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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Dear Thelma. (HELP! My Fiancee Is Breaking Up With Me Because He Thinks I Tried To Jazz Him)

Good morning T. Please post. My fiance travelled for a month so when he was coming back I thought it may be a good idea to spice things up because we have not seen for weeks. My friend told me about a kayanmata specialist on FB so I called them and then went to their office in lekki. They sell all sorts of sex products for men and women like tightening soaps, soaps to kill viganal odour, medicines for higher libido, sweeter sex, to delay ejaculation and co, and I don't really think there is anything fetish about it because they are all made from natural products, besides their shop is a public place where anybody can walk into. I asked them that I want something that will make me very wet and increase my libido as I sometimes suffer from low libido which he didn't know about. They gave me a small container with something like small stones inside. They said I should insert 3 in my vagina and my mouth, three hours before sex, that it will begin to work after three hours and help me to be very wet. 

On the day he came I followed the direction and it didn't really raise my libido but really increased my wetness, but after that I didn't take it again, because my libido was still low. I abandoned it in my bag and forgot about it. Unfortunately for me he saw it inside my bag and since then he has completely changed. Because on the container the way they wrote the direction looks like something fetish but I believe that that is just their marketing strategy. They wrote "3 hours before you meet your man put 3 in your mouth and 3 inside your vagina, and he can never let you go after that. He can never look at another women after that". Me I even laughed at the caption when I read it because I know that it is rubbish coz the man that want to cheat he will still cheat, but my fiance is saying that I want to use charms on him. He is also convinced because of how the thing looks like stones and not medical pills. It has been 3 weeks now and he has refused to answer my phone or message. He said it is over and I should just move on, that I can sell the engagement ring if I want. I haven't been able to talk to my family about it because I don't know what I will tell them. My family is very conservative, parents very strict and spiritual like S.U or deeper life. I am the first daughter and I cannot discuss it with my younger ones. I am at my wits end, so scared and confused. please what will do you advise me to do?



  1. Kon get in here ohh.....

    I feel you still need to find a way to communicate with him. Either through his friends or some other appropriate means. If need be, show him records of conversation with your friend introducing you to the specialists, and also the purchase shop. And how you acted with the best intentions for you both. If he still isn't receptive, probably he's looking for a way out. Chrisyinks

    PS: I reckon most people can tell if their partner can be diabolical. So he shouldn't be this uptight seeing you have a strong religious background and perhaps, are still religious.

    1. You have said it all...👌🏿👌🏿TNHW

  2. Uncle fiancé, she was only trying to take you beyond the cloud 9 ur used to. Someone cannot play with you again?

  3. Sex before marriage is a SIN!!!

    1. Preach Sister!

      "Be thou unequally yoked"

      I believe virgins should marry themselves becos sin is now sexually transmittable eg Incubus,Spartacus,etc

      (I kid)

    2. Not only Spartacus, Game of Thrones sef 😂

    3. my dear G.O.T has been dragged into this😪😪😪

  4. Those stones look like witchcraft something sha.

    What is wrong with him? Scheew. He should calm down. I dont blame him for freaking out. There is no problem here tho. If anything I dont think you have tried enough to fix the misunderstanding. If he wont answer your calls then show up at his house or office or hang out with friends and have a serious discussion with him. Make him understand you did it for his sexual pleasure. If its needed take him to the shop you bought the stuff.


  5. Eerrm....Me I have a question though,Does that kayanmata really work wonders? TNHW

  6. "Conservative, Strict, Spiritual".

    Is that what they now call people who object to Sex before Marriage? Lol.

    That aside, I don't know what gave you the idea to go overboard (not extra mile) for someone who's made up his mind already to be your husband. I could understand if it were just a boyfriend, but fiancé? Come on. Honestly if I were in his shoes, I'd do the same thing, even losing your number. There's no logical (medical) explanation for this kind of recipe; putting stones in almost all the outlets in your body "for libido and wetness"(?). Even the description suggests the so called "specialists" are either not professional or are fetish. Whatever made you plan such a horrendous act is no longer relevant, what's important now is to bring the "Conservatives" into this matter ASAP. One way or another, they'll find out, and it's best you be the one to give them the sad news first.

    Wish you luck, stay blessed.

    1. Hian,someone cannot play with you too?

      It's sex stones she put inside her own body o,she didn't kill anybody..

    2. Hanhan oga Memphis eh calm dan, so you're saying OP trying to do something special for her man by giving him the sweetest sex experience is a bad thing? Please when you marry, tell your wife not to try and up her sex game, that you're fine with how things may be between you two.

      Madam poster, if you really love your man, do as kon said☝ blowing reconciliation dust your way.

    3. Lohla I didn't imply spicing up one's sex life is bad, I just don't see why someone has to go overboard because of it. I can't comman be seeing strange stones packed in a corner of my room and not be very afraid...worse when you now tell me that the stones are there because...SEX. Blood of Zeus! If you wanna get your libido and hormones charged because of me I wee epp very well, so long as the matter isn't stony.

      Sasha Bone I know she didn't kill anybody, but prevention is better than cure. Dude ran (for dear life), abi?

      Dear Poster, my advice (if you'd take it) still stands: tell your parents about this ASAP. Telling them could even prevent a possible damaging rumour.

      Best of luck.

    4. Memphis, ur still

    5. Hahajajha, Sasha why are you always like this na? You have exported @Galore's shouting o.

  7. Uncle is scared for his life. A while back we talked about KM on this blog and i said it was not a straight forward deal and home made natural aphrodisiac prepared the KM way would do better.

    Anyways as chrisyink said get around his friends to help talk to him and pray. The heart of the king is in the heart of God.

  8. These sex aphrodisiacs work well on certain people . I tried the tigernut /coconut/dates recipe. didnt do zilch, in my case however i gisted hubby about it. you needed to have seen the anticipation.
    Norring happened o. It has since become a nourishing n nutritious drink for the whole family whenever i can make it.
    You should first know the type of man you are dating before attempting any enhancers and co.

    I think the guy is over reacting though. Kilode.

    Try to reach out to his friends, write him a note and do what you have to do. Talk to his siblings and all.

    If after all these he still insists its over, you must forget him and move on.

    You cant kill yourself now.

    Get your facts, go to google, find out all about these sex enhancers , add them to the letter you write to him, i hope you find something about these stones.

    All the best.

  9. My own question is, how did she fit 3 of those things into her "opening"?

  10. Lmao@Sunshine.



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