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Narcos & Co.

Hi hello how are you? This weekend is turning out to be an antithesis of the last one. I'm home now, actually home alone, I just returned from a client's office where I spent most of my evening. At the moment I'm doing a bit of legal work for her, nothing serious, just registering some companies and also trademarking one of her company's names, so I took a few documents over to her office for her to sign. It should have taken five minutes or less but I ended up spending hours there. She's just moved to a new office in Lekki phase 1 and I couldn't help but admire her strength, her work ethics and the entire set-up. 
       So she was telling me how she's lived both in the east and outside the country most of her life and then she came to Lagos and was planning to do just one year here but it's been 5 years and she still can't leave, in fact she's decided never to leave. She said to me "Thelma it baffles me when people who live in Lagos say they're broke or that they have nothing to do. There is everything to do here! And they have the advantage of population and traffic. And there is no limit to the opportunities that are here! The only way you can say this is if you're either lazy or have absolutely no focus. There's absolutely no reason you should live in Lagos and be broke!". I know it's much more easier than done but she's a living testament of what she's saying so you can't help but believe her. But do you agree with this? Do you agree that EVERYONE who lives in Lagos is a potential m(b)illionaire?

Anyways I'm back home now, just downed a bottle of red wine I was given weeks ago and I've got nothing else to do but to slink into bed. I'm watching Narcos at the moment, only because I've seen @naijasinglegirl talk about it a couple of times, I'm just on episode 2 of season 1 and although it's not my usual cup of tea, I'm enjoying it, somehow... I don't have so much time for TV series these days but I still watch because it's the only way I relax. I have just finished Game of Thrones, Power, Bang Bang Theory season 11 is already out although it's just 2 episodes for now, I've watched both and I'm waiting. I've been waiting for Downton Abbey so I had to go to google to know what's going on and apparently it was cancelled in 2015 *sob*. I'm still waiting on Tyrant season 4, Shameless season 8 and Modern Family season 9. 

What are you watching right now and what would TV series would you suggest I watch?

Oh... Are you a GOT fan? What did you think about season 7? Do tell!



  1. Modern family season 9 has 2 episodes already.
    Right now, I'm rewatching Last Man Standing and Blackish.
    Can't wait for season finale of GOT, the wall is down, the white walkers are here and they are not prepared at all. The Night King controlling a dragon, I can't imagine how that battle will be won

  2. Tyrant was canceled as well. Broke my heart

  3. All these series only for you? Wish I had time/interest in series like you do. I think I'm still looking out for a series that would really be worth my while. GOT was too convoluted/lewd for me, Power was just crass, and I don't do comedy so nope to big bang theory. Perhaps Narcos might be the one I've be looking for.....

    A young girl who grew up in a privilege lifestyle once asked her dad how/why people wouldn't be able to afford three square meals. Apparently she had stumbled on someone asking for monies to be able to feed himself. To give some background to the girl's question, all her childhood, she flew private jets, was chauffeur driven to her private and elite school, had maids that answered to her at home etc.....

    There are different perspectives to look at a particular issue (thus, my perspective might also be deficient), but I emphatically believe that not everyone in Lagos is a potential millionaire or that a broke Lagosian is lazy or has no focus. The system in Nigeria is set up to only work for a privilege few, hence why that same few can't seem to comprehend why the majority don't seem to fare well. Talk about difficulty in raising or accessing funds for a business, miscreants/omo-onile/riff raffs terrorizing one's livelihood for non-value adding payments, lack of easy and cheap access to good education, broken legal system, lack of property rights, epileptic power supply, deficient transport infrastructure, no affordable health care etc and you'd find why businesses fail and many can't even start. There are just a handful of businesses that are thriving today and didn't taken advantage of the privilege connections that make it easy for the same few to control the collective wealth of Lagos and by extension, Nigeria. Chrisyinks

    1. My dear, only me o! Power was the first series I watched this year and that was just last month. For the first 9 months of the year I was too busy chasing this and that, I totally forgot about what they call TV series or whatever, I had no time at all. But last month I decided to chill and smell the flowers abeg, I cannot come and go and kill myself, so now I make out time to relax and watch things I enjoy.

      You may find Narcos a bit lewd too, but certainly not as bad as Power. I don't/didn't think GOT was lewd/crass. I mean, did you watch Spartacus????? 😳😳😳😳. LOL.

    2. That moment when Thelma calls me 'dear'......*dodges blow from Memphis*

      On a serious note, I'm sure when I get my holiday breaks, I'd be able to catch up on a few series. And I do agree on the need to take good time to smell the flowers......I guess nowadays I find greater satisfaction chilling with friends and discovering new things.

      Oh sorry, I meant Power being lewd. I opined that GOT became too convoluted for me, a similar problem I had with 'How to get away with murder'. With How to get away with murder, I had this feeling that the writers/producers wanted to elongate the story without a reasonable plot. It takes a certain kind of finesse to convolute a plot and still make it a worthwhile watch, a quality I much admired in Prison break and the brains behind the series.

      I still might watch Narcos if it has a reasonable storyline. I'm not particularly against lewd, I'm just against when it becomes the selling point of a series. Yes, I did see Spartacus........but that was in my horny, sorry younger days. Chrisjyinks

  4. I'm a series freak. That's how hubby and I unwind and have our couple's time when the kids are in bed.

    We've seen narcos... Merlin, we used to follow empire but got bored and stopped, Spartacus, prison break, 24 and suits (we also got bored and stopped watching suits)

    Presently we follow:
    1. Game of thrones : I used to be the biggest fan, however I believe it should have ended in season 7. The one year wait is excruciating and can reach an anticlimax if care is not taken. The book is there and it can become very predictable .

    2. Power: we are huge power fans. It keeps getting better. I can't wait for season 5

    3. VIKINGS. This is the reason I'm getting tired of game of thrones. It's really good. I've finished the available seasons and waiting for season 5 coming out next month.

    4. Designated survivor: I'm not crazy about this. Reminds me a lot of 24 but less interesting.


    1. I kinda agree with you on GOT sha, I noticed that my excitement has waned a little.

    2. Speaking as one who has read all the books in the Fire and Ice series and watched all the episodes of GOT, I don't think having the books will make the series predictable. I wasn't predictable in the first 5/6 seasons when the screenplot was derived from the books and now that the series has passed the plot of the books, the twists in the series are even more intense for everyone, both bookworms and serieshounds. And boy have the twists been twisted! I can't wait for season 8 and for George 'i'll kill anyone you start to like' Martin to finish books (promises to be an awesome read as the rumor is that the plot twist would most likely deviate from the series plot)
      Currently watching the new season of HTGAWM, The Blacklist, Empire, Once upon a Time n Olivia 'The BossLady' Pope in Scandal. Catching up on prerecorded episodes of Suits, OITNB, Power and House of Cards (am iI the only one noticing and loving that the lead ladies seem to be getting on top of the power chain lately?)
      I guess it's obvious series and books are how i spend what free time i get these days...

  5. So far I am watching none, I don't even have the time to even watch them.

    Used to watch empire stopped at season 1.

    As for your client, I guess it is the way she sees it. Some people might disagree with her.

  6. Your clients opinion is definitely hers. I do agree that alot of hard work & persistence breeds Success though, but Lagos is super hard for alot of very determined & industrious folks.
    As for series,
    GOT, HTGAWM, Greys Anatomy, The Catch, Tyrant, Modern Family, Prison Break, Big Bang Theory, Being Mary Jane and Jane the Virgin have all kept me Sane.
    I also do Love "Rosewood".
    When I need a taste of Sci-Fi I do "The Flash".
    If I want Vampires & Dead people I watch "Blue Blood" & "The Walking dead".
    I'll always have the hots for GOT, Jon Snow made me watch "Pompeii" over 10 times again, Emilia Clarke also made me see "Me before You" repeatedly... Just waiting patiently for season 8.
    I recently just started "This is Us", lovely storyline & great acting.

  7. currently watching "Kurt Seyit & Sura"... lol, if you are able to get over the funny name, it's quite interesting... it's a Turkish love story set in the backdrop of

  8. re: your client, success is a combination of hardwork, good-timing and good fortune. all three do not always align for everyone.

  9. The only ones I was able to finish watching are Desperate Housewives and 24. I watched a couple of episodes of Empire, Touch, Nikita, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Prison Break, The Flash, etc...I've never watched a single episode of GOT.

    Meanwhile, the lady's comments about Lagos are somehow exaggerated. One could conveniently posit that there should not be any jobless person in Lagos as there are lots of stuffs one can do but not being broke 'cause one lives in Lagos? I can't disagree less. With so much bills to pay, higher cost of living relative to other parts and so many handouts to dish out to people, one can easily get broke. These factors contribute in making it less easy to attain the m(b)illionaire status.




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