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Thursday, 22 June 2017

#ThrowbackThursday. Your First Cell Phone!

Throwback to that time in 2003 when one of my mother's omata customers wanted to chop very fresh fruit. I'm even more offended now than I was then, that 17 year old me was being wooed with persistent doggedness by a 40something man. 

What is wrong with you men?πŸ˜’

So when I got into 1st year he bought me a phone that was certain to scatter my dada and land me in his bed; spread-eagled, offering him my flower on a platter of ..... Whatever. 

Seriously, What Ever.

I'd long dreamt of having my own mobile phone for, like, forever. I mean, some of my classmates in QC already had cellphones while we were still in school and I'd gotten into Uni and still couldn't boast of one yet. I wanted nothing more than a phone. 

But WHATEVER. Lord I hated this Xelibri phone. It didn't only look like an egg, it felt like an egg; fragile af! It was meant to be cute but came off looking like a failed experiment, and in turn made me look like a "forcing guy" aka "I must to join" aka wanna-be. πŸ™ˆ

Angus, our poor customer couldn't believe that his ace card only garnered more bristling resentment from me to him. 

Meanwhile my then-boyfriend had a Samsung blue-eye, and then a true-eye (or true i?) For the youngens, back then a Sansung blue/true-eye was tantamount to an IPhone 7! It was the coolest thing ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I once came home for the holidays and saw my former childhood friend who was still about 15 at the time, with a Motorolla Razr and I immediately had one of those "where was my father when her father was making money?" moments. I mean, guys, was there anything slicker than the Motorolla Razr back then? Nope.


It's funny when we think about it now, but then phones were no joke. They were a symbol of status and pedigree. I mean, guys, can you remember all those Nokia phones? Jeez!

It was the fastest way to spot a "successful" runs girl in my Uni back then. If a chic used a Nokia N95 then you could tell that her Aristos were big league. LOL. 

That up there was my first phone, I didn't use it for long but I can't remember my second, third or fourth. 

But you know what they say, you never forget your first. πŸ˜‰

So what was your first? Do you remember the year? How you got it? How long you used it? Is there any story behind it? Lets #throwback to our #firsts; phones. 



  1. What the funk is Xelibri? Never heard of it.

    I cant even remember my first phone. I think it was a Sony Ericsson or was it just Ericsson? For months after I got it I didnt get the point. Because the phone never rang. Calls were so expensive back then + my GF didnt have a mobile phone. N50 per minute for a small boy like me Hian! The phone was only good for playing games. Rubbish.


  2. Replies
    1. Yes o. 2017 is just trying to break me...but i'm a strong girl. j

    2. J I thank God for your strength, it's needed in moments like these. Please stay strong Nne m. It will ALL end in praise.

  3. I inherited my moms nokia 3310..Motorola razr was actually pronounced as razor then.TNHW

  4. My first phone was a Nokia phone. I have forgotten the brand now. I was in boarding school so the phone was kept with a guardian because we do come home ourselves and my parents needed to communicate with us. The phone had a pathetic ending though. After my final neco paper that I was to go home, the phone was with me and I left it to charge in the laundry room. Only for me to go there and meet an empty spot. I cried my eyes out cos of the phone, everybody was now thinking that I was crying cos I will miss them.

  5. Can't remember mine. But I'm sure it was Nokia...possibly the 2600 series.

  6. Nokia 3310, my dad gave me his own when he got a TP 700. That was Js2 if I can remember, but I had no SIMcard until Jss3. Then a Samsung sprint, Nokia 16something, 1 chinaphone laidat,nokia xpress music, nokia 2700,nokia E7 symbian, Samsung s4 and Samsung note 4.

    see as I cram amπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  7. My first was a samsung flip up, blue eye. Some dude from a 'cooler' home i was also feeling gave it to me. sister cccc caught me with it and I was in big sh*t. She promised to tell my parents is i dont return it with imediate effect, see me and local troubleπŸ€”. The truth was that i wasn't sure she did it with clear intent as per big sis watching over me, I felt it was envy. BTW she was rolling with nokia 3310 then i must add Lol.

    Months later my dad got us really sleek phones from one of his trip.

    Till date I am a gadget freak,i ised alk the BB till passport, then all iphone except for i4. See me side-eying S8edge bikonu when I should be thinking of starting a family isokay.

    1. see all my typo error because i was typing in a hurry, just so i could sleep and wake before 12 for the challenge. Ngwanu clap for yaself C'baby.

      y'all know I was never a good writer anyways, just trying to make excuse.

      Stomach ache relief after praises... So giving back i would give out tens of recharge cards all over my SM pages. And yes Thelma thinks would grab a bit(I only joined yesterday courtesy of TTB). This is to help people connect online on the 2nd and last day only.

      sisi if you see this, don't call me for tithe. More healing lord... God be praised

  8. I've forgotten the name of my first phone, bought it for 20k then. Second phone was Nokia 3310, 33k. (Just SMH)

  9. My first phone that wasn't a hand me down was a Motorola L6 the silver colored one, it was flat and slim and I loved everything about the phone especially during the holidays my friends and I would chat out days away via text messages.

  10. First phone was a Sony erricson j210i. That was 2006. I used two more Sony erricsons before porting to bb...

  11. Oh, I also used a Nokia e5 at some point...
    Really good phone that was.

  12. my fisrt phone is the same as the one up above samsung true-iπŸ€”πŸ€” my second was the Motorola Razr....I rocked this phone men. Feeling like a hot tang then.

    I aint no gadget freek, these days if my hubby doesnt get me a phone i can use anything as long as i can connect to the internet.

    The era of posing with big phones is gone.

  13. So you were actually disvirgined by an omata 40s man because of phone . Your runs is actually fundamental . πŸ˜‚.

    1. Honey my "runs" are indeed fundamental and will always be. Thanks mami/papi 😘.

  14. My first was a sendo. It was gifted to me by my girlfriend. Before then lots of men had promised me phones but a girl just dashed me one 'just like that' Hallelujah!
    I used it for 2 years before I got a motorolla. I really liked my sendo and the games in it. I remember the screen being as tiny as a calculator. Memories...

  15. The 'forcing guy' part had me πŸ˜‚! My first phone was a Sagem. Was in boarding school. My big sis (who didn't own one at the time) and I saved up both our pocket monies just to satisfy my covetousness.
    Many years later I know the value of time and chance happening to us all

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