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Monday, 17 July 2017

7 Ways To Invest In Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Good morning everyone. Many people in contemporary Nigeria have found themselves engaged in entrepreneurship, either out of genuine passion, necessity or peer pressure. Entrepreneurship has become something of a trend, many people suddenly diving into it because it's the new cool, until you realize it isn't. It's real life, it's tough, it's back-breaking mind-numbing work and it's not the glamorous thing social media portrays it to be. In any case, since many of us find ourselves in it right now, I will share useful content on entrepreneurship, to help those who need it. This list below was shared by @naijastartups on Instagram. 

7 ways to invest in yourself as an #entrepreneur by an Entrepreneur:

1. Go to #school: The learning environment itself can provide new connections and spark creativity. Our #founder @Aramideabe said she went to #businessschool really mainly for the #network it would provide after. She could have learnt all of the things she picked up there online.

2. #OnlinePrograms: While the online learning environment is still buyer beware, more and more credible institutions are offering online courses and programs. For example, @NaijaStartups are holding a #SocialMediaSelling online course this evening at 7pm, with replays and course material available for those who cannot join in early. #DM us for more details.

3.Teach: A school environment is just as powerful if you’re teaching. You become a thought-leader on the subject-matter and can begin to command sales from the course. @StephObi teaches online courses and has become #Nigeria's #thoughtleader on building online courses.

4. Physical Health: If your ability to work is the most essential thing to your business #success, it makes no sense to risk it. Staying #healthy is an investment in your business.

5. Co-working: Consider moving yourself and your business to a #coworking space or community. The collaborative, #entrepreneurial spirit of shared ambition and sacrifice can be intoxicating and empowering. @Workstationnigeria, due to its size and innovation provides such an atmosphere.

6. Network: Most people view networking as opportunities to advance their businesses. But they are just as important in building personal connections – assets you can take with you from project to project. @YapandE offer monthly networking sessions. We are also hosting a meet and greet this month with influencers @bizzleo1 and @socialprefect, there will be a live Q&A with them and a #FREE #socialmedia clinic with our digital marketing partners, @verhaalng

7. #Read unrelated things:
If you’re a reader, make sure your reading list includes topics that are unrelated to your business endeavors

To know more, or partake in the engagements mention in #6, please follow @naijastartups on Instagram. Have a productive week ahead. 


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  1. It's amazing how #7 and #3 are often undervalued in the quest for entrepreneurship. Like the unusual, yet arguably potent list for successful entrepreneurship! Chrisyinks


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