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Thursday, 1 June 2017

No Mrs. No Work.

I feel like I should be venting out in righteous indignation right now, unfortunately I'm too amused to be mad. 

So here's what happened. I was referred to someone to plan and coordinate a book launch cum seminar. Mr A and I had our first conversation over the phone and subsequently Whatsapp. We chatted back and forth for a couple of days, sending my ideas, my quotation, my suggestions etc. 

Mr A said he found me innovative and my prices fair. He said he liked my dedication and he was sure I would deliver. He therefore decided so far so good. Let's move this to the next level. Set up a meeting, talk to me in person, discuss further and seal the deal so that I can get the ball rolling. Sounded great. 

So Mr A asked me to meet him at Marrocaine VI late afternoon. I got there before him, I love to be punctual. He arrived five minutes late, ordered a soft drink and began to ask me questions. I'd come prepared and he seemed impressed. He tried to haggle a bit but I explained to him why I charged the way I did. He nodded in understanding and asked for my account details, retrieving his phone from his suite pocket to make a part payment. 

I started to call out the digits when my phone vibrated and I immediately put on silent. "It's okay, take your call" he urged me kindly. "Nah, it's not a problem really. It's just the driver calling to find out if I've gotten my nephews from school. I've dropped them at home already". 

"Your nephews? What about your own kids?" He asked curiously. 

"None yet" I grinned. 

"You're married right?" He asked, brows raised, forehead creasing. 

"Not yet" I smiled. 

Mr A had an expression I couldn't quite decipher. He leaned back into his seat, and fiddled with his phone. 

"I thought you were married" he said apologetically, slowly putting his phone back in the pocket, account details forgotten. 

That single move was reminiscent of what they call failure at the edge of breakthrough in MFM. 😂

"What's the problem" I asked, amusement on my lips. I suspected his answer but I needed to hear him say it. 

"I'll be very honest with you Nwando. I just think I'd be more comfortable putting this project in the hands of someone who is married". 

I burst out laughing. I'm not sure why. Funnier even, is the fact that he isn't either. 

That was on Friday. I tried to push, to convince him that my marital status played no role in my competence, but he was adamant about it. 

So we ended the meeting cordially and parted ways. 

Well like my mum says, what is yours is yours. So I tried not to let that get to me too much. But you know, what's annoying is society looking at you funny when you're passed the 30 mark and unmarried, and then you're strong and sensible enough to ignore that. But when that starts to get in the way of my money... Yes, now that's a problem! 😡😡😠

Ok. Rant over. 

LOL. Today is Monday people, let's go get that money, smash those goals and be the very best version of ourselves! 


  1. hat single move was reminiscent of what they call failure at the edge of breakthrough in MFM. 😂, this part is funny.

    i AM glad at your perspective in handling it, i mean its farly obvious that there will always be discrimination, you might not be able to control that, whats within your control is your response to that, that is what you should focus on by been proactive and not just reactive


  2. LOL. Ndo. You should not have 'talked too much'. Better luck next time.

  3. wow..what an ignorant man..obviously intimidated by your success..good riddance to such bad rubbish...mtchewwwwwwwwwww. he had the nerve to say he will feel more comfortable putting this in the hands of a married woman..arrant nonsense!i dont know how you managed to keep calm..i would have shoved his ego up his nasty ass...ok..let me calm down..this is too upsetting!

  4. lol @ failure at the edge of breakthrough

    Im sure he knows your marital status has nothing to do with your work.
    I think its more of a personal decision. Maybe his wife will beat him if he deals with a single lady. Or maybe he cant control his D. Dunno for him.
    But dont worry bout it...


  5. Really wondering what exactly the advantage is with a married person doing the job.

    Were Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel, Bill Gates married when they started? SMH for Nigerians sha.

  6. Awwwi felt so bad reading this article... QueenEsther

  7. Na wa o..what would we not hear/see.. how I feel sorry for this man for his level of ignorance at this time and age.
    However, can sth be done about this discrimination when you are certain age and unmarried as a lady cos I'm not sure guys are subjected to same.
    lemme stop b4 I start ranting..The bottom line is for us not to loose our peace..God makes everything beautiful in its time

  8. This is not even funny, like seriously. The reverse should be the case because a single person would probably have more time to dedicate to the work at hand.

  9. Awww..Pele Thelma.Like your mama said,what is yours is yours.It is well.
    In other news,my mother-in-law passed on Thursday and I am in my grieving mode.TNHW

  10. Hehehe @ 'That single move was reminiscent of what they call failure at the edge of breakthrough in MFM.'

    I find that convincing people to go against their beliefs/ideologies is easily done when you hear/know the reason for holding such belief. Trying to convince them why their beliefs isn't logical is usually an uphill task when you don't why they hold such beliefs in the first place.

    I've come to also know and understand that God uses events and happenings, including the seemingly unfavorable ones, to work for the benefits of His own. So don't worry, He's got you covered. Chrisyinks

    PS: Ehhm, for those making that money, my account details are......

  11. That man must be very silly. How dare he? Smh for people... mtcheww

  12. Arrant nonsense. I cant comprehend this rubbish from someone that is supposed to be educated.

  13. "...I just think I'd be more comfortable putting this project in the hands of someone who is MARRIED...".

    That's weird (and new to me), I usually thought these kind of business deals would be preferably sealed with single ladies, but dude was alarmed that you weren't married AND that you were childless. Now that's really strange...

    "...Your nephews? What about YOUR OWN KIDS?...".

    LOL. Plenty conspiracy theories are brewing in my lovely head right now but..oh well. Better deal/luck next time Tee.

  14. Better would come biko. The job wasnt your and if it is then wait. The things i hear

  15. "I burst out laughing. I'm not sure why. Funnier even, is the fact that he isn't either."

    Did I understand correctly? He is not married either but went ahead to discriminate.

    1. No Kene. What I meant is I'm not sure the reason for his decision, and I'm not sure he is either.

  16. I am yet to get the correlation between being married and the job he was to give you.

    This is a new one though



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