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2am and I'm here eyes wide open, just getting home after a few drinks with a few good friends, and then some. 

This guy who looked to be about 25 walked up to me, smiling flirtatiously, and asked if I'd like to dance with him. I didn't. Then he asked if I wanted to take a walk. I did. 

We got to a balcony and he brought out something to smoke. The smell was unfamiliar. "What's that?"

"Loud" he said. 


The rate at which young millenials are doing drugs is alarming. Very alarming. Females especially. It's a lot more rampant with young females these days. Loud. Codeine. Cocaine. And God Knows What Else!

Last week I went for drinks at a friend's restaurant and this young lady, about 19, was having virgin cocktails with an older woman. I'd initially thought that must be her Mum or aunt. The owner let me know that that's her chaperone. 


"Yeah. She was in rehab, she's an addict. Ever since coming out of rehab she's been under lock and key. She's only just now allowed to come out, but never without her chaperone". 

A drug addict at 19. 

And yes, these ones are the children of the elite who are these days just as hooked on drugs as Fatai or Yekini under a random lagos bridge. 

The elite kids. Like the daughter of one of the topmost politicians in the country, who recently just launched some line or the other. Pretty young thing. Innocent and comely. You'd be shocked when you see her and her convoy and friends storm that joint. They have their own corner. They come with their own drugs. Young lady smokes like a chimney and sniffs like a Don. 

Or is it the girls that walk in and out of my friend's hotel in Lekki Phase 1? I'm talking girls aged 16 and up. Most nights they come to smoke their drugs on the roof top and go back home to mummy and daddy. But sometimes they'd get a room for 2 or 3 nights and just feast on drugs. My friend showed me this video of one of his hotel rooms from the previous week. He said they were about 4 girls who checked into the room. The video was alarming. There were over 7 empty bottles of Henessey and at least 20 emptied bottles of cough syrup with codeine. They left over some wraps of weed or loud or whatever they ingested, and left the room in an extremely filthy state, looked like where mud was poured for pigs to have a romp. Said they girls couldn't have been over 21. 

"Loud? What does it do for you?" I asked the young man

"Just take a drag and see" he took one long drag and lazy pulled it from his mouth and handed it to me. 

I wouldn't take it from him. "I don't smoke. Seriously, what does this do for you?"

"Y'know, just makes you happy. It's loud, makes you feel like you're in the cloud. Like nobody can touch you. It doesn't make you high, it just makes you just feel... happy" he said, struggling to find the words to best describe the effect the drug has on him and his friends. 


You know, this whole thing is scary. I'm not even sure if I'm talking about the drugs or the total lack of morales young girls display. No thanks to social media, girls want to slay and they're willing to do anything or f*ck anyone for some change, for a bump, for a plane ticket, for shoes, for... anything just to feel among. 

I wonder when the day would come that they'd look back and realize none of it was worth it. Or is it just a phase? Youthful exuberance?

What do you think? Who else has observed what I'm talking about? Who's as worried as I am?

And if you know more than I do about this recent craze for drugs, please help me understand it. Also feel free to shed some light of the risks and effects. 



  1. Hello Thelma, hope your day is going well. I schooled in Porto Novo and while i was there, atleast 75% of he students and neighbours around me smoked... both SK, Weed, etc and they also took this drug; Rephnol and Tramadol and also this mixture of Sprite and Codeine(usually found in cough syrups) and so many more that i can't even remember. I always asked the ones i knew that smoked why they do it, what sort of joy and happiness they derive from it and they all say the same thing; it makes them be on cloud 9. And then i ask them "for how long will it keep you there"..thats where they sober up and say "for a few hours". In my head I'm like, so the effect isnt even a permanent one, yet you keep doing it? I had a friend that was very very very good-looking, healthy, "fresh" and decent looking. But 2years down the line, he was introduced to one of them drugs and that's how this guy just turned into a shadow of himself. His cheeks became sunken, his eyes were so hollow and dry, that fresh body of his became so thin and dry and then his new hairstyle "dreads" just sealed the new junkie look. Funny thing was, he didn't notice any of these changes despite the fact that everyother person around him noticed it. I really don't know what to say. As for the girls, its nothing more than peer pressure. There's a saying that "parents aren't the only influence that kids have". So no matter how good or "perfect" or religious some parents are, kids still become wayward when exposed to other external influences, thats why most parents are too protective especially when it comes to their daughters. Most girls just feel like in other to "belong" to a certain group in school, or society, they have to do one or two things, thats where self love, self esteem and PRAYERS come into play. If you love yourself enough and have a good self esteem, you'll realise that you don't need to conform to certain standards in order to "belong" and at the end of the day, you just have to ask God for that extra strength to say no to certain things, to stand your ground and not budge no matter the number of people that keep pushing you. Even if society accepts some things as normal, you should know that they aren't and even if you're the one person who "stands aside",it doesn't mean you're uptight or boring. It means you're strong!
    I've already typed an epistle. Let me just stop here. Parents should just try to raise their kids in a God fearing way and try to develop a close relationship with them, so that when they're going through rough patches and are unsure of what to do, instead of run to those fake friends who'll end up giving them bad advice, they'll confide in their parents, who'll show/tell them the right thing to do. Thats my two cents. Have a beautiful day Thelma.

    1. Nice name,what does it mean?

    2. Thanks for this Kaira. You really answered a lot of the questions on my mind.

      Thelma....i really love your blog. Don't stop doing what you're doing. God bless you.


    3. Schools in that area though, 2 of my neighbours schooled there, after a year one of them insisted she's not going back, never. The other girl smokes like a chimney now and it's all from the influence there. Train up a child in the way he should go, when he's old he will not depart from it

    4. What a bummer, with the title and the picture up there, I thought it would be about a noisy male partner in bed. Oh well, this will do.
      A Girl

  2. Thank you Kiaraluchi, please have a beautiful day too. I was trying to decide whether to make your comment a blog post cause it looks like one 😅😘

    1. Lol! Thelma so long as people get to read it either way, I'm good😁.
      Sasha, thanks. Its an igbo name and it means "Let choose God".
      May, what you said is true. But its not the schools thats the problem, its the students. God help us all sha!!

  3. I've heard the drug menace in Nig is increasing like crazy but I didn't think the age bracket was reducing like crazy too. What a wow!
    I don't smoke but I've experienced the effect of weed (yh,my hair cream contains weed and I had a sore on my I'm not sure I liked how I felt o how much more doing hard core drugs like coke and co.
    Well,dear parents,while ur chasing the naira,remember no amount of money can ever make up for kids lost to drugs and substance abuse..

  4. My roommate in the university was a chain smoker, he can't go to school or eat if he doesn't smoke his weed. It's a real issue that needs urgent attention, these kids make you feel like you're not cool if you don't do drugs. I use to tell them alcohol is my limit and I don't drink more than 2 beers.
    I'm a Taxify/Uber driver, took a guy one day round the whole island selling this drug, most of his customers were young women, that Loud is freaking expensive, the cheapest he sold that day is 70k.
    With what I've seen in Lagos, if weed was legal, I'll be a dealer. Although, I heard drug abuse is much worse in Abuja

    1. yes ut is....all over tye streets at night.
      Went for holidays sometime back, you see young broke boys hanging around hospitals and pharmacies acting like they have cough , begging you for funds to buy cough syrup. Schooling in Kaduna was another eye opener, lots of gays, especially boys, eyes laced with kajal and smoking like crazy. Some sniff "fermented feaces"
      The things one sees.

  5. While I was in the university I moved with majorly church friends and studious people. Till date I don't like the smell of alcohol and smoke. I knew people did stuffs like this cos I heard it and I had a friend then who does it. So it was shocking for me when I went for Nysc. I camped in the North. We had quite a lot of Northerners in the camp and every where people where doing weed or normal cigarette. Guys where going to the clinic making doctor friends so as to get access to codeine or similar drugs. I redeployed to the South West, and I had this flatmate who is a Port Harcourt babe. She didn't drink or smoke but had several friends who did. We celebrated her birthday in the club and it wasn't a club night so it was basically we her friends both male and female that were there. At some time I left the club cos I could not stand the smoke. She has this politician son as a friend then, he is pratically a chimney. He is the type that doesn't open the car windows while smoking and even after. He would say he does not want the smoke to escape. Somehow from the reaction of my flatmate to her friends, I knew that the more you associate yourself with stuff like that the more such becomes normal to you. I remember my flatmate justifying her friends that smoked on her birthday that most of them smoked only occasionally and in periods like that.

    I think the reason why drugs are on the rise is because it is been promoted by several people. Quite a number of artists promote drugs, and we have children who want to be like them. It is seen as a cool thing to do. While parents can't control entirely or shield their children entirely from where these vices are promoted. I believe that parents should be more open to their children and have these rapport with them such that the children first know about these things from their parents. They tell the children the supposed advantages of the drugs and how the disavantages counter any thing that looks like an advantage in it. Parents shouldn't hide under the words: 'dont join bad gangs o', 'drugs is bad'. Children these days are more curious and adventurous than we are, coupled with the fact that social media is more accessible. Knowledge can be gotten any where . But we can choose to let them hear the knowledge first from us and guide them on the appropriate use of that knowledge.
    Im sorry for this long epistle o.

  6. Now I'm scares for my kids, if its like this now what would it look like in the next 10-15 years. Hey I cover my children with the blood of Jesus oh.

  7. Thelma this is scary I don't get how they discover these things, there was an era of hand sanitizer being used, I work in a pharmacy, We have to restrict the amount of cold medicine, cough medicine etc. I was watching the doctors tv the other day and it was discovered that a seed that can be bought for really cheap can make you high!!!! The stories are too much, looks like they are way ahead of us. It s scary my sister, its about time there is some regulation in the pharmacy and some social education in schools cos we are really failing.

  8. Had a younger friend back in uni that started experimenting in his second year. Back then I was in my finals. Dude went from fresh 'butty' best student of his class to a 'codeine and whatever else was available' addicted truant, in just a matter of months. Tried to talk him out of it as he practically spent all his sober moments in my room but that was one of the battles I lost. Last I heard, he had two extra years and is forever convinced the fast life is the only life worth living. For a boy that had a pastor mother, I guess the pressure to rebel was greater....
    Another dude that visited the lodge was perpetual droopy and slow (speech, actions, et al). Another victim of codein I was told. Or is it the next door neigbnour in my year one that drank spirits for water and made it a point to add weed into everything he cooked? This one never made it to past year one and didn't bother to go home as he seemed to be making mad cash from yahoo then. A friend of mine sighted him last month among the touts collecting 'gate fee' at elegushi beach so I guess we know how that career choice went as well.

    I think for a lot of them, it's a search for some sort of validation that leads them down that part. That feeling that one thing is missing, a void that some try to fill and of course all mighty peer pressure.

    Also, family life is really not what it used to be. An individual who has been raised to have a healthy sense of worth at the very least has a fighting chance. But in a new world order that demands that parents do more to get ahead while leaving vital parts of a child's informal education to helps, the internet and popular media, it now takes a conscious effort and grace really to raise a child the desired way. Once there's a gap from this, it becomes the individual's choice to fill it up with whatever is most accessible and convincing.

    And just when you think they've discovered it all, you get to hear of a unusual way people get high. I was hanging out at an outdoor spot with a friend many nights ago and I overhead some really clean and obviously upwardly mobile fine boys hustling for where to get weed from one of the serving girls. Seemed almost normal until I heard one of them ask his friends if they were game to smoke some paw paw leaves. Till date I'm still trying to verify how real that can be. Biko, anyone that is aware of this practice should educate a sister.

  9. The rate people take drugs is so alarming,here in Kano drugs is like food to them.

  10. Hmmm.... I'm really thankful for how sheltered my parents made me and how sheltered I choose to continue to be. I'm literally the 'most' wild of my friends and all I've done is have sex which I've even stopped for almost a year now. I know some of my classmates do weed which baffles me cos we spent weeks in pyschiatry posting and saw human beings that have been reduced to nothing due to drugs . I pray God helps this generation. Every time people talk about young people this and young people that, all I can see is my corner of the world 🙈.

    1. God bless you for choosing to remain 'sheltered'. Your reward will be great for giving your parents peace. Most of these children have very good home training as some of us expressed above, however it is their sole responsibility to adhere to the training regardless of the location they find themselves and the pressure they face. One key thing though, is self confidence. A child with inferiority and superiority complex will find very easy to bend the rules.

  11. Omo.. I live under a rock.. I don't know anything about this..
    It's really sad tho.. having a lot of money should help you raise your kids better not turn them to derelicts. The ages I saw as I was reading was just giving me headache. My baby sis is 16 for pete's sake!

    Parents need to do better mean..

  12. I know of the other drugs but I never heard of loud though... Kairaluchi has said it all. God help us, me I always say, I can't and won't give into any peer pressure, lai lai..

  13. Hope it's not too late to comment. .back then in uni I saw pple smoking anything like there was no tomorrow, boys and girls alike and it was dangerous to share from a coursemate's water or'seems quite disheartening, thanks to the media and artiste who preach the gospel of drugs and weeds..I saw people that came in fresh become scruffy, one had a seizure and broke his leg, another died from overdose and someone had mental issue but others did not learn. I'm an advocate of proper grooming of children and all you can check @royalkidsgram on instagram but we need to be more deliberate about parenting and rely on God's help


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