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The Nwando Conundrum

Hello, my name is Nwando, I'm an Events Manager. 

And sudden everyone thinks I'm Nwando's Signature. 

A few times this has worked to my advantage and I allow it. Like the time I went to that overcrowded bakery with long queues and I filled a form and the staff began to whisper among themselves while furtively glancing at me. Suddenly I was ushered to the front and given VIP treatment. I wasn't quite sure why but when I heard someone whisper "Nwando's Signature" realization dawned. At that point I allowed them cater to me, but before I left I told them I'm not Nwando's Signature. You could actually hold their shock and disappointment in your hands. 

Similarly a few weeks back I wanted to make a purchase via phone, the nonchalant sales rep perked up immediately I told him I'm in Surulere and my name is Nwando. "Nwando's Signature!" he squealed with glee. "No. I'm not". And he went back to his nonchalant self. 

There've been a few other occasions but the most recent would be yesterday at the Starting and Running Your Business Workshop. I arrived early and positioned myself at the front, only because it was the warmest place I found to sit. It turned out that I was sitting with the panelists who came later. And so some attendees thought I was one of the panelists. You see, Nwando's Signature was also meant to speak at the event but she could not make it. So now, here is a Nwando, sitting with the panelists, who also happens to be an Event pro. 

However I was there simply to support a very brilliant and inspiring friend, and soak up more knowledge and information. Some people however did not get that memo so during the Q&A session some questions were directed at me, as an Events Manager. I'm more than equipped to handle any question on events so that wasn't a problem at all. 

Most of the attendees knew I wasn't Nwando's Signature anyways, the convener, Lamide, had announced that she wouldn't make it. Unfortunately some people were probably snoozing during this announcement because after the class I had a few people waiting outside to talk to me. Majorly about events and getting a leg into the industry. But there was this one lady who kept on approaching me with reverence in her eyes and slight trepidation in her voice, she constantly reminded me that she needed to talk to me and was willing to wait until everyone had left. I wondered why, what was so important? 

Eventually it was just Lamide, an attendee consulting with Lamide and I left when she finally approached me. "I didn't hear you speak". It was both a question and mild accusation laced with disappointment and it was when I was struggling to understand why she'd expected me to, that I realized that all this time she had been running around me and vying for my undivided attention because...

You guessed right. 

She thought I'm Nwando's Signature!

It was probably the most gut-wrenching thing I had to do yesterday; telling her I'm not. And in the moment that ensued we both stood and stared at each other in awkward silence, wondering what to do next. 

"Well I'm Nwando and I'm in Events, and I'm here. I'm probably even better than Nwando's Signature so talk to me" I chuckled cheekily to break the tension. 

Everyone laughed heartily and the moment passed. 

In any case, I still remain Nwando, the Creative Director of Black Carpet Events. I would love to help you solve your events needs. You should give me a call. My number is 08173600406

And you tell me who you are and what you do. Sell yourself, advertise your business or simply tell us your career/business plans. 

And if you've got any question(s) for me, events, events career related or otherwise, feel free to ask me anything at all. 

Comment below. 



  1. Nwando the Brand Strategist. #SpreadTheWordTillTheWorldHearsYourVoice

  2. Earlier this week a colleague was telling the story of how she was once mistaken for Rita Dominic in a bank in Port Harcourt. She didn't realise what the hassle was all about at first but when the Manager referred to her as Rita, Omo as a sharp fine girl she flowed with the VIP treatment and was done with her transaction within minutes.(in case you're wondering, she had on a face cap and she's really fair skinned) Lol and she met a very long queue that day.
    I would say go with the flow but that would be bad for business especially since you have your business to sell.
    Hmm Black carpet events should plan my wedding when it comes eventually.
    TGIF, have a nice weekend people.

  3. LOL I'm not even sure why but I love this post. Looking sexy thelma

  4. Love ur shoes Thelma, have been in this situation before in Skool, people thought I was the daughter of a popular professor in Uniben, when I try explaining they don't get it, so I just tell them he's a distant uncle and it helped me in Skool but I felt guilty at some point.

  5. I'm Temitope, I'm also a pastry chef into production and sales of cakes and chinchin. Got 6 years experience in paid employment and 3 years in solo business. About to commence my MBA to up my game and skills. Thelma, you look great by the way. Lovely picture

  6. I saw T yesterday and I was literally star struck. Trust me guys pictures don't do her enough justice ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. Thanks for the opportunity you brought my way through that Session yesterday.

  7. So....should we change the name of the blog to Nwando Thinks?
    I have never heard of Nwando's signature. Hm! I dont know anything.

    Im Kon! And there are only 4 in the Universe. Im from Mars. Im loved by all. My street credibility is through the roof. My major assets are my mind and brain. But Im lazy. Sorry.


  8. Good thing you've got some free publicity you could use to your advantage.

    Chris by name, a grad student. TTB pretty much knows all about me so no need to belabor you all. Plan/ambition is to take over the Chrisyinks

  9. Hi Guys, I am an accessories designer. Make bags, beads and slippers. You can check my page on Instagram @Okikisola Thank you.

  10. I'm Ruby.
    I'm a media practitioner looking for the next big step to success, preparing to launch a ready to wear clothing line and still seeking investors.
    I'm a brand and I know it.

  11. My name is quirky, I work in the financial sector. Currently building my side business which is palm oil. I also intend learning fashion designing as soon as I complete my driving lessons this month.

    In mind my I see myself doing more than a nine to five but it seems as if time is just not enough.

    So Thelma, how do you prioritize and manage time?......*This is my major issue*
    And what was that motivating factor?

    1. Hey Quirky, first I'd like to know why you have a side hustle. Is your income inadequate? Does your job lack security? Is the side business (Palm oil) something you're passionate about? Is it because you think you SHOULD have a side business? I think the reason is key because these days all this focus on and glamourization of entrepreneurship seems to be putting so many people under pressure; including those who neither want to nor have the drive for business. So let's establish that you're doing it for the right reason(s) before we go further. Multiple streams of income is great but there's nothing wrong with working a job you love and making money from it.

    2. Now to time management, you already answered your question; prioritize. At the moment you're working for someone so that's got to come first, IMO. I don't have a 9 to 5 so how I manage my time will not apply to you. And seeing as you have a job you've got to decide which business you want to pursue right now; Palm oil or fashion design. Don't do both. Do an indepth research for both businesses/markets and let that assist in guiding your decision.

      Also you shouldn't have multiple businesses running at the same time when BOTH are at infancy stage and not grounded. With that in addition to the time factor, it only makes sense that you do just one for now.

    3. Thanks for your response Thelma.

      To answer your questions

      1. Adequate or not. I still want more. I won't deny the fact that it covers my basic needs and still left with a little savings.

      2. No job security in this job of ours. Although at this point it is not about the security. I am done with the job. Business or no business I still plan on leaving.

      3.'At first I just wanted it just so I can have a side biz. But I am at the point where I really want this and want it to grow into something big. I am very thrilled with every step I take towards achieving it.

      4. I am of the opinion that you either have a side hustle or investment. Yes I wanted one as my savings weren't that huge to rake in the kind of returns I wanted. Now it is more than just something on the side.

      Fashion designing is more like a hobby and me trying to improve on it. I think sowing is therapeutic.Lol. So if I am going to do it....why not learn and do it well.

      From your response, I just need to prioritize more.

      I appreciate the response.

  12. I'm Keneh, I'm a pharmacist and I love my profession. still working on my textile business plans, which by His grace will kick off soon. I'm working on improving my drawing/art which is just for leisure now but may bring money later.

  13. My name is C, a pharmacist in the making. Previously a pastry chef but relocation affected me. Between school, kids and now job, I have been looking for a side hustle for a long while but nothing seems to work for me

  14. I'm Ibukunoluwa aka Sunshine ☀️, I bring sunshine to everyone's lives ๐Ÿ˜. I work in the financial sector and I kinda love my job, it pays all my bills and then some.

    I'm not an entrepreneur and right now I have no desire to be one.
    I'm seriously considering learning a skill or 2 and working towards achieving that. I'm not learning because I want to start a business, I'm learning because I know they might come in handy sometime in the future so I'd rather be prepared.

  15. I am Kanyinsola aka Kabuoy. I work in the telecoms industry. I am not very in love with my job. I have no entrepreneurial skill or none that I know of. Which is funny because that's my mom's thing. And none of have it... surprisingly.
    Each time I take a personality test, entertainer or something in that line springs up but I have no intention of exploring that part of my life even tho I have always wanted to do something in that line.
    Quite frankly... I don't know what I want to do withy life and reading comments under this post shows how not-gathered together I am and it hurts๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ for you guys and I hope all your dreams and aspirations come true.

  16. Hi my name is Mabel Aka maybelline...ermmmmmm i dont even know what i do because i do anything that brings money... Lol,weird but true.. Legal stuffs though,and i am a student... Thelma you look hot baby. Way to go

  17. My name is wumi,i am an architect and artist,im passionate about my art,it is a new form of art that uses paper,you can check out some of my pieces on instagram on this handle(@doneehans).
    Thanks Thelma.

  18. my name is Wumi,i am an architect and an artist,i am very passionate about my art,it is a new form of art that involves the use of paper,you can check out some of my pieces on instagram on this handle(@doneehans)
    Thanks Thelma.

  19. My name is Iyanuoluwa. Final year med student, future psychiatrist and MBA Harvard holder. Everything everything business. Lover of God๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  20. Hello everyone,

    We sell perfumes at affordable wholesale prices.
    Kindly check our instagram page and contact us on @chen_place . Also:


    Thank you Thelma.

  21. My name is Nwanne and I run La fete Confectionery. I love cakes and sweet treats. Check out my instagram page @Lagos_la.fete . Let's make your cake dreams come true.


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