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Monday, 12 June 2017

The Brand Master Class 1.0. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

Hello people! My Events company is in charge of the Brand Master Class 1.0 conference. 

I would be needing some ladies to usher at the conference. It's holding next Tuesday the 20th of June within the Ikeja axis. 

Being a free conference with almost 500 registered attendees, I definitely need ushers. Volunteering means that you're willing to free up some of your time to serve and that's great. However I would cover the cost of your transportation and ensure that you're well taken care of at the conference. Also, you get the opportunity to learn from some speakers that you really wouldn't want to miss out on. One is every woman's #MCM. 😂😂😂. Oh, and of course an opportunity to network afterwards, it's still a birthday celebration, remember? So work over and you're free to socialize. 

Interested? Shoot me an email; and please include your picture. 



  1. Why does it have to be on a weekday 😢😢😢


  2. You dont need male usher? Im free that day.
    Im coming from Ghana. My transportation is covered se? Thanks.


  3. Whose birthday is it? *confused*

    Pls I want cake. Thank you..

  4. On my Birthday! Una Enjoy!

  5. It's my birthday and I would have soooooo love to help you usher at the event, but am in Ibadan Oyo state...


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