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Saturday, 10 June 2017


Ever since I became single a short while back, the number of times my personal phone rings in a day dropped drastically. I was like Oh ma gaaaaad! 😳😳😳

As in, it was so quiet that for a day or two I even forgot I had a phone. 

When I saw this question on @naijasinglegirl IG I thought about it. Like, on an average, on a regular day, I'd say about 5 times 😪😪😪. If I'm working on a project it triples and then some, but on the regular, 5 times. 2 or 3 out of those 5 would likely be from my mum sef. LOL

I used to wish I was one of those really popular (not famous) people who have many friends and business associates, whose phones don't ever stop ringing. But when my phone rings twice in 20 minutes I literally freak out! 😂

What about you?



  1. I think twice, for me. 95% of the time it's family calling. I'm the one to text or chat you up,I don't even call people so...

  2. I recently becane single as well and i am currently experiencing pure lonliness like i have never felt before. I went from bein on the phone with the ex from 8pm-10/11pm to having no one to talk to. Nowadays my phone goes days without it ringing and i dont even realize.

    1. I'm sending you Hugs honey. You'll be fine, there are greater things ahead. Don't ever doubt that. Just try to stay busy and occupied with whatever you have, to take your mind off feeling lonely. It will pass. 😘

  3. Haaa forgive my curiosity Thelma but what happened @single. My phone rings from 2-10 a day depending but majority of the calls I receive are from internal customers then my mum can call like 3 times daily, I hardly make or receive personal calls these days. Sad much

  4. With the kind of work I do,it rings more than 10times a day. Sometimes I avoid the calls.


  5. My phone rings about 3-7 times daily. Sometimes more.

  6. Work related calls: 3 - 5 times daily
    Wife: around 3 times daily
    Glo: Like 2 times daily (I wonder why Glo keeps calling me like we lovers)
    Hoes: Like once in 3 days
    Annoying motherfuckers that are friends: Like once in 3 days


  7. Ever since i got married it has limited to hubby and famil, then work peeps. Oh my single days.....them toasters will just be calling up and down.

  8. Since I got home on average is like two to three times. Most times its toasters or friends or my sister. I see my parents everyday so....


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