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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Would You Marry a Man Like Your Dad?

I heard this question asked severally on Sunday, Father's Day. I was very surprised to see that 8 out of 10 people said NO. 

I've been struggling to answer this honestly since then and I'm still at it. My father is a great dad but would I want to marry a HUSBAND just like him? 


You tell me. Either yes or no, tell me why. 

Oh, and I hope it's not too late to wish Happy Father's Day to Wale, Kon, Eazee E and all the other amazing fathers on the blog. 😍



  1. Hell yes! Unfortunately,I didn't..😁😁TNHW

  2. Nooo.Never!A good father?Yes he is but I can't marry someone like him o.

  3. Error! i want mine, not my mama's speck

  4. No.

    My dad was a good father but a less than stellar husband.

    I guess I learnt from my parents mistakes. Mu husband is all shades of amazing. He's far from perfect, however his imperfections are perfect and just right for me ... the type I can handle and my imperfections are perfect for him too I guess

  5. I can . My Dad is an amazing man, a great dad and father. Kind , honest etc.

    But he has to come with a higher version of romance. All these old school romance wey dem they do go tire person.

  6. There's something unsettling to me about that comparison. I feel the same way about ppl who call their wife/ husband "Mummy/ Daddy"... what's up with that?

    But I have learnt from my dad that a man can treat me with a great deal of love and respect, so I know I deserve that in a relationship with any other man. I have also learnt from his relationship with my mum how a loving relationship should look like. Therefore, when I see anything less, I know not to accept it as status quo.

  7. Nope, i cant marry a man like my dad o. Ahh wahala go dey.

    1. Serious one! One thing is sure! We will drive each other crazy 😂 And not in a good/sexual way!

  8. My dad is cool and nice, but I won't marry someone like my dad. Abegi, na my own husband I want.

  9. Not in all aspects. He has some cool values but he also has his flaws


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