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Friday, 14 July 2017

Our Parents.

1. I went home to see my mom after almost 2years. 
2. I think life kind of has some cruelty buried in it's core. 

Sometimes ago, I talked about how life brings you close to something and forcefully detaches you from it soon enough. Wicked! 

If one thinks about it well enough, it is very likely to drive you crazy. What's the point of it all? 
I hadn't seen my ma in so long. Last I saw her, I was 2years younger. I was beginning to feel like a prodigal son. But hey, Waka plenty for man leg. How I go do? So, an opportunity presented itself, and I took it. I went, and I spent two days with momma. It was all I could manage. And on the morning of my departure, she saw me off to the gate, and I stopped a bike. Usually, I'm of the practice of kissing her forehead when I'm bidding her goodbye. But the way she begins to weep after the act is something I hate to see. So, this time, I just hugged her, jumped on my bike. Already, tears had welled up in her eyes. I was genuinely sad. I could only imagine the things she was thinking about that brought tears to her eyes. Sweet mother.

It's better for parents who are still together. Maybe. But single parents, how do they cope? You spend your life laboring on your kids and soon, they fly away like birds. And many times, we forget to even go see them as much as we should. Because we have our own lives to live. Isn't it so cruel of life? These settings. What's the point of it all?

They grow old. And need more love, and companionship, and affection, and bonding, and all that togetherness. And we can't even really give them. Don't even for a minute think money or expensive things substitute for it. You joke. Especially for people who have a mom like mine, who has no interest whatsoever in anything "worldly" as she'd say (she's a totally heaven heaven person).
I'm seriously thinking of what to do or how to bridge this gap. I'm putting it out, so everyone else can be reminded, that parents are king. We must NEVER misplace our priorities. They're growing old!


This is food for thought this morning. 

I culled this from a cool guy I follow on Instagram (@iamjobzskhmo) and it made me think and reflect. 

...But isn't it scary that one day this will be us too. Our kids too will fly the nest to go live their own lives and pursue their dreams, leaving us all alone, sometimes forgetting to call us, sometimes acting like we're pestering them when we call them. We hear the tinge of exasperation and annoyance when they answer our call which we made hesitantly in the first place, because we did not want to bother them. And we don't want to bother them, but we're lonely, and we miss them, and we are bored; we have no one else to talk to. But they don't understand and that's okay. We too didn't understand it when our parents felt this way. 



  1. Well,thank God for technology. When the kids do fly off,its technology that fills the gap! I'll probably still do whatsapp, twitter and have my kids fill me on the latest season films to keep me company(or I'll just watch my classic reruns like HIMYM).

    Be kind to people and you wld beget kindness in return.

    1. Osheee baddest!!!!(no offense to bob riskky).I hope you know there is no better feeling than seeing each other face-to-face.TNHW

    2. Nne,when the preferable isn't available, the available becomes preferable.

      Hopefully my friends now wld still be my friends in future. If we can't operate future technology to stay in touch, whatsapp wld still hopefully be there to the rescue..

  2. I was going to say he was overreacting abit until he said, "...Especially for people who have a mom like mine, who has no interest whatsoever in anything..."(made quite a bit of sense). True our parents get lonely and miss that "family time" with us, but they usually adapt to the absence after sometime. The reality of the kids finally growing into adults, leaving, getting married and starting their own families finally dawns on them and they adjust, no matter how much time it takes them to. And when they do, life isn't as depressing as what is being described upstairs.

  3. This post made me feel guilty cos just yesterday I was very upset with my mum (she did something I didn't like) and although she's a bit of a drama queen, she does feel a biit abandoned by her kids. I can't even imagine how my dad feels. I must try to be a better daughter.

    Thanks Tee for posting this.

  4. It's a good reminder.



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