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Monday, 17 July 2017

He Who finds a Wife...

Please what do men see in a woman to make them know they have found a wife?

My friend asked me this last night and we both pondered upon it. I couldn't come up with any answer. Like, I had few ideas but I'm not a man, and I'm not married so how could I possibly answer that. 

You often hear some men say "Immediately I saw her I knew I had found my wife". That could be instinct or some thing she may have done at the time. And then there are those who've been dating the lady for some time and they say "it was at that moment I knew I was going to marry her". 


I think many single women would like to know this. My friend desires to be married. She's in her early 30s and possesses all the qualities she believes a man would want in a wife, so why is she still single, right? I guess but I may be wrong, that it's this that led her to ask me this question; what does a man see in a woman that makes him know he has found his wife?

Men we are all ears. Ladies pitch in too, especially if you've got brothers, or you're married, or you just know. LOL.  

I hope our question is clear enough. You know, like what does woman A have that made him choose her over woman B? What was it about her that made him decide he had found his wife?

Answers please?


  1. From my experience,I'd say a woman with skills-has a good job,entrepreneurial,nice behavior/attitude,and can satisfy him sexually...TNHW

  2. "...finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord" (completing ur post

    Well,for some men,I think the woman who gives them peace like still waters. You know, the kind where you know you don't need to go searching for elsewhere cos it's right there with you.

    For some, it's the woman whose presence brings them luck. Believe it or not but this is real for some. Some have left women cos during the course of their meeting or dating,things in their life began to deteriorate. This scenario is vice versa but we discussing finding a wife not husband..

    For some men,they too are in their desperate stage where they need to settle down and start a family and voilà,there appears their wife..

    In the end,all i'll say is, a marriage (finding ur wife/husband) isnt the destination but the journey in itself...

    1. I don't think anybody's presence can bring you luck, it's just coincidence that the person is in your life at that time

    2. When you understand that the mortal man is made up of mind,body and spirit, maybe you might have a better understanding of my statement there.

      Also,that one's presence brings one ill-luck doesn't mean they wldnt bring someone else good luck.

      Lastly,coincidence? Lol

  3. I dont believe there is set of qualities per say that makes anybody wife material. Virgins and prostitutes get married daily, women who can cook and those who cant get married get my point.

    I think its a question of whether or not your countenance matches that mans. Some men wouldnt marry a woman like me, and my husband was hell bent on marrying me🤗

    Its just hoping the person who gets you so to speak shows up at a reasonable time...right time for marriage is also subjective.

  4. I totally agree with miss pynk. It's not about sets of qualities. Most people say 'don't worry when you meet her/him, you'll just know. The peace he or she brings to your soul will surpass all understanding.LOL. 90% of my married friends say this in different phrases, all the time.

  5. For some men its who's in their lives when they are ready for marriage, for others its that person they can just be themselves with and who also brings them luck like SB said above. For others, believe it or not its the kind of family she's from, like rich with connections etc etc.

    For my husband, he said i brought him luck and then later said hey what's not to love about you eh... I still give him side eyes because of the luck thing. Well I can't say its not true, I mean dude was a broke ass nigger when I met him but look at him now...

    1. Share the luck,sorry love, sorry

  6. It doesn't have an explanation..G


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