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Monday, 12 June 2017

Beware, The Busy Life...

The picture above, after a long day, sun was setting and it didn't look like my day was even close to coming to an end. Needed to stretch my legs, the night was still young, flush with work. 

Suddenly I'm always swamped. It's a Sunday. It's 10 minutes to 12am and I just got home. Running helther skelter. Been busy all day. 

I'm elated. I'm ecstatic. I said, Lord, I want to be busy. I want to be preoccupied. I want to be active. 

Suddenly I find myself in the midst of people I'd only read about. I could only dream about. And I'm there with them. They look to me, I talk and they listen. Suddenly I'm the sounding board of great men. They talk to me, they make requests and I must deliver. Suddenly breakfast at 5pm is the norm. 

Now, people say "You're always busy. You work very hard"

It's almost like a drug but not exactly. It's like making sweet love yet not being able to climax. 

And why would I want coitus without the orgasm? 

Beware of the busy life. 

Beware of the appearance of busyness, the appearance of business, of importance 

With nothing to show for it. 

When it don't reflect on your bank account.

Or even on your plate! 

Everyday I learn. 

God doesn't want me to run around like a headless chicken, running ar {I pause. It's 12.02 and I must join the Halleluyah Challenge!} ound, conspicuously running around like todler high on sugar. 

Without the green notes and impact to show for it. 

So before you tell me Oh I'm so busy. Oh I'm so swamped. Oh I'm freaking knackered 

Make sure you have the credit alerts to show for it. 

Your busy life is useless if it is not a productive life. 

Stay guided. 

*Note to self. 



  1. Yes...Though sometimes you'd need to work without the reflection on your bank account to get to the point where the works show off through your bank account. It's stage by stage.

    Oh I see the pause- ar-ound...made me smile...the writing.

    1. cccc my boo! True story, I've done the free work thing o! But to put it briefly, if you turn yourself into sugar people will lick you until you finish. Lol. Sometime last week I had to ask a supposed client "please if I continue like this do you honestly think I will ever get rich in this life", they will say "just do it for free, it will give you exposure bla bla bla". In fact I need to do a proper post on this matter. That's how a local TV asked my friend to supply clothes worth 500k to their set for free, in the name of free publicity. People should fear God. LOL.

    2. Lol @...yourself into sugar people will lick you finish. It's true o.
      I agree, limits should be kept. Money needs to be made from works.
      Hian! 500k worth? NA wa!

  2. Hey gorgeous..

    (Hope that naughty anonymous has repented cos my comment is clearly not related to this post..)


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