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The Struggles Of Being In a Group Chat.

It is 2017. If you are alive, sane and also own a smart phone, the odds are you are part of at least onegroup chat, if not more. Be it a work group on the hangout, friend’s group on Facebook, a family group on Blackberry Messenger (BBM), a church group on Whatsapp, or events committee group on Skype, you definitely are part of an online gang. Being in a group can sometimes be essential for staying in constant contact with the members, passing across important information to relevant parties, inviting multiple people to an event at once and even keeping up with gossip. It can be hilarious as well as very effective as your group’s central point of communication. However, if we are being honest, group chats suck…especially when they are obligatory. They can get you so frustrated that you consider throwing your phone out the window with every chiming alert.
Here are some group chat struggles you may have had to deal with:
An unending stream of annoying text messages
The messages probably woul…

Can We All Agree That God Is Partial?

Sometime in March, a friend came to see me, and on her way, she witnessed the most horrible thing. She had to cross a road at some point. A guy was standing next to her, waiting to cross also. Soon, he did. In fact, she would have at the same time, but she probably wasn't sure how fast she could run. Then, something happened. A heavy vehicle hit the guy, and right on the spot before her very eyes, he was scattered into different pieces. She was pretty shaken when she got to me. In the end, she said "Thank God!" I was very fast in telling her how very out of place that is in the very realistic sense. Thank God? • •
When good things happen, it is God. When bad things happen, it is either the devil, the wicked world, or your own making - but Never God. How ridiculous! 
So I say, maybe it is us that lack understanding of how things work, or we have become so brainwashed to want to ALWAYS accustom good to God, or God actually does practice selective participation. I don't c…

Starting & Running Your Own Business. (10 Free Tickets!)

Starting and running your own business can be very tough and many new businesses have folded up simply because of a lack of proper mentorship and support system. Well, there's good news for you, especially if you're interested in the following industries;
1. Entertainment
2. Skin Care and Beauty
3. Fashion 
4. Food and Hospitality 
5. Event Management and Wedding Decoration.
The good news is that you can meet mentors and teachers in your industry of interest and engage them one on one (via masterclasses) while also listening to them talk about the mistakes they made and how you can avoid them. Experience is a great teacher but you can also learn from those who have been in the industry for much longer than you have.
To register or make enquiries, call or send an SMS to 08032881775
I am happy to announce that one of the event producers is giving 10 tickets to readers of this blog, myself inclusive. Yup, I'm definitely attending this! So let's make it a date. If you'd lik…

I Vowed Never to Get Married Again. Then I Met Titilayo, She Was Not The Typical Nigerian Girl

This was written in reponse to a post about women being domestic to attract men. 
After my divorce, I vowed never to marry again. I already have two kids, I was burnt by my ex but I also handled issues in a childish manner. I could have done better but it is what it is now. Knowing how much trouble committed relationships could be and how complicated women are, I decided to stay off marriage. I could live with a woman for a while or simply date casually but I made up my mind there was no more marriage in the works for me
This was my mind set when I met Titilayo. We met at my company’s end of year party. We were introduced by my immediate boss and we started chatting. I thought she was beautiful but I had seen more beautiful women. However, I was single at the time with absolutely no attachment and we had quite the intelligent conversation so, I was drawn to her.

I asked her if she was single, she mentioned she is but not looking to be in a relationship. No Nigerian lady had ever told me t…

Weird Things Guys Do Before They Orgasm.

This post is +18 only please. 
Or should we say weird things guys do when they're "orgasming"? Ok...

Courtesy of @krakstv. 
This is so real and hilarious. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oya o! Ladies which one did I leave out. Which one is Bae guilty of? They didn't add the ones that will promise you their mother's head and heaven. πŸ˜“πŸ˜‚.
Guys, which one are you guilty of! Don't be shy, we won't judge you. 😚😚


6 Lessons From Getting Half a Million Naira To Giveaway.

If you've been following this blog then it's not news that a blog reader, Wale, gave me N500,000 for a giveaway. Wale ideated that I as the owner of the platform, take my piece and give the rest away. I decided to focus the monies on the blog because I simply appreciate you guys too much. I've been praying for a day I'd be able to do a thing like this. I always wanted it to be out of my own pocket but God has His own way of doing things, so while mine is yet to come he thankfully gave this wonderful man named Wale who's been nothing but a blessing. When I posted about the giveaway, I shared it here and the link on my social media pages and a few things happened. 
1. Money is a magnet. From the day this went up on my instagram and facebook I started getting phone calls from people I've not heard from in years. You would have thought I'd just won a hundred million dollar lottery. For days I was getting calls and messages. The callers all had different purposes…

Let's Play a Game

The fact that I can see it as an excuse for the next few weeks of....

LOL. That's mine. It actually formed an almost perfect sentence. Hehe. Now your turn. 


I Never Believed This Could Happen To Me.

I hope you had a great day everyone. I did. It was a pretty hectic day, but a very good one nonetheless. I started my day by sending an apology via text. Got into some silly fight with my ex yesterday. Yes it's ridiculous that our relationship is over, dead, done. Yet for some reason we fight. We can fight for Africa. Jesu! I think it's some warped attempt to convince ourselves that we're mature adults and can move on seamlessly into an amicable, amiable friendship. But unfortunately this is real life and let's be realistic, that's not very realistic. I mean we broke up less than two months ago, it was very abrupt and unexpected meaning things were kinda unfinished and emotions were not dead, at least mine weren't. So yesterday we got into this really senseless fight (as we do almost everytime we try to have a friendly conversation) and he got me so riled up that i said something to him which obviously hit a nerve. I apologized yesterday. He wasn't having i…

Giveaway Finale Winners.

Good morning. 
So it's finally here guys. Whoop whoop! 
I feel a tinny bit underwhelmed. Underwhelmed because not everybody can get something. I really wish everyone could but Alas...! 
For those who did, Congratulations to YOU!!!

1. For the 10k prize I picked a series of numbers including 70. And when it turned out that nobody picked the other numbers yet many picked 70, I decided to give this to everyone who picked number 70. Winners are : Cindy;

2. For the kimono from Julian's place. Winning number is #8.
For the third kimono, I took the liberty to give it to a blog reader who has been very active on the blog and has done her own giveaways too. I felt that givers should also receive, so... 

3. The 3 pairs of Palm slippers for Gents. Winning numbers are. 18, 39 and 2. The winners are

6 Tips To Help You Defeat Laziness.

Here's a little bit of Monday motivation for you. 😊

If you've been feeling a bit lazy lately and haven't really wanted to get up and do the things you know you should do, here are a few tips that might help you to get motivated and feel energized again. ~
1. Workout! Whenever you feel lazy or feel your energy levels dropping get your body moving! Motion creates emotion and you want to be proactive and beat laziness before it gets hold of you and throws you on the couch and holds you hostage makes you eat that bag of corn chips. So get moving, put your running shoes on and walk or hit the gym or do some star jumps!
2. I always find whenever I get lazy it's time to put on some tunes that get me pumped up and just start writing. Get into the habit of writing when you start feeling lazy, get your goals down, get your ideas down, watch a video and just take mindless notes. Writing is a great way to release stress and focus your mind on something bigger and more exciting and u…

I Need a Logo Please.... And TNHW Pays It Forward.

I have a favour to ask. Please can anyone create a logo for me for free? I need a new logo an e-flier for my Events company. I have one which I paid quite a lot for but the quality (and the cards) is really subpar and reflects poorly on my brand. So please if there's anyone who does graphic designs or simply does logos please be kind enough to help me create one. You can either comment below with your contacts, mail me or send me a text (08173600406). Please, please and Thank you πŸ™.

Meanwhile, don't you just love it when people pay it forward? (Pay it forward means to receive kindness from someone and in turn show someone else kindness). That Naughty House Wife, one of the 25k recipients decided to give 5 people 1000 naira airtime each. I could post it here but I don't want a situation whereby one person loads it all. So please just leave your email below and your network (Either Etisalat or MTN). I would send the pin to you. 
Thank you Yetunde. You're truly a beautiful…

Giveaway Finale!

Happy Sunday y'all. 
This is the conclusive part of #WCG. 
All the N25,000 recipients have received their cash.
All the students have also received their N10,000. 
Once again guys please comment under any of the posts, or this one that you've received your money. Thanks. 

So moving forward, this final giveaway contains 
1. N10,000 for 5 people. 

2. 3 kimonos from Julian's dressmakers. 
3. 3 pairs of Palm slippers from WaleOnibata. (Gents) 
4. 2 pairs of shoes from Courtney's Closet. (Ladies. Size 9 and Size 11). 

5. 1 human hair wig from Gabby's Wigs'n'Weaves. You pick from one of the wigs below. 
6. 3 cakes from CakesandCream 

7. A getaway at CitiHeight Hotel Ikeja for 3 people. (Who can each bring one person along).  

As I said earlier, Kon has already won a stay at CitiHeight and Clare, a kimono. So those gifts are now available for 2 people each. 
There is no competition. We are only going to play a game. 
I have each gift item listed out in numbers. Number 1 to 100. …

Not With My Money!

LOL @ I give up. 

So I had this chat with my friend Deedee (not real name) this afternoon. Deedee complains often that I'm too low maintenance. This afternoon I put up one of the pictures above as my whatsapp display picture and she immediately sent me a message to say that I would look much better wearing long weaves. 
Do you know I actually agree with Deedee? I would look way prettier with long bouncy weaves. But no matter how much money I make, I can't seem to part ways with 100k to buy hair, not because it's too expensive or not worth it, but because I'd always find something better to do with the money. I have a few weaves that were given to me by my elder sister before she became a naturalista which I still use occasionally, and when I really really REALLY need to, I could buy a very affordable weave of about 50k at most but I've never spent over 60,000 on hair and I don't think I could. I have friends who spend as much as N400,000 on one weave and to them …

When a Wife Decides To Show 'The Other Woman' Pepper. Literally.

An angry wife and her friends allegedly hold down her husband's mistress and stuff a bag of Chilli peppers into her vagina. 
What are your thoughts on this? Your thoughts in general on mistresses or side chics getting punished for encroaching on someone else's husband? Your thoughts on the same cheating husbands walking scottfree or even rewarded for cheating with more love and better sex from wifey. How do you think wives should could best handle the "the other woman" situation?
Who should get more blame for this "the other woman" epidemic; A. The wife for not being able to keep her man  B. The sidechic for dating a man whom she knows is married.  C. The husband for not being able to keep it in his pants.  D. God. 
Let's talk. 


N25,000 Giveaway & Gifts To 8 Loyal Blog Readers

Hey people! I said earlier that 4 loyal blog readers would receive N25,000 each. Truth be told, it was quite difficult because I've been blessed with quite a lot of consistent readers which actually astounds me. These are a few of the great people who stick with TTB, even when there's harmattan on the blog. So I decided to make it 6. Even at that... I still feel indebted to many others. Unfortunately if I don't do it this way then others may not be able to get anything. 
So I decided to pick these 6. 
Kabuoy.  Iyanuoluwa Balogun.  Sasha bonΓ©.  Kene Francis.  Memphis.  TNHW (That Naughty House Wife). 

Please send your account details via text to my blog line; 08173600406.  Also immediately you receive your alert, please come and comment on this post that you've received it. Please and thank you. 

Also two other blog readers will win their gifts right now and in a subsequent post I would tell the rest of the blog what we need to do to get something. Don't worry, no serious com…

N10,000 Giveaway For Students on TTB.

Hey guys. Like I said I would like to give ten TTB students N10,000 each. Please if you're a student and you've been regular on this blog drop a comment below with the name you comment with on TTB. If you comment anonymously then I'm sorry...
So please just leave a comment stating that you're in Nigeria and you're an undergraduate. Include your email address. During our email correspondence please you'd have to prove to me that you're indeed a student. Thank you!

PS: If we don't have up to ten students then the money goes back to the rest of the cash for general  winners of the cash or gift prizes that anyone who (wins) is entitled to. 
PPS: #WCG = Wale's Celebratory Giveaway.