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I Really Need Your Advise.

Good morning great people. 

Many people think that when you work for yourself you hop into a fluffy bed where you snooze till about 8am before groggily crawling out. 

But the reality is that when you work for yourself you get even less sleep than when you're in paid employment, especially at the teething phase. If you're not staying up late to work and/or waking up early to deliver, you're staying wide awake thinking, strategizing, planning and sometimes worrying or panicking!

I've been up since 4am. Thinking. 

I was thinking of ways to boost sales at Chidoz. It's going alright but it can do much better, I realize that there are still untapped resources. 

I remember my mentor saying often, always find 4 ways to do one thing. Like, you might have one source of income but let your one source of income have 4 streams of income. So say for instance you cook, you can teach how to cook, you can be a private chef, you can cook for parties and then you can do home deliveries. This is a simple analogy but not very easy applicable to some businesses. 

So, Chidoz is primarily a night place but I'm trying to change it because I believe that in that location, food sold from morning to early evening would make much more money than the night crowd brings in. 

Unfortunately though, even when I got a new cook and we started cooking early the place would still be empty until evening and it was hard to let people know that it's now a daytime place. 

This challenge still exists, which led me to think outside the walls of Chidoz.  

There are banks and other Companies here are there, not too far from Chidoz. Now I'm thinking of approaching them to let them know that we are here. Of course while I will market Chidoz to them as a place they can come and unwind with drinks and some hot pepper soup after work, my primary aim is to tell them what we have and even to deliver. In the alternative, it would also be great if we can even get a deal to cater their lunches, although it's likely they already have an in-house caterer. So question, especially if you work or have worked in a bank, or 9-5, how best would you advise me to go about this?

Do I just walk into the (bank) and introduce myself? To who?
Do I take "samples" with me?
Is it better if I know or approach someone in the bank directly and tell them my mission so that they can help me put word out?
Do people just package the product and walk into the office and sell? (I have a friend who used to sell perfumes, that's basically what she used to do, just carry her bags of perfume from bank to bank and sell, but I'm not keen on this). 
Others: please advise me on what best to do that I've not listed or thought about. 
If I'm doing this then of course it's just rice (with either moimoi or dodo with beef or chicken). 

In the alternative, I noticed that one of the fastest sellers in the mornings at Tantalizers in Victoria Island is their toast bread. I also know someone who used to sell sandwiches to offices in VI in the mornings and her sales were good. Hello my 9-5'ers, do you think this would be a profitable business? Can I make toast (sandwiches/pancakes?), sell at offices in the mornings, would people be interested in buying? Do you/your colleagues buy from food vendors who come around in the morning? Do you reckon most people bring breakfast from home or shun breakfast entirely? What food do most people prefer to eat in the mornings that they would be okay buying from me?

I've also sent an application to Jumia Foods to be one of their vendors in Surulere. I'm waiting to hear from them. 

So please talk to me. And if you've got any ideas or suggestions for me, I'm all ears. If you work in an office job and you think there's a market for me, please invite me over, call 08173600406. I could bring freebies. For the breakfast, if I'm going to do that then Lekki-V/I is also a possibility. I don't intend to do both; it's either the lunch package and that's only in Surulere. But if I'm doing breakfast then I'll consider the Island first because it's a much bigger market.

If you would like to partner with me for business please call me also. Let's see how we can strike a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Guys, I still love events and I'm currently in the process of creating a niche in corporate event planning. But seeing as these jobs do not come everyday and I have Chidoz kitchen on the side, I've got to mind the business that pays me, and that's Chidoz, for now. 

Help my ministry o! I intend to be a billionaire. Other ways you can help; invest in me, ask for my account details and put something in, sponsor me to attend a business training, give me business, if you've run successful businesses for over 5 years offer me free advise, buy or send me books that would help me improve, introduce me to people that you're certain would add value to my business and life, or send me on vacation to destress and regroup 😉.

Oya , let's talk. Please answer my questions above. 



  1. Hi Thelma, I can see you are taking Chidoz places. well done.

    its nice to have someone to help with contacts in the Banks n other businesses around Chidoz, but often times you have to knock on these doors your self.

    Do you have a nice flyer updated with your breakfast services? if yes, put up a small letter as well as a complimentary meal well packaged n give out to top businesses around you.

    You just have to find away to stand apart from the competition close to you.

    You may have to invest in good plastic food packaging.

    Aside from the fact that the meal needs to taste heavenly, remember packaging is crucial.

    im yet to see instagram pages for chidoz. pls set one up. wen om looking for food to eat around lekki, i just go to instagram to find spots with good food.
    Yeah finally ensure your staff are always polite, and
    Id sure remember you seeing that tour options are now many.

    God bless and propser your business.

    1. Don't have much advice to give on this, and thankfully, Clare has done a wonderful job with her pieces of insights.

      I reckon trying to establish links with bank officials would serve your interests can always walk into any of the banks and strike a conversation with an available staff or even the janitors around to understand their needs and challenges. This should enable you craft a strategy that effectively meets their expectations and also makes you stand out. Also check this website '', she does have good info and a nice biz proposal.

  2. Thanks a lot Clare. This is super helpful. I don't know why my phone won't let me reply to your comment, I hope you see this. Thank you mami!

  3. Hello Thelma, what ever you do please take flierS with you. Trust me they are always kept someplace that can be accessible when needed. And also do varieties if you can. It is always a winner.

    I work with a bank and a guy that used to run a mobile kitchen, visited offices close to my place of work and mine also to distribute his fliers. What got us interested is the various options and the fact that we could other breakfast and lunch.

    From scrabbled eggs/toast/pancakes to jollof rice/ Jollof spagetti to swallow with soup and protein. What I noticed also is that he most times doesn't have all the foods stated on his flier. I believe he added them to make it attractive. Also for drinks we had options like smoothie, tea/coffee or pure orange juice. I don't know if it okay or legal I would have sent you a copy of what the flier looks like so you can use that as a basis for yous. I still carry it with me even though the guy stopped showing up.

    So go to these places harmed with your fliers. You won't even have to talk much as some of us are mostly hurrying to be done and move on to the next thing anyways .. Lol. But if you have interesting offers it is only a matter of time.

    The guy we currently buy from supplies to a company's canteen close to my office. What he does is send one of his staff to come take our orders in the morning. For our orders we get to be flexible and buy whatever we want, na money kill am. I don't know much food cost in that area but normally his plate of food is #300 plus take away pack making it #350. Now for me I always add vegetable (efo) to mine plus additional fish or meat making it #500 or #550 plus or minus the pack. Some of my colleagues add sausage and turkey to theirs. Turkey I think is #300 which is 1/3 of of the usual size. You can quote your prices according to the way things are sold there or you might decide to do yours a little lower. The good thing about this guy is he makes yam porridge. Yam porridge and fried fish is bae.

    Also familiarize yourself with them, you might have to make some deliveries yourself,just to get feedback. The second guy used to do it. I didn't even know he owned the business until much later.

    And finally be prepared to be cajoled/convinced into opening an account with them..

    This should be my longest post ever. I hope it helps.


  4. Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

    Sleep won't let me but i'm sure you get. All the best dear.

  5. I know someone who can design very nice flyers for you captioning the message you intend to pass through words and pictures. He is IKAN concepts on Instagram. Good luck Nne, God bless your hustle.

  6. I think you can corner both breakfast and lunch markets. Let folks place their breakfast orders the evening before...and their lunch orders around the time you make morning deliveries.

    Make your offerings attractive but limited. Things Nigerians like and stuff that wont go bad easily. You can offer 2 typical Nigerian breakfasts, 2 oyibo esque options. Same as lunch. Also make sure the meals are affordable...N300 to N500 per plate.

    If you want to be extra, a lot of folks sit in traffic after work - never heard of anyone offering a "traffic pack" - many are too tired to eat when they get home. Wings and chips delivered at 10 to 5 for the road would be a hit.

  7. Sorry this is coming late, you have to write a business proposal and get across to the bank vendor management unit often sits with Facility peeps and submit, if you are good you will be called upon.


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