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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Blue & Yellow.

Walking into my parents' house yesterday for the first time in days after being dealt a hard blow of rejection, trying to hold the tears in, my mum saw me and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Ah ahn, you're looking fine o!" She said. I rolled my eyes and looked away. "Hmmm" she came closer to me to get a better look, lifting my chin up with her fingers. "You're looking very fine. Ha! I am happy to see you like this o! What is the secret?" She laughed. Indeed she was happy. I smiled politely, tiredly walking away. I thought she was just exaggerating things for reasons best known to her. 

But an hour later when my dad walked in and saw me and bared his 32 teeth in a grin, I couldn't help wondering what that was about. Especially as he just kept grinning and looking at me. "What?" I asked, nearly alarmed. 

"Nothing... You just look particularly thrilling this night... Very... resplendent" he said, smiling cheerily. 

My heart at that point melted in gratitude, in appreciation for my parents. I walked to the mirror and saw my face; pale and drawn, my eyes, tired from trying to hold in tears. And were those lines I was seeing? My waistline wider than I thought it should be. My hair; old and overdue for a change. My entire appearance, just off...

And I couldn't help but think; ARE MY PARENTS STONED?


This post isn't about rejection or pain but gratitude. I have felt so full of thanks since yesterday for the kind of parents I have. My parents love me to the point of distraction, but that's alright, they are my parents after all! But when your parents look at you and tell you things that you're looking beautiful, you look particularly thrilling, you look resplendent... then they're superheroes!

This morning I woke up and my mum already had my breakfast made, neatly tucked away in the microwave. I must remember to either give it away somehow before she returns home, I still can't push any food down, the last thing I want is her asking what's wrong... A few hours after I woke up, daddy came to talk to me. About nothing in particular, he said. I just want to talk to you, we've not talked in a while, he said. I smiled but quietly slunk away. Their kindness was threatening to break open those steel floodgates held by thread, I can't have them see me cry... Happiness is a rare luxury in these times and I don't want to taint theirs with my cloudiness. 

But at this moment I'd like to take the time to thank God for parents who call me everyday just to check up on me, parents who tell me they love me and believe in me, parents who have never for a second asked "When are you getting married" but instead would go to any lengths to ensure that I'm insanely happy, parents who tell me "Yours will surely come and it will be better than you ever imagined", parents who not only love me but express that love in many beautiful ways.

I don't know what I would have done without those two. I'm not the best of daughters, I probably haven't lived up to their expectations... But their love for me continues to grow in leaps and bounds. 

Today, I'm grateful for my parents. 

Guys, I know life is never perfect but there's a lot to be grateful for. Share with me those people and those things you feel most grateful for right now.  



  1. You're really blessed! I always tell people the best thing any patent can do for their children is to provide a memorable childhood for their kids- a childhood in which the child knew he or she was loved....and not necessarily marital things. It goes a long way.


  2. I'm grateful for my parents. They gave me a lovely childhood...I grew up confident in the fact that I was loved...for myself...without any ulterior motive.
    Im grateful for my siblings...each has a special role they play in my life...
    I'm grateful for my husband...he has never failed me in our 4yrs of marriage
    I'm grateful for my gift God has ever given me.

  3. I lay by the corner of my bed, in a country I have never been to, yet I am not really-truely happy. Yes all i want to do now is break down. But then again since it is a post centered on gratitude, I am gratful for life. Honestly everything thing I ever desperatly need and asked God for he has overdone for me. I cant recount one instance in my life where I failed except for failed relationships and 2 exams.

    Has jehovah given me a new song yet? I am indifferent about this blessing I have now.

    I thank God for my I mum is the sweetest person I know. my job...calm. my man...mummy's boy that doesnt know he is one. my own pie. so many things to be thankful for.

  4. 1) Im super grateful for my family. They are #1
    2) Super grateful for good health. My health is so good I rarely have even headache. I thank Baba God.
    3) Grateful for my moms, my brothers and their family.
    4) Thankful for hope for the future. Hope is scarce in the lives of alot of peeps.


    1. Its funny how I could picture all the people you're thankful for as I read

      I'm grateful for life, my mum's health, my dad, my siblings, my job and peace of mind.

  5. I'm grateful for friends and family. Of recent I have been thinking about how I was brought up. I might not like somethings my parents did or still do but I'm grateful for the way I turned out. Some of my friends say I can do all the supposedly men's work cos I can change generator plug, do minor repairs in the house.Well in all I'm grateful

  6. I am super grateful for life and this piece coming in the right time, that moment when all is lost but something refreshing just dropped in, and for that i am grateful for your life 'Namesake'

  7. sometimes when i think about my employment status, am tempted to believe there is nothing going well for me. but am thankful for good health, never been to the hospital for years. thankful for the good man in my life that always has my back and supports me. thankful for favor and provision, whenever i started wondering i would i do it, a means just appears. thankful for my family, they can be a pain but the love is amazing.
    the more i write, the more i realize there are so many things i need to be thankful for.

    1. mami oya slide into my dm Asap. shall thou relocate?

  8. My mom loves me jealously and my dad is so proud of me that most days I fear I will eventually let him down.He rates me so highly. Then my only sister is the most loyal person to me. In fact in my family I should be the worst person, I feel I don't fully deserve them. I'll forever be grateful to God for them.

  9. Am forever grateful to God for all i have and where i am today, he has blessed me beyond measure.

  10. The right family can sometimes be everything. Thankfully God did right by me in that regard. I'm grateful for friends too. Few and far in between, but good stuff for when it matters most. It'll get better for us all... that hope is ultimately what keeps me going.


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