apply to me so much, save for being uncomplicated. 

Ok, I like attention from those I'm close to, especially when I'm in a relationship, but I wouldn't exactly describe myself as an attention seeker. LOL. 




  1. Lol.. I'm the first born but the last born analogy is more me than that of the first born. Yes I am a perfectionist and I'm sometimes bossy and I absolutely have big dreams, but that's about it.

    Kabuoy on the other hand definitely fits that middle born description except the people-pleaser part. She doesn't care any which way about pleasing

  2. I'm not sure if I'm first or middle born because I had an elder brother who died before I was born.Only the first 4 attributes describes my sister(last born)

  3. Last born
    A Girl

  4. OK, I think middle born describes me best. People pleaser that I can be sometimes,that's only when I don't feel like drama.

  5. How can I stop pleasing people, I care too much about what people think, I don't know y

  6. How can I stop pleasing people, I care too much about what people think, I don't know y

    1. Maybe one day when you realize that people ain't shit you'll learn! Ok, just joking. But seriously, coming from someone who has/had people-pleasing tendencies, you've just got to realize that most people wouldn't do half the things you're willing to do for them, most people put themselves first and would throw you under the bus without a second thought if they need to, most people don't remember what you did for them or the sacrifices you made. So why bother with them? Look, the selfish and ruthless often get ahead faster than the people-pleasers, and when you see fantastic things happen for them while nothing notable is happening for you, you'd start to ask yourself "Why? God, why? But I'm a good person". *Yimu*. There are no Brownie points for being a "good person". Put yourself first, go get yours but stay humble and try not to hurt anyone in the process. We are all solely responsible for ourselves, so while you're worrying about them, who's worrying about you? Well, I figure you're still quite young so it's okay, life will teach you itself.

      TL;DR: just stay true to yourself. Keep being kind but learn to be unapologetically firm. Contrary to what you think, people would love and respect you more.

    2. Thanks a lot T, on the contrary, I am not so young, but I can carry people matter for my head... I screen Munched your advice already, you are a darling. 😘😘😘

  7. This isn't accurate, at least not where 2 of my sisters and I are concerned. Everything about "middle-borns" accurately describes me, except for the social part...that one is a herculean task for me. The "last-borns" is 100% my last sis.

  8. First born and mostly True. To be a first born really you have to be strong cos you just have leadership tossed at you from 2years

  9. Okay...Am d first and was d only for a very long time
    Me na better mixture

    But ermm...i have most attributes of d only
    And dat seek approval part yea yea..even wen i no need anybodyz approval my papa mst wiggle himself into my matter and looking for his red pen to either tick good or bad.


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