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Bloggitup On The TTB Hotseat.

For those who are new to this, the TTB hotseat is a Thelma Thinks blog feature where a nominated blog reader is placed on the hotseat and made to answer a compilation of very fun random questions posed by the other readers on the blog. 

In case you missed the previous hotseats, read them here

Thelma (me): Thelma's hotseat 
Chrisyinks: Chrisyinks' hotseat
Kon: Kon's hotseat
Uyi: Uyi's hotseat
Memphis: Memphis' hotseat


-What's your Date of Birth?
Dec 19,1984

-What is your full name and what does it mean?
Bloggitup and it means queen of the blogosphere. (Come and beat me, I am in my palace)

-State of Origin?
Edo State

-Where do you live?

-Position in the family?

-What's your occupation?
HR Executive for a financial Institution

-6ft, 5ft, 4ft, 3ft, midget?

-Fat, Chubby, Curvy, slim?

-6 packs or 1 pack?

-What do you feel is the most attractive physical part of you?
Physical attraction? that's got to be my boobies. (Don't ask me for nudes)

-Whats your shoe and dress size?
40-41 Shoe size, US 14, UK16 Dress size

-Smoke? Drink?

-What/Who inspires you?
There several inspirational factors for me:  Environment, my family, Positive minded people and the word of God.

-What is your daily routine?
Wake up,read a bible verse or two, pray(some days, I sleep off on my knees*devil is a liar),prepare for work,make a quick breakie if I have enough time and then dash off to work.

At work, I list my TO DOs for the day, start the day's task, take a break, (eat lunch or brunch, catch up with happenings around the world including TTB, gist or look for my colleagues trouble) go back to work till COB, head home and sleep.

Weekend, I wake up to jog and skip, do some house chores and laundry, cook, surf the web. if I took work home then I will be busy working on my computer and if not, I hang out with friends and family or just sleep.

Sunday is for church, rice and sleep. I Wake up and sort outfit for the week. I hang out on sundays if strength and mood permits. what else? (boring routine if you ask me)

-What's the highest you've spent on a perfume? Favorite perfume?
I don't spend money on perfume funny enough,I get them as gift almost all the time.

Elizabeth Arden’s Mediterranean is my next best after Dior Addict.

-Religion and faith?
Christianity.God's not dead.

-Born again or born before?
I am sha born either ways.

-Are you a church worker? 

What department?

-Are you ready for the 2nd coming of CHRIST?
Well…...I guess so. Are you?

-Grade your Christian life on a scale of 1-10.
Hian,(runs to get bible and scarf) 6 and counting... I am sure going to make heaven.*somebody shout hallelujah*

-Which is silent in "Scene", the S or C?
The C 

-Do you believe in global warming?
Huh? Who cares about atmospheric temperature?

-What are your hobbies?
Cooking, writing, acting, gisting, reading (these days I get tired of reading)

-Do you love traveling?
Oh yes of cos, even though I have only been to Cotonou,Togo and three states in Nigeria, I hope to do a lot more travelling.

-Are you happy as a Nigerian? 

If NO who's responsible for your unhappiness?
YOU and the Government.

-Which party did you vote for in the last election?
Oh please don't take me back to my past, let bygones be bygones.

-Your happiest moment
Don't think I have a happiest moment cos I get happy over little things but I think I mostly excited when I receive gifts.

-Your most embarrassing moment.
Too many but my most embarrassing will be when I fell flat on my face whilst crossing the road because I was wearing oversized slippers.The slippers also gave way and I ended up limping home on bare foot with bleeding lips.

-Ever had suicidal thoughts?
I had suicidal thoughts when I was advised to repeat in secondary school. I begged my father to change my school but he refused and forced me to repeat the class. I nearly killed myself that period. I planned on running into an oncoming vehicle and ending all the shame I was about to experience.

“What!! gbogbo bigz senior like me? Ahhh daddy kuku Keeee me o” But I am happy I didn’t cos I came out with flying colours afterwards. Life ain't that bad now though.(Thanking God)

-Your biggest weakness?
Reading and answering all these plenty questions.

-Worst behaviour/habit?

-How good are you at telling lies?
Not good at all.What does it mean to tell lies?

Would you rather tell the embarrassing truth or tell a lie to look normal?
If I have to tell a lie to look normal isn't that called self defence? lol

-How rich do you consider rich enough for you
I will consider myself rich when everyone around me is comfortable financially.

-Best food?
Jollof rice, stewed turkey & salad

-How good a cook are you on a scale of 1 to "Frigging awesome!"?
Frigging unbelievably awesome

-Social or Antisocial?

-Your 1st kiss was?
In my teens.

-Love, Boys or Money?
Money, Love and men (screw boys)

-Virgin, celibate or free thinker?
Been celibate for over a year now although the machine might need some servicing soon.

-Ever had a one night stand?
NO (Alakoba shidren)

-Relationship Status?
Single and ready to mingle

-Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Have you ever been in love? 

-A lot of ladies have high standards for the kind of men they want to be with especially in their teens and early 20s, have yours changed over the years?
I am now in my early thirties and I have kept SOME of these standards. I can't be with a fat man, one who doesn't have a legit source of income and I can't be with a man who doesn't care about family values and isn't family oriented.

-Your kind of man?
A christian (must know,fear and love God), smart, generous, physical (slim not skinny,tall or average height,dark or caramelly) should have a great sense of humour and MUST be a fine dresser, respectful, working class/legit businessman, family oriented and above 33years old.

-What turns you off in a man?
Lies, Bad Breath, stingy men, horrible dresser and a man who keeps malice (I'd rather become a nun than stay with a man that keeps malice)

-How many baes have you had?
As a teenager or as an adult?

-What ended your last relationship?

-What's the most number of guys on your case at the same time?

-Did you ever have sex with your ex after you broke up with him?
Yes ooooooooo (pls blame it on Okafor)

We broke up cos of Genotype ish so we never really got over each other and when we met again after a few years,we kinda picked up from where we left off.

-Ever been with a married man?

-What's your view on Marriage?
Marriage is a blessing and whoever goes into that institution is blessed.

-Can you marry a man who doesn't share the same Creed as you? 
Not sure but never say never.

-Monogamy or polygamy?

-Ever been freaky with a girl? 

If no, would you? 
No, I think I love dicks too much to get stuck on naked boobies and pinkies.

-Have you met anyone from TTB?

-Best friend in the house?
I don't think I have a bestfriend in the house.

-Ever Met Thelma outside the blogosphere? 
Not yet

-Your best male BV?

Best? Well I have only met Uyi but I admire comments from some male commenters like Kon, Memphis, Gbolahan, Wale and Chrisyinks (although Chrisyinks makes my eyes bleed from reading too many text)

-Your TTB crush?
None (how am I supposed to crush on people I have never seen?) I am a very visual person sorry.

-Whose comment do you look out for?
These days am not sure I look forward to any. When I first started reading TTB, it was Kabouy, TNHW & Sashabone but now they have become quiet and too decent with their comments. LOL.

We only have bookworms here so most comments take me back to the classroom.(No thanks to Chrisyinks)

-TTB reader you could date if you had the chance?
I'll decide that when I meet them all.

-How do you feel about Thelma?
Never met her but we blend like beans & Dodo everytime we chat.

-If you are to change a thing about you, what would it be? 
My overly playful nature.

-What's the end game like? We all have dreams and aspirations, where we want to be and what we want to achieve, what's yours? That point you're looking at and saying, "If and when I get there, I'm fulfilled". What's that point for you?
*singing davido’s* $30 billion for the account oooo. LOL. if I start with my dreams and aspirations today we won't leave here.

-At what age do you want to die?
90 years is long enough, please let me go and rest in the Lord.

-Would you consider living with a man without getting married?
Is the roof of my own house leaking?

What academic pursuits did you wish to have pursued earlier in life?
I said it before, you people like book to much on TTB. Anyway I wish I had started pursuing my professional certifications earlier than I did.

-Feminists are saviours or Death to Feminists?
I hold a middle ground on Feminism.

-Why have you kept reading Thelma thinks this long?
My colleague Itse, introduced me to TTB and I kinda love the personality of the blog owner, Thelma. I love her style of blogging and she brings realness into it by giving out a lot about herself. I also love that we are one big family here on TTB. (Awww, thank you Bloggy 😘)

-If you were to be reborn ,do you want same parents, same siblings, same life?
Oh YES but with more money I Beg.

-Are you a spontaneous person or you plan ahead?
I like to plan ahead. It's so bad that even for a quickie, I plan ahead.

-Inventor, Renowned Academic, or celebrity?


I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for taking the time to respond to the maaaaaaaaaaaany questions! 

People, I'm sure you had a good read, yes? 

Single guys, you heard her, she's single and ready to mingle and her boobs are her favourite features πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸƒ

Did you enjoy reading this? Please tell. 

Also who would you like to see next on the TTB hotseat? Let the nominations begin πŸ˜ƒ

Ps. the lady in the photo above is the perfect carbon copy of Bloggitup. In fact, this is just as good as seeing Bloggitup πŸ˜…



  1. Whew! I thought that was Blogitup herself. All of a sudden I started feeling hot. Whew! *fanning myself*

    Interesting read.

    In summary: She is a cool chic. Takes life easy, can be serious when required.

    Which BV is not single here? Looks like all of you are single. Geez. No wonder the sexual tension is so high. lol

    Please I want Sunshine next. I have some evil questions I want to ask her.


    1. Kon, I just went back abd read all the TTB hot seat posts. I must say for someone very....naughty in the comment section, you're actually a "good guy". Does that make any sense? πŸ˜‰

    2. Bad boy...Lol at your fourth paragraph...I can imagineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚TNHW

    3. @Kairaluchi

      Yap. Its true. Im a good guy.

    4. Hahahaha.. I bind the devil!


  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Nice one Bloggitup, you try πŸ˜„.

    I thought I was the only one Professor Chrisyinks sends to the dictionary. I enjoy his epistles though.

    You know after subsequent Hotseat episodes I finally agree I was quite lucky to be #1 victim. That seat's getting so hot I'm beginning to think we will soon have a burnt offering.

    1. Thanks. Chrisyinks

    2. Memphis I actually thought you were a Yoruba guy. Was surprised when I saw Imo state on your hot seat segment. And those questions were not "hot seat" worthy at all. 😁😁.

    3. Lol. I just read up all the old TTB hot seat posts. Here's what I made out so far;
      Kon; 'acts' like someone with a tough exterior, but is probably very soft and cheesy inside. Correct me if I'm wrong.
      Memphis; seems like an interesting man that enjoys his own company, is laidback and loves his peace and quiet.
      Uyi; very fun guy.
      Chrisyinks; well read, expresses himself better in writing, down to earth and may have a kinky side to him.
      Thelma; in my head you're like the elder sister I never had.

    4. Kiara you're very right about Kon. In my head, he was going to be that bad-boy male friend that would be a welcome bad influence on me. But we eventually met and he was gentle like a kitten. I was mad 😞

    5. loooool @ Thelma and Kiara.

      Dear Thelma, the people I have been a bad influence on have still not recovered. You should thank God I have not shown you that side.

    6. Kairaluchi how can a laid back man be interesting? Ehn? Lol.

      Thanks for the compliments. Your summary of everyone was really good 😊

    7. You are right about all of them, especially Kon and uyi..... Kon you shaa have plenty mouth... Chaii

    8. Thelma, best believe Kon. I gave his number to a friend and apparently they were in the same class in Uni. The guy just concluded that I have joined bad gang.. lol. He's of the opinion that I can't be friends with Kon and be a good girl... LMAO

      I kept telling him that the Kon I know is a good man, married with kids sef, my friend no gree o! We need to put Kon back on that hot


    9. @Kairaluchi

      errm....@ kinky. Thanks for the compliment. Chrisyinks

  3. This is really Awesome. I think I can say I "know" her already.πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—

    But you could have given us at least a first name oh. Anyway, It's really nice to meet you Dear.
    Our mutual love for Thelma is what has kept us all here (even after my close to 3years sojourn), imagine what her train will look like on her wedding day, whether in the seabed or in the moon, by fire or force.

    Next Hot seater should be errrmm, MAYBEL (I'm sure I'll need wine while reading that). We need more females.

    1. LMAO, why me.... Tell me why me*singing in kokomasters voice *

  4. you plan a quickie??? LMAO. I enjoyed reading this. J

  5. Interestingly, I speak plain English and nothing fancy or admirable about my diction. There must be a big discrepancy between my choice of words when I speak and write. Anyways, I'd take the commendations as a compliment. Besides, my mother who teaches English Language would be pleased, seeing as I had to use two sittings to get into university as I failed English (F9) after secondary school.

    Nice personality Bloggitup. In my head, I always assumed you to be an edgy person who takes life as it comes. You appear to be both serious and fun to be with. Very commendable!!!

    Baba kon has spoken, who am I to contest.....I second the motion for Sunshine. I think it's fitting since she's on leave, has time on her hands, and basically asked more than 50% of the questions for Bloggitup. Chrisyinks.

    PS: I reckon most TTBV's are either serious people or enjoy vicariously living their seriousness through others.

    1. i burst out laughing at the end of ur first paragraph... too funny!!

    2. Hehehe.....sure her only consolation those days were that I did well in my science-oriented subjects. Chrisyinks

  6. Nice one Bloggy. I nominate (TNHW)

    1. Haba babes why are you like this? 😭😭😭Not yet jor..TNHW

  7. Can we have her email or number? :)

    Don't mind mailing Thelma for it.

    1. Hmmmm Bloggitup does thelma have a go ahead? We need a TTB wedding

    2. Bloggy!!!!!! I like you tipetipe and you have just made me fall in love with you more dear..I used to think you were Yoruba shaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.....Would you be my friend?#insertspuppyeyes😍😍TNHW

    3. Errm.....what's holding you back from mailing Thelma? It does help for identity's sake to put some name/moniker to the comment.

      Perhaps, in subsequent hotseats, we should always include a contact detail? Chrisyinks.

  8. I usually look forward to blogitup's comments cos i feel they are always real, I'm a fan and i really enjoyed this. Although you sound calmer than i though you were

    1. Exactly! Couldn't have expressed my opinion any better. Chrisyinks

  9. loved everybit of it. thks blogitup.


    1. Sasha for presidential hotseat! I 2nd that motion with my chest!

    2. Bloggitup,those boobies are fire if that's a perfect description of you shaa. πŸ˜‚... Nice read, Hope you would be at the next TTB hangout..

  10. Laughed all through. If i would nominate it would be sasha bone.

  11. Blogittup is the most lit commenter here... very down to earth and funny too! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your person! 😍😘 keep being awesome!!! I enjoyed reading this 😁😁😁

  12. I vote Sunshine!!!! Like Chris said! She has plenty time on her hands so no “I’m busy” excuse 😁

  13. Hahahaha.. I really enjoyed this.. Thanks for humoring us Bloggitup.

    I nominate Sasha Bone for the next hotseat..


  14. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through.

    The next person on the hot seat should be either Sunshine, Kabouy or Maybel.

    One of them....I Am torn😜

  15. Haaa bloggitup am sure you drank cold water before answering each question, because your answers were too tame based on how your persona comes across in the comment section. I was expecting fire. Looooved reading it all. Immediately I saw the post, i just grabbed boiled groundnut and i made sure i read it slowwwwwwly.

    Next up should be Sasha B, followed by either sunshine or kabouy.

  16. I nominate quirky moi or kabuoy.
    Another girl

  17. The longest ttb hotseat eva! Very interesting!

  18. "I will consider myself rich when everyone around me is comfortable financially."

    I love that quote up there very much.

    Interesting personality.


  19. I wasn’t disappointed with bloggitup at all, and so easy to read through her responses and see even more of how beautiful a soul she is.
    Good one..
    I am kinda emotional about putting sunshine or Kabuoy up, but I threw a coin for her and Sasha Bone and it picked sunshine!


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