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Friday, 7 July 2017

Mistake or Miracle?

Found this on Instagram today and I wouldn't even be asking if the person in question isn't Frank Edwards. I don't know much about Frank Edwards but I know he's a successful gospel artist and a spiritual leader to some. Scrolling through his instagram you would find that many consider him a Minister of God's word, he apparently just released a single called Miracle Rain. I see many testimonies being left by several followers on his page about miracles that erupted after singing his song Miracle Rain, so you can see that really for some of these people, this is a prophet of God, of sorts. 

One of these miracles is in the comment above by @kingsleyyashim. Please read the comments in the post and share your thoughts. 

I know many times when things like this happen we're often tempted to believe it's a miracle. Sometimes it's so convincing; how can something I need and desperately pray for fall on me, just like that, and you tell me it's not God at work????

Like being extremely broke that you can't even afford keke napep to the ATM to withdraw the last 2k in your account then suddenly you get a credit alert from a strange source for N250k and someone wants to tell you that it's not Olowogborogboro. HOW!??

So what do you think about the above? 

Miracle or Mistake?

(Nawa o! Frank Edwards... And people wonder why Nigeria is where it is. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’). 

I'm terribly disappointed, but he says "you can't teach God how to bless people" so im'ma just keep my mouth shut. 🚢🚢🚢



  1. I'd want to believe that wasn't Frank Edwards or he wasn't thinking when he wrote that (we all make mistakes).

    However, the handle 'simplyxclusiv' makes an appropriate judgment of the situation. To think that very recently, the acting president was congratulating a Nigerian for taking the high road in a similar situation, and encouraging others to tow a similar path of integrity....guess this didn't achieve much.

  2. Na wah oh, Frank's comment just left me with mouth hanging open. Really frank? Hmmm oh well...

  3. If the dude had included that he called the former company and they confirmed to him that indeed the payment was meant for. I would have clapped. Dude should do the right thing.


  4. Ask for Frank... I have no words.

    Everyone should carry their holy books and read.


  5. 'You can't teach God how to bless his people' okay oooo

  6. The Mr Frank must have been joking. Problem is that the joke was not funny.


  7. They're gospel​ singers don't mean they know the gospel.. it's what out food on the table for them

  8. The only way to confirm if it was a mistake or a miracle is if and when the person in question calls the company to confirm....

    Frank Edwards tho... I don't even know what to say... I'll just let this πŸ™„πŸ˜’ speak for me

  9. Well, let me complete the half story. Frank as a human bound to evaluate things erroneously, went through the comments and found reason with public opinion that it was just to return the money. He accepted it was wrong of him to give such advice. He also told the guy to contact him thereafter with his account details for support. (He actually put it up as a post but many people neglected that part and focused on the initial wrong advice)
    I do hope everybody that lambasted him will straightaway return the money in similar situations but we know 90% won't and that's why Nigeria is where it is.

  10. "Blessings fall on me"
    "Promotion fall on me"
    "Favor fall on me"

    Do we remember the video of Mary Mary's song - "You broke the chain now I can lift my hands"? A part in the video showed a broke girl who opened her door to find money right infront of her door. She picked up the money and prolly said a miracle prayer. She should have returned the money to their city council but when ur hungry or broke, you really don't question where a breakthrough comes from esp when you didn't do anything to get it. Sometimes the universe works it's own ways for or against us. There are different angles of looking at the money. I guess he went from being a worker to a ghost

  11. Me thinks the company made a mistake. I will certainly return such funds.

    Frank gave a wrong advise as far as I am concerned. Its a good thing he retraced his steps.

    God help us all in the face of tempatation.

  12. Please return the money, the company will catch you when you use them for reference and you new company comes calling.


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