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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Brand Masterclass & Things... (Thelma Asks).

The above were taken the day before when I joined the decor team to set up. 

Charles O'Tudor with Ubong King and Steve Harris 

Comedian Arole 

The panelists; Chukwuka Monye, Mike Ibezim, Steve Harris, Charles O'Tudor, Ubong King, Ezinne Kufre Ekanem & Kunle Soriyan. 

Me, forced into the only picture I took...

Another reason to thank God. This job was a huge learning curve for me. Not all lessons were great but I'm glad that I was able to execute despite that horrendous rain and windstorm that befell us on Tuesday morning. Seriously, that's another reason to be grateful. I never would have thought that the ladies from the blog that VOLUNTEERED would have made it under that condition. Now not only did they show up, they were actually all very punctual. 

I honestly cannot thank you guys enough, you made my life so much easier on that day. 

Have you guys noticed how everyday these days there's a workshop/seminar/conference going on and they seem to be talking about the same thing; entreprenuership, business, money... Like, they have different themes but basically it's different sets of people trying to take advantage of the recession, and that's not a bad thing. It's just that at some point it becomes pretty monotonous, and I'm speaking from a consumer's standpoint. 

A couple of years ago, it was putting a bunch of semi-celebrities together to give inspirational talks to people who basically just wanted to see celebs... Now it's a new wave of public speakers ALL talking about entrepreneurship and how to make money... I find all these boring because once one person does it, everybody does it. This week alone there have been about 10 seminars in different locations in Lagos planned by different people all discussing the same thing. I was invited to attend one holding at HOTR today but I turned it down because barely two days back I was at another and some of today's speakers spoke at that one. Eeeeeeishh! Honestly, it's getting really boring!

So I thought to ask you guys, what other kind of "seminars" do you reckon people would be interested in attending? At events school I was to plan a project and what I came up with was something called The Love Workshop for career-oriented middle-upperclass singles from ages 30-50. In reality I don't know if that sort of thing would fly in Nigeria bu I had so much fun planning it theoretically. 

So tell me, let's have fun with this. Your ideas don't even have to make sense, just think about it. What kind of conference wouldn't you mind paying to attend besides the regular money/entrepreneurship/motivational talks? It could be something in your field, something that's never been done before but you'd love to experience, something that is done elsewhere but not yet in Nigeria, something that was done in the past but not anymore, something you think attendees would love and not forget in a long time... Hey, your ideas don't even have to make sense to you, let's just hear it. 



  1. I'm happy your event was successful.
    I would pay to attend any conference on food business management, etiquette, and environmental management/biodiversity.

  2. The love workshop you mentioned for those specific set of ladies is much needed.
    A Girl

  3. The Love Workshop might not be a bad idea. Help young, upwardly-mobile professionals connect without that additional layer of wondering 'what do you do'?

  4. The Love Workshop might not be a bad idea. Help young, upwardly-mobile professionals connect without that additional layer of wondering 'what do you do'?

  5. Well other than the regulars mentioned above, I'd pay to attend relationship seminars. And no, not just the man-woman relationship, but the parent-child relationship, friendships.... that sort of relationship that explores human psychology in communal living.


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