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New Things.

It's 3.30am over here. I stayed up for the Halleluyah Challenge and afterwards I decided to stay up and read. Actually I was doing some reading before the challenge started. 

It turns out that now I cannot stop. 

Now here's why. I just realized that my knowledge is getting narrower and narrower. In fact this realization was buttressed sometime yesterday when there was a discussion-debate-argument on the blog WhatsApp group between Mofoluwa, Sasha and Memphis. They're the usual suspects in most of the debates, with Chrisyinks too, and often times I'm intrigued by the things they know, the details, the content and the diversity of topics (although to be honest some of them sometimes argue upside-down, side eye @ _________ 😏)

So sometimes after reading the chats I will just go and sit down in one corner and ask myself are you an olodo? Do you know anything at all? How come these people know all these things? 

And then I realized, it's not magic, they READ. 

You see I used to read a lot too, but these days when I'm not working or trying to get business, I relax. And when I relax all I do is Bella Naija and Instagram. Instagram takes up the bulk of my time, and unless you're using it for business, IG can be one of the biggest time wasters in life. 

You can easily spend 3 hours straight on IG without knowing where the time went and when it's gone you realize you probably didn't achieve anything at all. I mean, you're guaranteed some laughs and seeing girls with small waists and large bums. But that's basically it. 

When I was with my ex I used to read a lot because he's like a mini encyclopedia and he reads everyday, so I had to, because you know, not everytime I love you or za oza room 😢. 

But these days the girl's not been reading and therefore not growing. 

So I finally made that decision yesterday. I'm going to create new habits and the first is to read more. I want to be like those people who say "I can read anything. Just give me the words and I'm good to go". I'm going to start to devour literature again. 

I started with the New York Times and it's been an eye opener. I read my way back to 1998 politics and I'm learning things I never knew about Clinton's government and his impeachment. Learning new things about the American Judiciary and the present government. 

Later today I'll continue to read up, I'm dedicating at least one hour a day to reading or studying. I've just got to brush up, improve my reading and be more aware. 

In line with the title of this post, what else is new? 

Well baby boy and I had our first fight... 

Oh also, did I tell y'all that I somehow retraced my steps to the Catholic Church? Well that's not new new. It's been almost two months. I'm not sure how it happened but I now attend mass everyday, visit the blessed sacrament on most days and I'm getting involved in church activities. Oh I'm now even on first name basis with some reverend fathers, I mean, I call them Father and they call me Nwando. Cool stuff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I'm seeing the Catholic Church through new eyes and I realized that the things I looked upon with disdain, I did so because I did not understand. It's been the most amazing feeling ever, I tell you. I cannot even explain the peace I feel when I attend mass. I cannot trade that feeling for anything else, so wherever I am; VGC, Lekki, Surulere, Yaba or Ikeja, once it's noon I make my way to the nearest Catholic Church and attend mass. I honestly think this is the final bus stop for me. I've even found myself hoping my husband is catholic too. 

What else is new... Well the last would be TMI so I'll skip that and turn the question over to you. 

What's new in your life? Have you tried any new thing in the last month or two? What new things would you like to have, try or do? Do tell. 

Photo credit @peniel_enchill 



  1. You started with American politics? You didn't even start with TELL magazines to know how great Buhari was in his prime. I'm hurt πŸ˜’

    By the way that pic up there seems to be telling its own "New Me" story. Are you back to chocolate cupcakes? No more fitfam? 😁

    1. Your comment is very depressing. I think it's cos of the words TELL and Buhari. Please go away. 🚢🚢.

      Nna fit fam will resume in 2018 πŸ™ˆ

  2. There was a time I was devouring African literature books like small chops. All of a sudden I stopped its been hard to start again.
    Now that Im jobless Im gon start going to the library every 2 days to just read stuff. So help me God (I prefer to just watch movies!)

    Found one old book on starting a business in my crib. So Im starting with that.

    Which baby boy is that one?


    1. Well hello Kon!

      Baby boy is the baby boy of last Friday night? The one wey nor wan gree me rest 😩. (TTB readers Pls pardon my pidgin πŸ™ˆ)

    2. For further clarification you can read the previous post; my first yoruba demon & angel.

    3. You are going to have to pay for the baby boy name thoughπŸ˜’

    4. Kabuoy I've been waiting for you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. On new things. I just suddenly realised that it is almost 2018 and my investements and finances didnt improve 'sekem'.

    I asked Baba God ....why???? On a brighter side I invested in alot of lives but.........hey, i need some extra blessings.
    I resolved to start making money via multiple streams of income (4-5streams) rather than just 2.

    so guys i sell very amazing Zobo drinks and freshly squeezed juice. Holla @me if you need something nice and different from soda and artificial juice/drinks.

    Other sources are coming up.

    Then, I fell ill and I realised that not opening my laptop for 4 days straight up didnt kill me.
    I lived....yo.
    Please lets all learn to relax, breath and just rest.
    Errrr Thelma, what was the fight/ quarrel all about πŸ˜‚

    1. Ha! Sis you've "over" invested in a lot of lives so where does one even begin, I can only imagine your harvest when harvest time comes. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

      Baby boy is living up to his name, throwing childish tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, like my 2 year old nephew. He's just spoilt jare.

    2. @ Clare

      Glad to know you are doing way much better. Wishing you much speedier recovery. God knows if I'm not on a system for 4 days, I'd dread when I have to open one. Too many mails and stuff to keep up with.

      @ Thelma

      But I'm not an active participant in most discussion/debates??? However, I admire Another girl's contribution to the debate yesterday.....especially with answering Sasha Bone's never-ending stream of questions.

      Per reading, my go-to source to increase my knowledge is Quora, which I go to virtually everyday.....can turn out to be a time waster though. I reckon the key is starting with a concept/subject/field that intrigues you and leveraging on that interest to read wider. Chrisyinks.

    3. Thanks Chrisyinks. Just joined Quora, I'm loving it already. I understand the time waster part sha but still looks like it's going to be super useful, and fun too. I love that I get to pick my topics of interest

  4. I read a lot and I read everything, from SUN newspaper to Egyptian mythology. Catholic church? Cool but are you sure it's your last stop? You don't know what you want joor, let me not see you in Cherubim next o.

    1. I typed one lengthy epistle but it seems the blog swallowed it and now I'm drained. 😭

  5. Talking about reading, i've got Exams coming up!!! Wanted to breathe a little so i decided to hang out on 'my' blog.

    1. Best wishes in your upcoming exams Chinenyenwa. Your blog is here whenever you need it. 😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Thelma! I'm so glad you've retraced your steps back to the Catholic Church!
    I'm all for finding the church in which you can be a better Christian and not necessarily because you were born in it.
    The Catholic Church does it for me. Helps my interior life, now I'm focusing on what God wants from me.. And not the miracles and wonders I can get from him. I feel much at peace with myself. Confession can be therapeutic and visiting the blessed sacrament is extremely comforting.

    I share your sentiments on reading.
    I love books, I'm a voracious reader. Instagram can really be a huge time waster.
    before the advent of the internet and smart phones.. I used to read novels and inspirational books! Reading really does broaden the mind.

    1. You certainly get it!

      Ok so let's just try and do this read more thing together. We've got everything to gain. πŸ˜‰. We'll just trade the novels for educational books πŸ˜ƒ


    2. I can do novels all day everyday but It’s really hard reading inspirational/educational books.
      Help me please! I want to start the 1 book per month challenge. I need recommendations and encouragement. Epp a sister to grow ooo!!!

  7. Wait, theres a new hallelujah challenge going on? Why doesn't it have as much buzz as the last one.

    Also, there's a blog WhatsApp group? Why ain't nobody tell me.

    Thelma, going by what you wrote, one book I'll recommend for you to read is "A little History of the World" by EH Gombrich. I know that the word 'history' and 'snooze fest' go together like indomie and egg but TRUST me, this is different.

    This is a book that found an interesting way to tell the history of the world from the stone age era through to medieval era and down to modern times.

    1. Yes there’s a whatsapp group and you can send your number to Thelma. One of the admins in the group would add you. Very interesting people. And it allows me shoot my shot with Memphis most importantly 😌😌😌

    2. It appears you've been shooting blanks

    3. Kene!!!! 😒😒😒
      Be kiaful! Don’t let me cash you!

    4. Thank you Punintended. Checking it out now.

    5. Please add me to the blog WhatsApp group.

      At times, I come online and see how lost I now am on matters TTB.

    6. Kabuoy how dare you respond to my comment and still talk about Memphis. Me that imbhere am I not a yumam been

    7. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ im sorry sir! You are a “yumam been” oooπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  8. On to new things,they 'KIDNAPPED' my iphone 6's plus and am back to commenting from my system...In a crazy mood and DH is not even bothered with my shakara...I used to read alot of literature before the kids and after the kids,i had a block...Would try and start reading them back.TNHW.

  9. I love reading a lot. Of recent it's been just novels and academic papers. I remember early last year when I got hooked on historical romance. I went online to browse about the era the novels are based on. I love history too. I just like anything I can learn. I don't like been in a conversation I don't have any idea about what they are talking of. I even go as far as reading sports news some times. That has reduced though.
    I was kind of giving baby boy go ahead in my mind. You people now fought. Its normal though. Just keep enjoying yourself.

  10. Chrisyinks I totally agree with your comment about Quora;its really good. And ThoughtCatalogue too. Thelma, welcome in arrears to the catholic church.😘😘.
    I am a novel and movie freak. But currently, I'm just working on myself;working out, trying to eat healthy(which is difficult AF, BTW. Just finished one large plate of strawberry ice cream) and developing a closer relationship with God. I should totally start a 1hr reading challenge like you; the mind may be willing, but the body is just stuck on K-Drama. God help me!
    Please how do I join the blog whatsapp group? Is there a link?

    1. I used to be addicted to Thought Catalogue but I suddenly lost interest and went stone cold. Probably has something to do with the writers

  11. Thelma bae! I am a bad commenter..
    Nothing is new for now.
    Add me up on the blog whattsapp group.

  12. No matter my schedule I always try to fufil my one book per month goal because I strongly believe reading is learning and learning is growing.
    Kindly post us a link of the blog whatsapp group.I really love intelligent interactions that can be highly beneficial to participants.

  13. Nothing is new over here. Added 5 outta the 9kg I lost 2months ago. It was necessary cos the tiny butt I had evaporated.
    Looking forward to my 2nd semester exam.

    On the reading route, I basically read anything, esp when it's in hardcopy.

  14. Can't believe there's a blog WhatsApp group n I'm not on it!!
    I miss the days I could read anything printed. Used to go clubbing with a book in tow. My best relationship memories revolve around lying on DarkChocolate, reading something (nothing beats a post O book in the company of another reader). My reading genre spectrum used to be as eclectic as my tastes in music but recently I seem to straddle the line between contemporary erotica and mind age selfhelp books Γ  la The Secret. Seems to be working wonders on my mindset about life, waiting to see how it affects my sex life (when I finally find it again)
    Been living vicariously through TT in the meantime so chica live on!
    Someone should add me on the group ASAP Biko!


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