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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mainland People, "Your Inferiority Complex Is Showing".

Says Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi 

I have this friend who used to live in this really nice estate at Ikeja before she relocated to the U.S. Very cute estate tucked away in a serene neighbourhood in Ikeja. She's got rich parents and they bought her this house and a car. Her house; a four bedroom duplex all ensuite, with two living rooms and a BQ. This chic was a landlady and was living in one of the most expensive areas of Lagos. She worked just street away from home so she was basically living the Lagos dream. Yet for some reason this chica would still pick a bone with people who live on the island. And despite all she had, which if you guys must know is a DREAM to me, still wanted to rent a flat in Lekki phase 1. 

And if her office wasn't just 3 minutes away, she would have!

This just makes you wonder about the Mainland-Island shenanigans. I thought the whole thing died a quiet and very welcome death about 3 years ago but I now realize that that is far from the reality. 

I read with a bit of bile in my mouth, the comments made by many people living on the mainland about the island floods. I've never come across a more gloating bunch!

It was not surprising as, spending more time in Surulere these months than I have in the last few years, I hear these kinds of comments a lot. I recall this one time I went to buy CDs for the Chidoz night crowd from somewhere in Surulere. These men were having a very lively conversation about "the island" and people who live there. Words like broke, fake, scam, wash and flood were thrown around. The disdain with which they addressed the people was alarming... Until I cut into their conversation and asked, "But if they dash you house there, won't you take?"

And they were all silent. 

One day I went to Shoprite in Surulere and I overheard people having this same island-shaming conversation. I wanted to ask them, like I've wanted to ask hundred others; Why do you expend so much of your time and energy hating on people who live on the island? 

Actually someone who replied to my comment on Instagram (about the reaction to the flood situation) on Saturday might have given me answers. She said; "We are actually not salty. It's just the irritating look people on the "island" give when you say you stay on the mainland. Like some just shut you off completely. You tell them you live after Ikotun and there's just this automatic look of judgement and superiority complex, like you're just not of their ilk. So now it's time for us to gloat and have our own piece of cake". 

Hmmm, makes a bit of sense. 

Anyways I really think it's silly and the truth is that both factions have their blame in this (and the fact that there are "factions" is silly and sad"). Yes, I lived in Surulere most of my life so I can totally relate and agree with the comment above. So island people, stop being stupid. You're not better than anyone else simply because of where you live. And let's not lie, there is really nothing special about living on the island, ANYBODY at all can live in Lekki these days, seeing as the Island we are referring to is no longer just Ikoyi and Victoria Island. 
Also, these days anything from Lekki phase 1 to Sangotedo, Lakowe and even Epe is now called "The Island". 😂😂😂. So my dear Ikotun babe, the island people that are making you feel bad might actually live in Epe and share a border with Ogun state. LOL 

"Mainland people. Grow up and stop paying them any mind. Are they paying your house rent? No! So why should you give a hoot about how they see you. Remember the saying, "nobody has the power to make you feel inferior about yourself without your consent", so I'm not necessarily agreeing with Gbemi that people who live in the Mainland have inferiority complex, but when you keep on island-shaming and displaying the kind of attitude that was displayed last weekend, it kinda makes it look like you do. Especially as those people don't even act like you exist...

Ok Bye oooo. Me I'm sitting on the fence with this one. LOL. 



  1. All this Lagos pipu and una wahala...It is well.TNHW

  2. No beht why? Why should there be factions in the first place? Really "the fact that there are factions is silly and sad" and moreso is the fact that there might be no stopping this!
    Hmm! I just hope it's not that serious O for the sake of those of us that might just wake up to find our innocent selves living in Lag.#adimserious.and the fact that there are "factions" is silly and sad")

  3. Exactly Thelma. I grew up all my life in surulere and when I got married my husband and I chose to live in Ajah cos it was a new environment for us. So I tell people. ..not every body on the island is a big man. Regular folks stay in Ajah, Sangotedo all the way down to Epe. Smh

  4. pls Is it Gbemi Olateru that developed the Island? Where did 'develope your beloved mainland too' come from?

    1. Very good question Kene.

      I've been living in Lagos since 2001 and the only time I've ever learnt of this Island vs Mainland childish competition is when Thelma did a Post about it few years back. Even up till now, I don't even remotely notice it and marvel at the time and energy people expend worrying about or comparing Lagos "regional" status.

    2. Good question! D same question I asked on Instablognaija. Sense fall on Gbemi

  5. I think people were just having fun.

    But the peeps with inferiority complex now took it P.
    I love my mainland. When you get to Ikeja just scream "Kon is my uncle" All the area boys will be hailing you because of me. Try it.


  6. Some houses in surulere,yaba,festac Ikeja is just as expensive as houses in the island so I don't even understand what this mainland island bullshit is all about.

    1. Too true! While house hunting for someone last year I saw a 3 bedroom flat in Aguda (not even central Surulere o!) for 2M per annum. I was like wait, what?!!! 👀👀👀

  7. Lol.. .mainland and island escalated.

    Island.. .mainland.. .all natural land.


  8. I was just discussing this with a few colleagues this morning. We have one of us who lives on the Island with her family (husband and a year old son). The lady earns about N150K while the husband earns N200K. She's about registering her son at a School which costs N230K per term. I really do not understand the economic sense in insisting to live on the island with these salaries but then, whatever rocks their boats.

    I live on the Mainland and I don't feel inferior. I can afford a N2M per annum apartment on the Island but of what use (for now) when I would need to cough out huge sums for schools etc?



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