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Friday, 9 June 2017

On Married Bachelors...

A little over a year ago I remember posting something similar to this. Men, married men particularly get to stay out late, party all night on weekends, take vacations with the boys (or with the girl), all in the name of unwinding, de-stressing, letting loose... And I asked, what does a woman do when she needs to de-stress? Or don't women need it too? I've had some tense arguments with a few married men about this; why is it okay for you to do whatever-wherever-whenever in the name of de-stressing, but not your wife? Do you honestly think it's fair?

They get defensive when they realize they cannot come out with any sensible answer beyond the "I'm a man" excuse, even when they realize that the woman does more work than they do. 

Anyways, so the post above, you already know my thoughts. What do you think?

Do you agree with her entirely, in part or not at all? Let's talk about it. Why do married men get a pass to continue living like bachelors while the woman has no such "luxury"? 



  1. Interesting thoughts, I'd say it all depends on the type of relationship the couple has, if they are both understanding of each other and their motives. Greetings!

    1. You do have a point. Each relationship is unique, although this scenario somewhat applies to the average Nigerian marriage...

  2. Largely agree with her perspective.

    However, I differ on the part where she says 'Once in a blue moon with permission from your wife...Yes'. I don't believe any spouse's movement should be restricted by the other party. Informing the other party, Yes; seeking permission, no.

    And like Blogoratti has mentioned, it depends on the couple, some de-stress by late night hangouts with friends, others prefer indoor activities. It'd be unfair to expect the same approach from all married persons. Chrisyinks

  3. Dear Women,

    Life will be easier if yall accept that its a man's World. As at today - the things men do, women cannot do. Not because they dont have the ability but society has not accepted such. Its just reality.
    But I know that society is gradually accepting some things from women but it will take some time.

    Personally. I dont have a prob with my babe hanging out at night with her girls.


  4. Haha, I thank God I didnt marrt one of these types. As for destressing I take my kids to my MIL or mom's house and I go and sleep in one of their beds😂.

    If you marry a street man, you end up with such behaviour. My husband destresses but give advance notice and makes sure I am ok with it. For example he cant go when one nanny is off or I am sick. Its not permission per say but agreement. Often times we destress together - we drop of the children and go out and gist.

    My own is simple, dont give me the type of "shit" you dont want me to give you.

    1. I totally agree with you.

  5. Nobody is stopping married women from distressing, thr are ways around these things. What do u think happens at those 1 week church conferences or work trainings some women travel to attend. I laugh at blind men. Haha

  6. I am with Anon 2:26 I couldn't have said it better.


  7. Ok so I want to rant. I had an argument with an uncle today on feminism. While I agree that some women are going overboard on it, I think the woman's right should be fought for. If not for feminism women wouldn't be voting now and would not be going to school etc. So this uncle said all the feminist he is seeing are lesbians, disobey their husband's and Lord their husbands. I tried severally to explain what feminism is but he didn't seem to care saying he knows what Wikipedia says about it but feminist are just bunch of fools. So I told him I was a feminist too. I might be a bad feminist but I don't want to be treated like shit cos I'm a woman.

    This argument got me wondering. So I want to ask some questions, pls forgive me that's it's not related to the post.
    1. Why do men feel threatened, thinking their role in marriage would be displaced due feminism.
    2. Why do people go hundred miles when giving one mile to go. Now I'm talking about people who claim to be feminist but have no idea or have a shaded view of feminism.

    1. Ibukunoluwa, the people you referred to in your questions do what they do because people are different, so most times expect divergent reactions,opinions, beliefs and characters. C'est la vie.


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